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  1. Why is it not packaged shaders? Then it cannot be modified. Or UE3 not packaged shaders? I can't remember, it was so long ago the appearance.
  2. They let me login server. I play for 2 minutes baylan and the server kicks me out. Relogin, and again kick. I just don't understand why he doesn't kick the others.
  3. Ririn

    Log in failed.

    Does it work for you guys? Still not working for me.
  4. Unfortunately failed perfectly EAC intergaration. I guess that's the problem.
  5. I believe EAC was developed specifically for Unreal Engline. I don't think Battle Eye is any better. If it works for Fortine and Apex, it will work here.
  6. Dear Matt! Thank you very much! However, if you want to keep your players: The current matchmaking is a joke. Bring it back Gold, and silver disctrict. It is not a fair that 4 gold vs 5 silver. I know you're working on an alternative. In the meantime, I'm sure they would be happy gold and silver disctrict server. Ban botmek macro program. I understand that the EAC checks the running programs. This program is designed to create no-recoil. In other words cheater mouse. This is the same as the mouse program. Relative mouse X, Y, etc. Unfortunately, the Russians love it. Sorry my english. I hope you understand.
  7. If it's perfect in Fortnite, it's good here. It takes time to recognise the fraud. It's only been updated today and you're already crying? Don't forget it's 2023 now. Many people have very good pc. Example: if it has a higher refresh rate than you, it has an advantage. Already the mouse are 8000hz refresh rate. These make a big difference if you have an old, potato computer.
  8. Hey! I don't want to tease. Even mobile internet upload speeds are faster than this. :D My internet connection is gigabits, and install SSD. so...
  9. There is a cheater up there now EU- Asylum. I thought I'd let you know.
  10. I don't deny that I tried it a long time ago, Tried the premium cheats. Of course I was banned by PunkBuster. (2011) I know when someone is cheating. Especially if he is a noob and can't set it up. And unfortunately some are stupid enough to come up Baylan Shipping and shoot everyone to zero.
  11. It depends on how you set it. The maximum distance is 500m. Here 1500 the max distance (Pic from google):
  12. Hi G1's! I understand that there is anticheat but the private hack will not be detected. Fortunately, the paid cheaters have disappeared. (x*2, Aim***kies, Sy***mcheats etc.) I guess the /spectate and /fly is not for decoration. Please come up, and see Baylan Shipping. I think you see /spectate if cheater snapping. P.S. Sorry for my English. Thank you in advance!
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