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  1. Crazy how everyone who got banned is either known for account trading or cheating (in the past or right now). sucks to be you
  2. Login servers are not working again. Cant go past character selection, getting kicked out constantly.
  3. i outgun psr with blady marry gun, its not op gun
  4. cant have lower graphics than this maybe you are idiot.
  5. u r dumb beyond any reasonable state. i7 8700k @ 5.1ghz 32 gb of ram @ 3666mhz def my pc stuttering
  6. so after the new patch I keep stuttering every couple of seconds and so do quite a lot of people. Please fix.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you ever considered becoming a comedian instead of doing this forum job? open your eyes fella, reports do nothing cause you guys haven't even banned people who were speedhacking and cheating on stream.
  8. With the switch to EAC this game seen a big bump in population because that Anti cheat actually reduced the cheaters in apb by around 85%. your statement is invalid. The only people who left the game after this switch are legit people and somehow long time cheaters who were banned multiple times reappeared randomly after not touching the game for a year and they are playing godlike again.
  9. much awaited engine that was promised to be tested in weeks time 2 months ago? dude not even the engine will help this game if we keep running an anticheat that just launches and doesnt even stop you from using cheats. The fact that to bypass it you need to just do 3 mouse clicks in task manager just shows how good of a solution it is :).
  10. means shit because they said it last time and ended up switching to EAC cause they couldnt do anything decent with BE.
  11. Changing from a decent anti cheat to an anticheat that allows you cheating freely is the best choice you guys could've made. So what if you were not using all the EAC features? does it seem like a good idea to switch to a non working anti cheat? Battleye been out a week and Ive encountered more cheaters than I did during the whole time EAC ran. also take a look at the numbers, up until the announcement of switching from EAC to BE, Citadel had around ~850 players peak time, after the announcement, it started declining steadily to ~650 now. Who knows, we might hit the 400 mark like it happened 2 years ago before LO acquired this game. Well done LO, yet once again you succeeded in destroying this game a little bit more. P.S.: didnt you guys say it was weeks time for us to test the engine? its been 2 months since that announcement. P.S.S: you guys said that you cant macro with BE, did it ever come across your mind that people macro with their legitimate mouse software and not everyone uses 3rd party programs?
  12. bro what is this clown comment bro who would even hackusate u in their right mind
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