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  1. what a fucking joke of a promotion, my dog can shit out a better idea and a design
  2. https://streamable.com/uz7sb Delay can agree with you
  3. phahahahahahahahahha there is a difference between gold plated silver and an average gold i actually enjoyed the KMODE montage, watching it in 0.25 speed and counting how many hitmarkers actually appear when the crosshair is red and how many of them appear when its white
  4. cheater

    Guide: How to win missions

    are u serious
  5. cheater

    Guide: How to win missions

    you are just mad cause your ntec is not in the meta, press S lol
  6. cheater

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    sup bros just 17 hops before reaching the server routing is fine dog
  7. cheater


    I am sorry but when someone sends in a video of someone blatantly trigger botting and speedhacking and it takes you more than 5 months to ban him, Something is wrong and you have a serious problem with your anti cheats and how you view cheats in this game
  8. cheater

    ap retail codes

    Its not available anymore
  9. cheater

    New SPCT team

    How can anyone take your opinion seriously when your forum title is s u p r e m e ?
  10. cheater

    New SPCT team

    Remote Detonator with ATAC for pretty much your whole play time. Epic. From what Ive heard from past SPCTs, Kempington never showed up to any of the Play tests they had with Old G1 stuff, neither did Shini. So I would disagree of them being useful
  11. cheater

    New SPCT team

    Glad to see that half of the new SPCT team consists of players who have 0 perception of the game
  12. dogshit event and dogshit handling from the administration side