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  1. The creator of the tournament used to be in Inj Ctd owne (figure it our yourself). enough said
  2. aight chief welcome back bro https://www.redhillinstitute.com/
  3. yeah bro half of the tourney participators are using bloody scripts to have no recoil and what not and thats what worries you gl buddy
  4. its always someones else fault but not theirs. To begin with I hardly believe that a representative from LO had nothing to do with the paper work of the hardware being transferred like they claim. Then, I hardly believe LO had nothing to do with the fact wrong CPUs have arrived. and to end it, I hardly believe no one from the Community team such as Lixil which is her job to do so, had 5 minutes to post an update. (Why is matt doing lixils job to begin with.)
  5. so the new batch was supposed to arrive on the 23rd, its the end of 2nd of January and we are yet to receive a single update. Yet again LO hits a lower point than G1, never thought Ill see a company do worse than G1. :)
  6. the bloody mouse, no recoil and tbot tournament, cant wait to participate!
  7. wouldnt be typing fast after a month of server issues.
  8. Thank you guys for fixing the servers so fast Enjoying the good ping again, of course its non of Little Orbits fault but the server provider, I think you guys should leave them. P.S., Thanks for renaming the russians so we can report all the russian name cheaters
  9. Not a surprise, cant wait for the compensation when EU players get playable ping :). Funnily enough, its always someones else mistake but not LOs.
  10. Yeah, Only after people complained, look at the timestamps of my comment and the post.
  11. Hey, Thanks for the premium compensation while EU servers are still in NA (who is in charge of compensating while the problem still here?) also, I think its time to start posting updates on the MAIN game forums and not on social media.
  12. you are the definition of being plugged into this game no one asked if you are bored of this game or no, just get lost already
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