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  1. you are the definition of being plugged into this game no one asked if you are bored of this game or no, just get lost already
  2. dont remember having a problem getting opposition with the current matchmaking system
  3. No, Previous one until phasing in, getting 4 greenies against you is just stupid and makes new people to not want to play the game.
  4. Great "nerf" guys :D, all you did was revert the changes back to the 2017 stats, yet again you guys put the community through some unnecessary bullshoot like you like to do :).
  5. the ntec shot modifier cap is yet another moronic change you guys decided to add, yet another change you guys will revert in about 2 to 3 weeks. The only nerf that was needed is the jump leaning, nothing else.
  6. Why do you activate the compensation premium when: A. bronze players will probably just keep losing and will not want to play due to no matchmaking. B. Most of EU players dont want to play on 100+ ping until hardware arrives. Do you guys really dont think about anything you do?
  7. Please guys turn on the server or I am going to have a mental breakdown and I will have to sue you in the international court of video games.
  8. guys check it out, in a day or less we will get a forum post stating they had to revert the changes
  9. right after seeing this in your screenshot your post becomes irrelevant
  10. Doesnt matter, You dont post personal numbers from a HQ CPU to "track" an engine upgrade, its like the first ever blogpost we received with the engine upgrade benchmarked on 4K Ryzens only. 99% of the people wont play this game in 4k and not everyone uses a Ryzen. Unprofessional.
  11. Who benchmarks a game on a laptop? just goes to show how professional everything is here. Also this engine upgrade doesnt matter as long it wont fix the stutters.
  12. love how the district just laggs out and comes back 5 seconds later, every 2 minutes, get your shit together.
  13. Constant 34+ server ms on any action district in citadel, sometimes just sitting at 40 and not going down, :D.
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