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  1. Clowns, bros just trying to evade taxes in hk let them do it
  2. cheater


    get off the internet bro this place aint for you
  3. You would be surprised how many of current gaming monitors only support 1.2 HDMI
  4. first of all you need to have a monitor that supports 144hz or above. second of all, you need to plug it to the PC using Display port and not HDMI.
  5. There is no training needed when I hand in a video from his stream where the recoil does not exist or the hitarkers appear without the crosshairs being on target.
  6. the guy is silent aiming now on top of everything ?
  7. But Kempington say he quit APB, What the fudge? !?!?! O_o
  8. How about the fog removal, is it still allowed to use? (cause that decreases the stutters by a lot) I do remember you allowing it back in the time but still want to make sure its up to date.
  9. Hey buddy, check out the history of the so called company and so called CEO that played the game for years https://www.hkcorporationsearch.com/companies/2844609/ make your own conclusions. watch this game get sold fully in about a year when LO understands what kind of a pile of doodoo they bought
  10. https://www.hkcorporationsearch.com/companies/2844609/ Their CEO or whoever is listed as "An avid player and a long time player of APB Reloaded" is a total lie. Either we are being lied to or there is something fishy going on or this is an attempt by LO to cut further losses before dipping from this game :P.
  11. You are trolling right? You cant be that fucking stupid Accuracy of a mouse has to do with the sensnor and the surface you use, and TrueMove3 is not the best sensor out there so there is that. AHK is a open source software where you can do macros, no recoil scripts and triggerbots, I dont remember being able to do triggerbots on other mice software. second of all SS doesnt come with AHK nor other mice come with AHK cause its not a mice software, Only thing that resembles even closely would be the Bloody software but even there you cant script a triggerbot from 0. third of all, how a mouse gives you aimbot? it has to do with your own hand and brain, not a fucking mouse no wonder you are a silver in apb, shame how someone stupid like you are comments such nonsense thinking you are even remotely right you probably think this is a thing as well right? absolute of a joke you are
  12. damn man I cant even feel mad towards you for being an idiot, just feel sad
  13. only a year to break so much and to not even fix what they have broken another white knight
  14. Really is mostly LOs fault, Keep introducing game breaking bugs that they dont bother insta fixing but rather wait for the next weekly maintenance, Server issues and game performance issues that were never present in G1s time. (Cheaters get to run around cheating on stream cause they are not 100% sure if they are cheating :)). They need to open their eyes a little bit and actually start treating this game right.
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