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  1. your brain never seizes to amaze me
  2. ppl be hitting the crack pipe and getting on the forums straight afterwards
  3. stop crying, LO are doing the best they can! :DD
  4. and yet again the login servers are down, this is something else at this point, G1 did way better job at keeping up the server performance.
  5. its the 3rd day in a row that the login servers go down randomly, not to mention the server performance on EU during the morning time or the overall packet loss issues with APB in the last 6 months. this is becoming a joke at this point, i have never played or witnessed a game with so much server performance issues as this game, either start figuring out how to fix your server or change hosting. I am trying to finish the valentines skin role for over 4 days now and I am not able to play the game properly.
  6. Login servers go down twice within 2 hours, epic hosting
  7. nah cause right now its the 2nd time within 2 hours that the login servers go down, I was loading non stop into social, got kicked off and now cant access the login servers
  8. u can go and play battlefield bro, damage mechanic is not the problem, the car meta is the problem
  9. now that u are not cheating, go on and play any cqc gun against an nfas and report back with results with video evidence please thanks
  10. 47 effective meter range for the Fang, not a pocket obir
  11. idk but if they make promises, they should follow them or not make at all, seems like they cant learn from others mistakes.
  12. so matt scott said early February, its already the 13th and even after the patch its not out. what month is it right now in USA?
  13. servers are beyond broken right now, its like the 3rd evening in the row where me and other multiple people have either packetloss in waterfront or server ms that goes from 33 - 39 causing high ping and stutters. On EU ofc.
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