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  1. https://streamable.com/ahxb6 تصبح نسخة STAC 10 JT STAC 10 Long عند تطبيق التزلج Yakuza عليها الرجاء معالجة المشكلة وتطبيق الإصلاح ، شكرًا مقدمًا.
  2. That fps constant fps dipping got fixed for me with the new patch, Although I do have worst performance now, It has to do with some sort of change to how characters render now, Cause I drop to 110 fps if there are 5 people in my vicinity now, Wasnt a problem before. The characters dont have to be directly on screen, They have to be within the render distance even behind multiple walls.
  3. I like how LO made the game unplayable for me due to shit fps and camera lag its funny cause if you look at the frequency and the amount of posts, the CEO is doing CMs job
  4. Yep and I feel like thats whats destroying performance.
  5. This been around for long time, Since riot was introduced.
  6. it can be fixed because last patch this issue was no present, can you get it into your tiny brain or no?
  7. You comment on a post regarding a specific problem nd then u tell me I am taking your stuff out of context? grow a brain
  8. It can be fixed because this issue was not present beforehand for me.
  9. https://gyazo.com/e08d328afb112f6c4409a4fb88fd9e16 in the character selection screen , those fps dips is what causes the mouse skips and camera skips.
  10. Getting this issue even in the spawn select screen, Something is messed up within the game. https://youtu.be/HLuQinSNVfc
  11. The 34 server ms is LO problem, nothing you can do about that.
  12. The freeze you get is due to server garbage collection, everyone gets those
  13. Also to input, since yesterdays patch, Instead of one core heating up as the game utilizes one core, All of my cpu cores heat up. Max is while APB was running:
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