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  1. Call me now for a free reading!
  2. It has not been resolved. When you're watching on twitch, a player who plays with a 4 man/2 man premade all day and wins 95% of their matches, where is the fairness, when they're facing teams of pugs whom are silvers?
  3. There needs to be a new threat rank, diamond. This rank would be for those godly players that rarely, lose a game, and have a killer k/d. Silvers and lower tier golds, really do not have a chance against these players, with their 4 man premades of skilled higher tiered gold teammates. These players shouldn't be given easy op, they need to fight and claw, earning victories against similar players with their equal skill sets.
  4. A triggerbot can be finely tuned, also being an external program, which is hard to detect. Some options on said programs, can make a good player or "pro" player believably good on a stream or video. The russians are making a lot of triggerbots for this game.
  5. Imagine believing everything people say. If those people didn't exist, shit would be straightforward, without yesmen.
  6. The win rate/duplicate ratio is trash for jmbs. Looking at LO.
  7. Speak that truth bro! It's been known for a while that EAC is terrible, and bans people who've never cheated, while letting actual cheaters carry on without any repercussions. I got kicked for using Afterburner to monitor stats, because the performance is terrible. EAC is a joke, and I'm surprised APB went with them. It's like VAC, but crappier.
  8. What is BattlEye too expensive? Thank you Next! Yesbois gonna jump for joy... smh
  9. his intention was to belittle a particular streamer
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