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  1. Whom is whining? I was just stating a fact. This will be the last I have to say of this, as I can see this is starting to build into some bs. I would rather nip it in the bud. Good day everyone.
  2. Yes, I have been around, I'm not new. It's just crazy after all these years people still act the same. There is a reason why no one logs in much.
  3. Because he has a right to say he was banned, that's why. You being snarky about it, is what's wrong with this community in the first place.
  4. All that is needed is reflex 3 and to know how to click properly with the carbine, LOL
  5. APB: Out of Money ( SO we had to sell the ip and there will not be any future APB games, just what we have already )
  6. They're some rude as fuck people in this thread. There are no-recoil macros, mostly that I know of. It could be a triggerbot, configured quite nicely, to be fired at certain intervals that has stops in between shots to keep accuracy.
  7. Call me now for a free reading!
  8. It has not been resolved. When you're watching on twitch, a player who plays with a 4 man/2 man premade all day and wins 95% of their matches, where is the fairness, when they're facing teams of pugs whom are silvers?
  9. There needs to be a new threat rank, diamond. This rank would be for those godly players that rarely, lose a game, and have a killer k/d. Silvers and lower tier golds, really do not have a chance against these players, with their 4 man premades of skilled higher tiered gold teammates. These players shouldn't be given easy op, they need to fight and claw, earning victories against similar players with their equal skill sets.
  10. A triggerbot can be finely tuned, also being an external program, which is hard to detect. Some options on said programs, can make a good player or "pro" player believably good on a stream or video. The russians are making a lot of triggerbots for this game.
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