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  1. I've been handling it for 5 years son. Your comments are as pointless as your efforts in trying to piss me off. lol Not only you say "suck it up and deal with it" hinting just avoid the issue than actually address it, you are completely missing the point. You didn't read the title or the whole topic if you will. I don't give a shit how the community acts towards me, I accepted the way they are a long time ago. xD But did you notice there are no new players coming to the game? Do you know why? I wish for this game to live on, but the toxicity of this community prevents that from happening. Just sayin.
  2. Who the hell is MikeHell? xD
  3. Same as any other mature human being who knows how to tie a shoe. Maybe add a constructive comment to this topic the next time instead of representing the toxicity of this community.
  4. I never said it works. I know it doesn't work. I meant that LO should enable the option again. It would be a good thing when the servers are empty but you still want to farm cash and standing. Maybe if that's the case then this game is not for you and it's time to quit. Find another game or perhaps pursue a more active hobby. Just saying EDIT: Your game crashes when you are killed? Time for a hardware upgrade my man. My game never crashes, I don't know how others suffer from this fate. False. I had multiple games where my score was the lowest and I had one kill, and many times the death. I still finished with 800$ after the mission along with 900 standing. That is WITHOUT the premium. Do you want me to go play a game where I'm terrible and prove it to you through a screenshot? I will gladly oblige. 1.6k hours and only about 5000 kills if counting both my characters. I'm not a big-shot in missions, I rather focus on the objectives that win the game and eliminate those who try to prevent that from happening. Kills aren't everything in this game. Yes I have done that in 30 hours. As I said multiple times before. It's not hard to make cash in this game, it is actually fairly easy. Even if you are the worst. And I'm pretty sure that giving your money to a global corporation that profits from obesity and harmful chemicals in their food is far far better than giving it to a smaller company who are trying to revive an otherwise completely unique game. Kep throwing your arguments at me, I too like to have a healthy discussion while proving people wrong.
  5. Here are some of my creations. Sure these don't look as outstanding as some I've seen in the showcase gallery but I still put effort into looking good in San Paro. But lately I haven't seen that in the game.
  6. The character customization is really well-detailed and unique, with all the tattoos, clothes option and everything else, you can virtually do ANYTHING... Yet I see clowns running around in underwear, strait-jackets, or blue-haired kawaii desu characters with cat ears and bulletproof vest. I haven't seen a single stand-out character in this game since I came back. I presume selling custom merch on the game would also be almost impossible as no one is interested in some fancy clothing, but the ridiculous-looking nonsense?
  7. Green players would love this idea. Sadly they don't even know how to use the forums.
  8. I've got to try out the Raptor 45 Condor for as long as 20 seconds. Happiest 20 seconds of my life.
  9. The title says it all, apparently some people are just too bad at making money in the game (which is actually pretty easy) or want to buy things early. This would also increase the money flow towards LO for their operations? Obviously to buy like 2 million worth of in-game currency, it would be listed at $200, otherwise everyone would be running around with their newly bought NTEC 'New Glory'
  10. Even if you shoot someone down once, you will get a nice sum at the end of the mission, with premium, it's somewhere around $1k which is not bad, considering you are not wasting your bullets on vain efforts. Plus I just started a new crim character and I have already made about $120k organically (I also got lucky with JMBs from loyalty rewards that got me 2 legendaries and after selling them, I am now at $1.2mil lol), after about 30 hours of gameplay. It's really not that hard to make cash in this game. Sure dethreaters are an issue, but kill one only once and then give up on the mission. You didn't waste your bullets and you still get a good amount for your efforts. EDIT: You know actually, empty servers should allow you to still get into missions, so when there are empty instances at late night or early morning, you can just do missions, after like a minute of waiting to be matchmaked. If there is no one else, you will get into a solo missions, complete the objectives and get the standard amount for it, which is around $200 and 200 standing without premium, sure it's not much, but it's honest work lol. I cannot for the life of me believe, that you can't kill anybody (not even ASSIST) in an FC where you could literally backstab a dozen players while they are fighting someone else. No matter how bad you are, you are going to get at least ONE KILL. Maybe LO instead should add purchasable in-game credits to the ARMAS marketplace. That way you get your nice fat bank acct and LO gets monetary support from die hard fans so they can finally bring out the EU, more content and revive this game. Same conclusion as before. I certainly don't want to encourage most people to stick to PvE instances for any sort of money making, it's there to practice and improve skills to then compete against other players and earn your reward. You don't get exp in CS:GO when going into an offline practice session, yet people don't fuzzy bunny about it. My suggestion is to ensure that new players and veterans alike have a training ground to use, while not eliminating the core aspect of the game. It would further segregate people and servers would probably be constantly empty because people prefer to make money on the predictable AI rather than challenge other enemies. Sure I have 1.6k hours in this game and I would consider myself a decent player, on par with some of the golds, I win and lose here and there, but I still manage to profit from missions, it's really not that difficult. This game is made in a way that even the one who pulls the short end of the straw everytime, benefits at least a little bit from it. I had several missions where I was the worst because I got steam-rolled by true golds. I still earned enough money to recover from the loss.
  11. I-Reaper-I

    Server status

    Server is still down on PC. Kinda wanted to play before my night shift xD
  12. It's not a meme, multiple games use PvE game modes to help people train and practice in the game. Why do you adamantly want this game to remain a PvP only game, where new players are thrown into the deep water straight away, surrounded by sharks (premades and highly skilled veterans)? Just so they can quit instantly and this game can remain the trollzone of very toxic players? What you don't understand is that my suggestion is trying to help new players have a more friendly and welcoming experience in the game by not necessarily throwing them against gold meta heroes who will smash them over and over and even throw in a few insults... Which happens to be a huge part of this game sadly. Let new players have the choice.
  13. Yeah there is also fight club, making your own merch and selling it on the marketplace (I earned a fair amount with that, have some designs I made, people bought it because they liked it). These are already 2 more options in which way you can make money. And money is subjective, you only buy leased weapons and ammo with it, that are all very cheap, sure cars maybe a bit expensive but once you bought it you own it. The point is... If people were allowed to make cash in a practice instance, they would never leave. Conclusion: PvP instances (with the exception of FC maybe) would be totally empty at all times, thus ruining the already broken matchmaking for other, more competitive players.
  14. It would be a nice change. I'm pretty sure if LO purchased the license for a decent AI plug-in then they can just use that to implement AI enemies. They could also just take the AI of the NPCs and tweak it. Add seek & eliminate functions, arm them, give them equal health to player health and set accuracry rating to like 80% or something. It's doable, sure there is some core rework required to be done, but it is doable and I hope with the new Unreal 4.0 game engine, they will get better support for SDK that will actually allow them to implement such a feature.
  15. Right, I have been playing this game for about 5 years now and have just recently returned after a long while. Unfortunately I haven't seen much change in the game just yet but I would like to see an idea added to the game that "in my opinion" would make a huge difference in bringing new players into the game. So my proposition is: Faction Locked PvE instances with AI enemies. Purely for practice reasons. How it works: Simple. New instances would be generated for both Enforcers and Criminals each, that are basically PvE instances with AI enemies. People entering these districts, would have a few benefits as well as drawbacks while there. This would show up in the basic selector as "practice district" or "training district". BENEFITS: 1.) All weapons and modifications are unlocked while in the district (not ARMAS exclusives, any owned ARMAS items are carried over to the district.) Players would have one of each weapons unlocked in their inventory, along with all modifications for use. This will allow new players to test out the guns and work on developing a playstyle they see fit best for them. This would also help seasoned veterans who want to experiment with new combinations of mods and weapons or practice their preferred playstyle. 2.) You only get matched against AI enemies. The best way to learn the ropes for new players in my honest opinion is playing against AIs. Just like Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO and many other games that have introduced offline practice, this would hugely benefit new players for learning to play without the negative experience the current state of the game would bring for them. Seasoned veterans can also team up with their friends/clan to work on new strategies and tactics to become better and better against the rival opposition. 3.) All ammunition comes free. This will correlate with a drawback of this idea, but basically all ammo is free and never runs out. This eliminates the need to spend cash on ammo in practice instances. DRAWBACKS: 1.) No cash or standing earned after missions. Since this would be just a practice instance, we don't want to give the incentive to people to stay on these instances forever. Therefore cash and standing should be disabled here altogether. 2.) Threat level is not affected by these instances. In any way, Threat level should not be affected in practice instances, since the sole purpose of this mode is to train yourself, hone your skills, get to know the map better and get the feel for the weapons and cars in the game. This is all I can think of at the moment, but I believe that adding this mod to the game, would not be a huge task first of all (Just gotta license a decent AI plug-in for enemies, and create new instances that are faction-locked with a few changes and tweaks) and it would greatly benefit all players of this game and would bring a lot of new players in too. @MattScott I would appreciate if this idea was looked into and at least considered for future implementation, I cannot think of a better way to make the game more friendly and welcome to newcomers as well as experienced players. Of course this idea is open for criticism and suggestions, so if any of you have any more ideas to lay down or have anything that might need changing, it's open to interpretation. Thank you for reading and hoping to see this make it into the game.
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