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  1. Ya know that there is a game called Crackdown?
  2. As long as the playerbase remains so low and there is no diversity in who you play against, it is pretty much inevitable that new players will quit. The main issue with the whole threat system and how this game works is: You meet the same damn person throughout 5 or 6 missions before you miraculously get matched against someone else or just rage quit! So you want to have fun playing this game? Start inviting more people into the game and populate the servers to a healthy amount.
  3. Look for a clan that accepts and helps new players. I heard of one that was doing it back in the days, they would play with you, give you all sorts of tips and teach you about mechanics, tactics, etc... There is really nothing else you can do than to join a clan, watch youtube vids on how to play the game (BECAUSE THERE IS LITERALLY NO TUTORIAL FOR THE PATOOTIE YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENDURE) or just keep playing, lose a couple hundred missions in a row and slowly emerge from the ranks of newbies.
  4. How I imagine all those hopeful players right now.
  5. lmao the only good thing that happened to this game so far. Global pandemic and lockdowns everywhere and LO are bashing their 4ss to the floor out of joy because of a slight playerbase increase.
  6. There's also CS:GO, WoW, EVE Online, No Man's Sky, R6: Siege, The Division 2, Starbound, Apex Legends, The Sims, Elite Dangerous, Skyrim, GTA 5, yade yade yada the list goes on. Must be something else that brought 500 players back. It's seriously not the corona beer, tens of thousands of games are out there that are far far better. I'm telling you there was an update or maybe the easter event lol.
  7. Think of the social districts as second life - lite version. Some people don't have the energy to invest into Second life which is the most convoluted game ever, but still want to RP in their furry trash designer clothes or kawaii desu maid outfit.
  8. That would make a lot of sense lmao, but honestly times aren't that desperate that you really have to return to APB. I mean there is Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing, the hottest sh!t out there right now.
  9. My brain is surely exploding, but it ain't from the story you try to tell, but the inconsistency and incoherency of your phrasing. Jesus, at least if you're gonna give us a bedtime story, work more on formatting.
  10. Where did all those players come from, I wonder. Did I miss an event or a big announcement or something?
  11. As much as I want to see this game become popular again and have a booming playerbase, unfortunately I have to agree that this is not far from the truth. I just hope LO will get the EU done soon and maybe... JUST MAYBE... revive the game through some miracle.
  12. While I agree and it's completely true, look at some of the notable examples, World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Runescape, Neverwinter, etc etc... All these games have consistently kept to something that this game has not done. Regular content updates, expansions and listening to community feedback. APB Reloaded is a one-of-a-kind MMO game with an also one-of-a-kind customization feature and it could have become very popular, lest the former developers made the right choices and put effort into bringing new content to the game rather than reskins and cosmetics. The engine upgrade and many more content releases and fixes afterwards could bring back the game, but LO needs to implement huge and drastic changes for this to happen, without proper funds and a community to support them, it is very unlikely this will ever happen in the foreseeable future.
  13. Don't forget that even tho there are 80 players on an instance, usually half of them are AFK or just messing around in the district they aren't actually readied up for missions. For player diversity and equal matches you need instances to be doubled and you need more players to have different outcomes for each match.
  14. 500 players during peak time, 250 on Jericho. I'm sorry but it is simply just not possible, because during a gaming session you end up seeing the same player about 60% of the time, probably even more. EDIT: 70% of these players spend their time on social districts, so you play against 200 players at best. Remove threat system, re-implement a revised threat system once the game has been promoted and balanced enough that around 5000 players will be active on the game. I suggest a timed event with rewards for downloading the game and logging 30 hours of gameplay on it to earn 3000 G1 credits, 30 days of free premium and a 30 day lease of an ARMAS weapon of your choice. GIVE. PEOPLE. INCENTIVE. TO. RETURN. OR. TO. START. PLAYING. THIS. GAME.
  15. Remove threat system altogether and base the matchmaking on reputation level. You won't be able to get rid of smurfs anyway, because that exists in literally every competitive game and it's an issue that cannot be tackled. People will open numerous new accounts just to start from scratch but with the experience already in their hands. Once you remove threat from the scoreboard so you cannot see what rank the current player is, you will give yourself the benefit of the doubt by not knowing how good the opposing player is, making you think "I might or might not have a chance". It's not going to be the usual "oh frick he is a gold, I'm so done". Currently the threat system is obsolete, useless and creates unnecessary segregation among the players. Why am I saying that? Because elitist golds deliberately reduce their threat to silver and bronze to be able to jump on the more lively instances and steam-roll players with the actually less experience. I saw numerous bronzes and silvers play like veteran golds, trust me, the threat system showing changes nothing, it simply adds unnecessary segregation to instances and results in a more broken matchmaking system. EDIT: De-threating is massively easy by the way, all you have to do, regardless of winning or losing a match, is to be on the lower 50% of your team's scoreboard with 100 points at least (equal of 1 kill) so you still qualify as having taken part of the mission. Around 10 matches like this and your gold threat reduces to silver. Another 10 and you are reduced to bronze. I tested this myself, it takes no effort, can be done within 2 hours and this is why the current threat system and matchmaking is doing more harm than good to the game.
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