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  1. The player base is indeed low, but I don't think FFA matches with a max of four players would hurt. Quite the opposite, because this would give new players and green/bronze/silver a chance to train against their friends instead of getting destroyed by high rank veterans. And since it won't give any rewards or progress they will still have motivation to do the real missions afterwards. To train against my friends is literally the reason why I want to have this implemented. Because then I might actually get them to keep playing this game.
  2. I'd like a health bar in addition to the blooded screen. It would also be quite nice to be able to see all player names as normal even if you're heavily injured.
  3. Me and my friends likes to fight against one another when we are alone in a premade group (outside missions ofc), and it usually get one of us kicked from the server for excessive team killing. I would love to be able to start a FFA fight that is not time or kill based within our premade group, that also would not yield any rewards or punishments, it would just be for pure fun. It could be a toggle option for the group leader and anyone in the group who presses K will join. And typing /abandonmission will take you out of it. If you "abandon mission" you would still be in the group and anyone who is still left in the FFA will be seen as if they were in a mission. If you decide to press K again you will rejoin.
  4. Ooooh... I got the update yesterday.. >.<
  5. I got the trade lock as well... Is there any good reason for it?
  6. I own the enforcer version of Charger Micro (Charge Raptor SRX), I was wondering if it is possible to buy more kits for it somehow? It seems the kits are only available for crims on ARMAS? I would love to have some more customization options for it.
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