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  1. I'd like to see such a change APB DB "Tommy Gun" - https://apbdb.com/build/Weapon_SMG_TommyGun_Slot3_Armas/
  2. Today I encountered the same problem even though everything was fine last weekend. I have GTX 750Ti.
  3. This is a very good suggestion from 2018 and I don't know why it has not been introduced to the game yet.
  4. Wasabi987

    Repair M-1922

    So many people have complained about this, and Little Orbit is still doing nothing about it. Could you finally reduce the "Colby M-1922" rejects by half, so that you can finally shoot this weapon without replacing the mouse every week.
  5. If I had to choose, I prefer this version with a quick-fire Kraken, but maybe without this "-10% Accuracy Loss" weapon will still have a large recoil due to its rate of fire.
  6. I am for fixing 'Hazardous'. I would also like to have a brown skin for 'Hazardous'
  7. I cordially invite those who like the 50's to my first and most important for me suggestion.
  8. And why not? Everyone has a different taste. I like the 1950s. After much thought, I think I have unnecessarily written this suggestion, I know that they are more important, things to do in APB, and for me the most important thing in APB is the balance of the game, transferring the game to a new engine and my suggestion about Hot Rod
  9. I like your balance statistics CJ2 and CJ3. Well, why do we have the recoil at 7% fire rate as at 9% in the old version of CJ3? It would certainly help many weapons, but not "Colby M-1922 Hazardous". Currently I play "Colby M-1922 Mk3" and I'm good at modifications of "Heavy Barrel 3", "Hunting Sight 3" and "Mobility Sling" maybe it could be replaced by Hazardous modifications to those that I exchanged to make this weapon a threat to the opponent and not the owner. When I was playing "Colby M-1922 Hazardous" I was very annoyed by his colors if this weapon is ever repaired it would be nice to add brown skin. It may not look interesting but I did it quickly in "paint" for this XD suggestion.
  10. There is no problem for me to buy it for the price, but I do not like to buy items that I do not use as in the case of this car, unless I can then give this car to a friend but I do not know if this is possible because I have not bought packs in APB yet.
  11. Hello. I am writing to ask you to add new kit for the Patriot-T25, which looks like this. 1957 Chevy Factory Orrville I'm guessing that some people will blame me for trying to push the new look of the vehicle, but I really like it and would like to see it in APB and I would definitely buy it in the Armas Marketplace. By the way, would it be possible to fix this bug?
  12. You are talking about this package. I would like to buy this package without a car with a permanent shotgun. I do not want to buy a car because I will not drive it anyway, but I would like to buy an outfit and a permanent "S hre dder D F". I know that all "Bonus Pack" give weapons only for 30 days, but it would be nice if you could buy such a package with permanent weapons for an additional fee.
  13. Recently I had the idea to buy a "Criminal High Roller Clothing Bonus Pack" and it's good that I did not do it because I noticed that the attached "Shredder DF" weapon is only for 30 days. Would it be possible to buy these packs at a higher price with permanent weapons?
  14. I like this. I hope that next year, when they move this game to a new engine, they will also add winter time of the year.
  15. Wasabi987

    Imported music

    I do not use normal music at APB at all, so I did not know about it and thought that this problem is only with imported music. I think that my friend should hear music with the same volume as I set in the car.
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