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  1. Or that time VSB, Skitty and I had to tell her she should equip a primary weapon. To be fair, that was a fun day.
  2. Wait, Lixil was the community manager? This is news to me.
  3. Agreed, pure red titles are a big no-no IMO.
  4. So. . . . . . I generally would suggest avoiding goats in any and all things relating to APB, but that's fine. Good to know that Matt is actually Goat, and he's just trolling us all.
  5. I've thought about the manic a lot, and honestly I have no clue how to fix it while keeping it the same gun. Maybe up its reload time? IDK. Part of the issue with having so many SMGs really: the lines between them start to blur if you change even a single stat regarding how they shoot much.
  6. I wouldn't balance around the manic, as the manic is straight-up OP: IMO it's without a doubt the best SMG in the game.
  7. Why? Why the threat difference? Also, please make it not random. This has been my post on the APB forums for the quarter.
  8. So this is a porn game, isn't it? What's the game? I swear I won't tell your mom. OT: I've always liked this kind of system, so I wouldn't mind something like it being added
  9. Old audio and vegas audio kits. Please.
  10. Please, PLEASE give us unlocks for ARMAS guns. It's a no brainer TBH.
  11. Agreed on all accounts TBH. And apparently they think it's important if they want to change all of the names. . . so. . .
  12. Huh? I mean, I get why you think it's no big deal, but if you think it's no big deal then you really don't have an opinion on the matter, so it's irrelevant. I personally just like naming mostly the way it is, except the couple places G1 fucked up, and I've never heard anyone really complain about the way things are named, so at best it's a waste of LO's time.
  13. Why can't we just have both please? I like buying guns off of ARMAS for a lot of reasons. Also, as an aside, I really don't think locking aesthetics behind a paywall is any better than locking gameplay items, given that the gameplay items are not necessary to play the game well. I know not many people agree with me on this, but still, I hold this opinion rather strongly, and find APB's paymodel to be one of the better ones out there. (Also, can the "most guns are just duplicates" thing die? That's not actually true I don't believe; there are a LOT of guns that were only on ARMAS. They aren't better than F2P guns, but they aren't duplicates either.) But why?
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