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  1. Overall good suggestions, with two caveats. I'm, not sure they need more stored ammo, but I guess I'd try it out. I'm not sure I want the projectile speed increased on the Hammer, unless we went with VSB's suggestion of making them all explode on impact. Yes, increased projectile speed increases range, which makes it seem like a straight buff at first, but it also makes it harder to hit high-ground. One of the major purposes of a grenade is reaching difficult to reach locations, and we already see that not being able to bounce makes reaching high ground difficult, and having a higher arc will make it even more difficult. Think of the buildings north of New Cross under the highway, for example; it would be extremely hard to land a percussion grenade with a flatter arc on top of those buildings, if it was even possible at all. As I see it, the EOLs already can shoot SUPER far, especially if you increased the fuze timer to 8192s like with percussion grenades, so I don't think that increasing the projectile speed would have a major beneficial effect, except maybe making it a little easier to track vehicles (but the EOLs are barely anti-vehicle anyways.)
  2. Kewlin

    New SPCT team

    Awoo? What's the "eeeek" at?
  3. Kewlin

    New SPCT team

    That would make sense if there was an official APB discord, but there isn't, so if this is the new age LO isn't in it. Plus, getting people together has nothing to do with recruiting.
  4. Kewlin

    New SPCT team

    For better or for worse though, being well known does make you get noticed. Popular isn't the right word though, I'm not sure anyone on APB is "popular," and IDK if I'd say having faith in LO's decisions is "obvious." It's especially bizarre IMO that the members were seemingly chosen primarily if not entirely from Discord.
  5. Kewlin

    Christmas Test OTW opinions.

    Major problems: N/A Minor problems: The round goes to the team holding the point at the end, but the rounds are around 4 minutes long. This doesn't make any sense really since ultimately only the last few seconds of any round matters. Either make it go to whoever held the point the longest or shorten the rounds. The HoHoHoPGL windup timer doesn't match up with the windup sound. Car explosions kill people, which feels off in a snowball fight. Ghosts can't see where the zones are or what the duration is, but I think that's a glitch maybe? Strong sides: Macaroni and cheese is a pretty fucking strong side, so strong in fact that it's even a main course sometimes. Overall opinion: It's a fun event, basically just a better version of the snowball fight. I like it overall.
  6. Yes there is: it's the same thing as Tiggs pinning the black and blue dress on a different scale.
  7. Kewlin

    New SPCT team

    Just gonna' point out that Rooq doesn't have an SPCT forum tag.
  8. It's not about "deserving," this simply belongs in creations. Not that I haven't posted things in Social that didn't belong there.
  9. Kewlin

    New SPCT team

    Glad to see the SPCT coming back, I hope it works out well. I'm glad to see at least a few people I trust on there. I'm looking forward to the RFP buff @SKay, don't let me down.
  10. I didn't say it was problematic with my schedule in particular, but still, some people were decidedly incapable of doing the event, at least well, with the schedule issues.
  11. Why do people keep saying this? At no point did LO say that this skin was never going to be given out again, lol. Not everything needs to be some kind of permanent exclusive. I'm not: the glitches in the event were not my biggest issue, my biggest issue personally was the event timing. FTFY I wouldn't mind that title, but I still think two slightly different versions of the skin like Vicky and I said would be better.