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  1. I'm still waiting to see if LO is going to find a way to make it at all possible for players who didn't play during the first few days to get the skin, especially players who have to like, do other things like work and have a life outside of work and APB.
  2. I'm going to skip everything that's been said a thousand times (no, I didn't read the whole fucking thread) like that the mode needs to be aborted, and that it has a thousand issues, even though all of that's true. (Sidenote, it could be made into something not awful, but I doubt that will happen.) I will say though that you need to reduce the standing required to get to rank 5 with the contact or increase the standing gained, as the current requirement is absolutely ridiculous, especially when I can wait over half an hour during "prime" hours and not get a match: and there's no way I'm doing that on top of working a full-time job. Hell, let me buy it for $10 instead, 'cause I don't have time for that. My number one complaint with RIOT is that the lore is fucking smart, and not only has nothing to do with APB but is entirely against it. It makes everything in the lore thus far a mockery. Here's a list of a few talking points: Red Hill is a place, not a company, what the fuck is with you just naming the company "RedHill." That's like if there was a company just named Bronx County in Bronx County: that would never happen. No, the company is not really named the RedHill Institute of Technology, because AFAIK RIOT is just a subsidiary of the company, (I could be wrong on this part,) and the site itself repeatedly just refers to it as RedHill. Also, it should be RHIOT, not RIOT TBH, just as a quick aside. If you replaced all references to RedHill with RIOT, I'd give up on this point. Uhmm. . . How is RedHill supposed to be getting away with this? Like, it's a fucking speshul plan. Here's how it plays out: RedHill takes over San Paro, then RedHill gets taken out by outside forces (if the police don't do something to begin with, because BTW, there are still cops in San Paro, and they're not even really that corrupt from what I can tell from reading the lore.) It's that simple, there's no other way to look at it, this isn't a superhero movie, the plot of RIOT mode is far stupider than anything else in APB lore. "It's been almost a decade since the City Security Act came into force in San Paro. . ." Uhmm. . . what? How about no, nothing has advanced in San Paro, as far as I'm concerned current APB can't possibly be more than a few years after 2010 when the start of the game takes place, given that A] technology and society has not advanced at all and B] a decade of civil war would have entirely destroyed San Paro, financially if nothing else. Both the Praetorians and Blood Roses care about money, but let's not forget that they both rich and are based on money in San Paro. Either the Torians or the Roses being basically bought out by RedHill is like if I threw you a twenty to burn down your house and you did it. On that note, most of the player characters in APB are millionaires at this point AFAIK, why are they fighting over a few thousand dollars? That's not even to mention that San Paro is generally espoused as being more about standing out and being a rockstar than becoming rich, and being hired as a pawn to destroy San Paro really isn't a very good way to be a celebrity. For all their faults, the Praetorians are still a largely moral organization. Remember Aletta Cadagan? Remember that her whole point, and what made her cool, is that her plan is so over the top that they have to hide it from even Teng himself? Aletta's plan makes sense to an extent, and yet Shadowstrike had to keep it hushed so that it didn't get shut down. . . and yet you think the Praetorians are going to throw in with RedHill? Teng, or better yet Shadowstrike, would personally make sure each and every Praetorian who worked for RedHill was killed as far as I'm concerned. Jane Derren was tricked into handing out the vaccine, and I don't think anyone thinks that she would support RedHill's plan. . . so. . . how did she not shut down RedHill after the G-Kings revealed their plan? Despite how insane her plan to save San Paro was, Jane Derren is without a doubt supposed to be purely good, and even the fact that she's implied to have given Holland a lucrative deal simply because he was her friend seems out of character. All of the in-game lore you made entirely skips the part where there are gigantic chemical diffusers everywhere? In fact, not even the A.R.G. lore covers how RedHill did a complete makeover to San Paro. . . I feel like there would have been some. . . uhh. . . resistance? You know, from the police, Tigers, Gs, Praetorians, citizens, and heck, the National Guard? The bios mention vaccines, not gas, in fact they just jump straight from saying the flu vaccine was revealed to be bad to "the common citizens fled." Which brings me to. . . who are we spreading this gas for in the game mode? Because literally everyone else has left. Really, who the fuck are we spreading this gas for beside ourselves? This reeks of TF2 lore, except it's supposed to be serious: we're literally just anti-aggressing opposing mercenaries for no reason. What happened to the G-Kings and Tigers? It's mentioned that they resisted, but that's it, like, how the fuck did all of this happen with them resisting? Especially when the Praetorians should have been resisting alongside them TBH. On that note, why can't you actually resist RedHill in the game mode? I personally have sworn never to activate a diffuser or whatever they're called, so there's that, but when the entire theme of the APB is supposed to be the complex play between good and evil as well as law and crime, how come you're basically forced to be evil in this game mode? Perhaps most importantly: where's Luke Waskawi in all of this? Waskawi's entire point is that he has unlimited money and nearly unlimited power, and all of this certainly seems to go against everything Waskawi has been doing all of this time. . . and yet. . . he just let all of this happen? This may well be the biggest shit on all of APB's lore, as it entirely destroys the mystique and buildup of APB's lore TBH. . . . and that's basically just what I thought of off of the top of my head. I get that you probably think people don't really care all that much about APB's lore, but APB is basically our home for many of us vets, and has been for about a decade. APB's lore is important for many reasons, but not least of which for creating the setting of the San Paro we all love. What you've essentially done though with RIOT is bought our home, come in, laid a steaming pile of shit on the rug, and then proceeded to spread said shit all over the walls while pretending your redecorating. You're not expanding the lore, you're kinda' destroying something you either don't care about or don't understand. TL;DR: I don't mind all that much if you keep the game mode, even if I think the whole season pass thing and blatant incentivizing of RIOT is bullshoot, but please strip the "lore" you made off of it, or at entirely rewrite it to actually fit if you're feeling ambitious (something more akin to the Anarchy districts wouldn't be bad.) @NotZombieBiscuit Do you have anything to add? (P.S. You use both "San Paroan" and "San Parian" in the same bio, I personally prefer the latter, but just don't use both in the same bio please, lol.)
  3. I'm impressed that you managed to entirely miss my point, which is that putting unique/locked mods as normal mods is an awful idea.
  4. We were going more with the intent than the technical current state: I'm pretty sure we all three know that those mods do nothing.
  5. Also, I just realized that the 40mm concussion grenades being red means you can mix it with the hoenir special mod. IDK if a norseman or AMG would be a host for the 40mm grenade mod TBH ('cause of mobility.)
  6. Chambered round Strife would be the way to go clearly.
  7. Curb your stupidity please. Fact aside that many of these mods would be absurdly overpowered, what do you think that even means in approximately half of the cases of unique locked mods? Sorry, forgive me, go ahead and put ACES Extended Barrel on your O-PGL if that's what you really want.
  8. Yeah, having them disappear quickly would be nice.
  9. You could do that, but it would require you to look at the scoreboard more. Still, it would be better at least. No, I already knew that: it's exactly as random as it seems to me, which is just more random (not totally random, just more than it is.) Yes, thus largely reducing the need to have a properly made loadout, as I said. No, APB is pretty dang close to balanced IMO, with the exception of a few OP guns and what LO did to the JG and CSG. The task/item priorities need a major overhaul anyhoo TBH. Ehh, your English was fine. :3
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