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  1. Yeah, so you get 85'd, hit medspray, and then get tapped for another 200 damage because you can't run back to cover. Lmao. If you want to use medspray, use it with flak jacket.
  2. 1. If you're out for 6 years, that definitely counts as quitting, even if you come back. 2. APB is most likely not going to be around for another 6 years. I know 6 years was (probably) kinda' just a number you pulled out of the hat, but honestly. . . I'd be surprised if APB lasted 3 years at this point. 3. This is a bit off topic. I get what you're saying, and I know the meme, but ehh. . . it's a bit too semantic for me to care all that much, even if I do maybe come back eventually.
  3. I~ what? I came because I care about the game still and I knew not everyone knows the only way to get the 4-slot Fresno is through JMBs? I figured I would point it out since it's not entirely common knowledge. I am so sorry for trying to help the game. I only mentioned that I quit because, as you might guess from my 8,800 posts, some people here know me, and I know people have a record of calling out people who quit coming back to the forums and lurking. I'm trying to figure out what it is you're trying to figure out, lol.
  4. Yes, I quit APB around 9+ months ago. If you actually thought from my post that I quit APB because of JMBs being removed or something. . . I don't even know what to say. . .
  5. To be clear, APB is my favorite game, I just have so little faith in Little Orbit that I had to quit for mental health reasons. Agreed, if something was exclusive, it should stay as such. That said, I want as few things to be released as exclusive as possible personally. XD
  6. I actually do like seeing trading, it's nice. Trading is cool, I like trading, and it's nice to see trading. I would like to see tradable fresno 4-slots.
  7. Yes, I quit APB, but I just want to give a friendly reminder to the people throwing fuel on this dumpster fire. The Dolton Fresno D 400 can only be unlocked through JMBs, so if you remove JMBs you're entirely removing the ability to obtain a 4-slot Fresno. You should probably throw it up on the Joker Store or something. That is all. Peace.
  8. Am I joking? . . . am I?
  9. I would have thought you'd have said the two were one and the same.
  10. Apparently not, since I'm not on the list and I quit APB like. . . 9 months ago? IDK. Some of us, like myself, are just too special fluffy bunnies who don't belong on the list. The camera tilt was patootie. The rest I will agree was good (though I'm not upset per se about the current nitro sound.)
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