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  1. When in the Joker Ammo machine and looking at the list of weapons that use an ammo type the pink text for Valentines Day guns does apply to only the Valentines gun, instead turning the name of every following gun, as well as the asterisks, the same pink. Presumably the tags/code/whatever intended to stop the color after the weapon name is missing. Examples: Proof that it has nothing to do with ARMAS weapons or any other such thing: I'm aware that this is an extremely minor bug, but I figure it doesn't hurt to report it. Maybe someone else has reported it, but I cannot find any such report.
  2. Kewlin

    Melee Weapons?

    No, I understand exactly what you're saying, I just disagree. Obviously you didn't directly say the thing I was pointing out as my issue with your proposition, lol. You're proposing criminals have an equipable upgrade to melee, and then saying that's fine because enforcers have LTL as an alternative option to lethal weapons: I personally do not think the two are comparable, and think that giving criminals an exclusive upgrade to melee not only makes no sense logically but would be a poor game design choice.
  3. Kewlin

    Melee Weapons?

    Yes, but giving criminals a better version of something both factions have is in no way equivalent to LTL.
  4. Kewlin

    Melee Weapons?

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one.
  5. Kewlin

    Melee Weapons?

    LTL is not an upgrade in any way, so no.
  6. Kewlin

    Melee Weapons?

    You understand that guns are much more effective and effortless at killing people than melee weapons, even in close range, right? If anything, carrying around a melee weapon when you have two guns makes far less sense.
  7. Learn fast then. You're probably right though. Not sure I'd call 5k nothing to most 255s though; sure, it's not a ton, but that makes 20 teamkills 100k.
  8. If by that you mean an APB$ fine, I personally wouldn't mind should be substantial cash penalties for such things, E.G. 5k for TKing, 10k for going AFK, and 20k for killing a friendly who's P/N5. Also, please, for fuck's sake, fix the friendly N5 icon on the minimap. No, clearly you need for "fix" non-existent issues. Especially if pop got back up losing a teammate isn't a big deal most of the time.
  9. As Martin pointed out, lowered rewards honestly does nothing for a huge percentage of the players. We do, however, need a penalty for leaving (whether that be through exiting, disconnecting, or a legitimate means.) I personally suggest that you can't enter a mission until one minute after the mission you left ends, or one minute after the stage would have ended if the mission ends due to leavers. 30 minutes is too long, there simply are some times where the mission will not be fun for you, and let's face it: most of the time that people play a mission they don't want to play they half-patootie it, troll, or do nothing, and in my opinion allowing leaving is preferable to this. How many times have you had a mission where someone on your team decided they weren't going to take the mission seriously because they thought someone was botting, hated one of their teammates, or had an issue with the opp or mission? Wouldn't you rather they could leave and then you could get someone else on your team? Because they're not going to leave if there's a 30 minute cooldown. I'm not going to lie, I leave missions a lot, and guess what? If I couldn't leave the mission I'd probably just barely participate because the reason I wanted to leave is because I don't want to play the mission, and you can't force someone to play a mission well that they don't want to. So yeah, please add a legitimate way to leave missions, just give it a proper discouragement mechanic (I.E. not entirely negligible or only punishing newbies, and not making leaving worthless. You should not be penalized for leaving per se, because sometimes leaving a mission is the best thing for everyone, but there should a reason not to do it.)
  10. Are we sure the hour counter on premium is very accurate? IDK why, but I'd assume it might be a little weird.
  11. Only if you're only buying one month, since presumably premium is the length of the month your current premium would end in. I could, however, be wrong about that.
  12. Nah, all of the RTW clothing should be available, just like they were in, you know, RTW.
  13. Kewlin

    gm no help???

    Incoming in 2019: exclusive AsgurLund man-bewbs weapon skin.