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  1. Is that a reaction to my first or second sentence?
  2. I personally don't see a point to heavy barrel reducing spread, but I really think the range on shotguns needs to be brought back up. IDK how LO thought it was a buff to shotguns to destroy their range, especially the CSG.
  3. Kewlin

    Weapon Tweaking Suggestions (List)

    I don't get why so many guns don't have open slots, just give open slot versions of everything please.
  4. Kewlin

    Premium changes!

    The fact that you proposed remote det as the only benefit of premium displays your extreme ignorance in this area. . . seeming as remote det is the only activatable mod that doesn't gain a benefit from premium, since it has a 1s cooldown either way. Even if the cooldown reduced, what are you going to do, put a new car on the objective 0.5s after it blows up and blow it up again? So. . . maybe you're the one who doesn't know what premium does? lol.
  5. Kewlin

    Weapon Tweaking Suggestions (List)

    Because I barely even think the gun is really OP in the first place, so to me this is basically completely changing its playstyle because people whine about it. Reduce its burst interval, make it 9stk, do whatever to nerf it that doesn't change its playstyle, because I bought the RFP because I like its playstyle, and if it became less effective in close quarters I'd personally just use my ACT-44 over my RFP every time. Basically, I'm not against nerfing things, but I'm against changing the way a gun plays for the worse almost every time. Also, sidenote, revert the CSG LO, it's worse than before you "buffed" it, particularly as far as range goes.
  6. Kewlin

    Weapon Tweaking Suggestions (List)

    Oh, sorry, meant the mobile accuracy one, I'll edit.
  7. Kewlin

    Weapon Tweaking Suggestions (List)

    I'd definitely prefer better accuracy to TTK, the gun's biggest issue IMO is being inconsistent. A 0.8s TTK on a gun that has a 0.1s equip time is too good BTW, and also changing the equip time would just make it basically a .45 AP reskin. I'd far prefer increased range. As it is the OCSP's best feature (beside having a tagger) is that it's super accurate for a secondary. . . but it doesn't have the range to back that up, despite being able to land shots easily extremely far. Please don't revert the range of the RFP, a RoF or burst interval nerf would be fine though. (Preferably burst interval so the Fang can stay somewhat valid.) Definitely do this. Probably just revert the recoil. Please do anything but just make the Scoped N-TEC a normal N-TEC, and I don't really like the idea of it being a N-TEC 7 either. Why not just make the walk modifier slightly less awful? The Rabid does not need a buff. Please don't do this, the 4-shot bullshark was just worse than the OBIR, and as it is the avalanche bullshark is actually different and can compete with the OBIR. If you actually know how to use it the buildup can be extremely fun and very useful, albeit silly. It's literally my favorite rifle, I use it more than my FFA III, please don't change it back to just a shitty OBIR. IMO the Bullshark is kinda' the model of what Legendaries should be, extremely silly and fun, and not really an upgrade from the original gun, but still usable. Why not just do this with all primary legendaries? I personally think we should split Yolos into two different grenades, one that gets its capacity reduced to 2 grenades, and one that gets its projectile speed, pin pull time, and damage nerfed. Name the reduced effectiveness one something like Minuaturized Frag Grenades. How about we don't do that?
  8. First off, yeah, sorry, I was exaggerating. If you just got the gold reward in both FCs that's 800 a week so you'd get 10k in 12.5 weeks or about 3 months. In addition, you can get up to 115 JT a day from mission districts, though obviously nobody does that, but if we're just talking theory here 115 * 7 = 805 so if you were an absolute madman you could get 1,605 JT a week total, which would reduce it to ~6.3 weeks to get 10k, or a little under 1.5 months. With the fact that you can more than make up for slacking a little on FC JT by playing missions, I think it's pretty reasonable to say a decent number of people can get 800JT a week, which translates to 41,600 JT a year, up to a theoretical maximum (that nobody would ever reach) of 83460 JT a year. But let's just step back a second and go to another perspective. If we're going to go with what you were saying and say perma weapons cost 10k JT or higher, is that really. . . useful like Killerskull was implying? The most expensive character bound guns on ARMAS are both of the main VAS C-2s and the Shredder EB at roughly $34.99, which equates to about five hours of work at federal minimum wage, and that's best case scenario, more likely you'd be spending about 15-20k JT, or 4.5-6 months, to get something more like a 3-Slot N-TEC or an N-SSW worth somewhere in the ballpark of $15-26, maybe $30 if you're lucky, equating to about 2-4 hours federal minimum wage. And that's assuming you either get gold in both FCs every week or compensate with dailies, and not even bringing in the fact that all of these calculations aren't even going into how much worse of a deal this is if you're getting the same item with JT on multiple characters with how much better of a deal account bound weapons are on ARMAS on average. Quite honestly, I don't see a way that perma guns on the Joker Store would add much value to JTs. Sure, you might get a little more value out of them if you play FC a ton anyways, but nothing to write home about.
  9. JT price reduction would also make them far from useless, in fact it would perhaps make them more useful than perma because you wouldn't run out of things to buy with JTs within a year or so. The only way perma JT weapons might make sense IMO is if they were 1-slots of weapons you can get from contacts.
  10. Kewlin

    Premium changes!

    Stop repeating close minded meme assumptions please: disliking the gameplay benefit of premium has nothing to do with supporting the game or having premium or not, lol. I have plenty of friends who have spent a shit ton on this game, including for premium, and do not like the cooldown benefits. You know what else will slow down development? The fact that every newbie thinks this game is pay to win, and you know what helps fix that? Making the game not pay to win. Sure, premium doesn't give a huge advantage, but it is an advantage nonetheless, and that's unacceptable in a game if it wants to have any semblance of being fair competition. Do you really want to gain an advantage in missions because you paid to? I have heard many people who've spent thousands on this game complain about the premium cooldown advantage, but I don't remember ever hearing a single person say that they liked that premium gave them better cooldowns than free players.
  11. Kewlin

    Premium changes!

    Lol, I didn't even say a ton of grenades, obviously if you're spamming you need to use a box, but if you're using, say, shields as your consumable, two grenades every two minutes is A LOT different than two grenades every four minutes when you're trying to hold an objective. Plus, I'm pretty damned sure APB isn't going to go under purely because the fraction of players that buys premium just for cooldowns of the fraction of the playerbase that buys premium at all (and let's be honest, a lot of players who have premium got it from JMBs,) isn't buying premium. Honestly, out of everyone I've talked to over the entire time G1 ran APB, I don't think I've ever heard someone cite cooldowns as their reason for having premium, but I could be wrong.
  12. Kewlin

    Premium changes!

    Does someone need to be entitled to want a game to be an even playing field? I don't understand how people can claim that reduced cooldowns are just convenience, how is it convenience to be able to have more grenades more easily, or repair your car more, or use jammer or spotter more? What about getting to objectives faster? Would it be "convenience" if you could pay to have 50% of your shift ability's cooldown removed in Overwatch? No, and proposing such a thing is absurd. There's no difference really between that and giving players more access to ammo, repairs, jammer, spotter, meteor, or getting to objectives faster more often. I've spent more on APB than any other game, I don't need to be told I'm cheap just because I want the game to be a level playing field. Nobody said we should make everything free like you said in your last sentence, we just want the game to be fair, lol.
  13. Kewlin

    Premium changes!

    Kinda' agreed TBH. Given the choice between APB Premium at roughly $52 and resubscribing to PS Plus at $60, APB Premium really doesn't feel like it does enough for me, ATM and I barely use my PS4. Not to mention that even within APB I could get 2-3 guns account bound for the price of a year of premium, and that'll last as long as APB does. You do realize that a lot of paying players don't have premium all the time, right? I've personally spent more on APB than any other game I've ever played, not that I've spent a ton compared to other people, and I can think of at least three friends of mine who've spent several thousand dollars on APB but currently do not have premium, and are not even considering buying premium unless something rather substantial happens to APB. For me personally, whenever I have shorter cooldowns it's kinda' a guilty thing like running with the task item or spamming AAEPD.
  14. Yeah, IDK why you'd use the butcher skin for this, it's kinda' cool because it was only given out by GMs to specific people.
  15. Kewlin

    misleading porn

    Life's hard man, but you just gotta' keep on keepin' on. I love you babe.