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  1. I've no reason to believe Matt is smart or has integrity to be honest. . . He did buy APB after all. On a serious note though, limited time content is limited time content, and I don't care if it's through the season, the RIOT shop, or comes directly from Matt Scott's pleasant fellow, I don't want it in APB. If it goes on ARMAS afterward, fine, if it doesn't, just uninstall LOprogram. SO MATT, LIMITED TIME SHIT WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET AGAIN OR NOT?! PLZ ANSER AT YOUR SOONEST CONVENIENCE!
  2. He also said that they might be rotating out old seasons, so it's ambiguous.
  3. Okay, I'm willing to give this a chance if the content in the season pass (barring maybe titles or something) is in permanently available. If the content is limited time though, that is my major issue. Season passes are, traditionally, a trick to prey on people's tendencies both to need to try to get limited time content, and inability to understand accumulated costs, at least in my opinion and to my understanding. If, for example, you allow people to get everything in the current season for free, and then put up every season on ARMAS for, IDK, $20-50, then I'd think that was totally fine, perhaps even good. What I don't want, and what I think would destroy so much of the fun of APB, which is cosmetics, is for, I don't know. . . let's make up an example. Say you add a German riot police helmet to a season, and you have a system where you can only get season specific items for a year. 16 months later, Joe Shmoe comes back to APB 'cause some friends told him it was good again or some shit, and he sees some dude with the German riot helmet, and he thinks, "oh shit, that's cool, and I've always wanted to make a GSG9 cosplay in APB!" Guess what, he can't, and he never will be able to. IMO this is something that should never happen to APB. So much of APB is about having fun with customizing shit to your hearts content, and if there starts to be any sizable amount of limited time cosmetics in APB the game will quite honestly start to suck. If you do that, I.E. allow players to be able to get anything from any season at any point, even if it's behind a paywall, I'll be 99% fine with all of the things you're saying you're doing, even if I think RIOT is a huge waste of time and resources on your part, and makes fuck all sense from a lore perspective. If I don't need to play RIOT or buy every season pass soon while it's running, then sure, whatever, have a ball. In general though, every season pass system I've seen has been morally despicable, and in my opinion as bad as lootboxes. There, there's my much longer explanation of my issues, with a lower concentration of cussing and insults.
  4. Please, for the fucking love of God Matt, stop with this season bullshoot. Everything about this new progression shit you're adding is so fucking convoluted and stupid: just add shit to ARMAS to make money. *EDIT* Also, requiring players to play RIOT, which sounds really shitty and like it has nothing to do with APB, to progress, needs to not be a thing at the very least. Just allow people to play what they want to play, not force them to play your new mode.
  5. It's not really even about 4x4 stunts, it's about the fact that so much of what makes APB good is how absurd and hilarious it is. Every little thing we lose from that is a significant loss. I'd take bad performance (which I don't honestly have issues with: APB runs basically fine for me) over the game losing its soul any day. Ultimately though, vehicle handling and the EU are basically unrelated, it's just up to what LO decides on.
  6. The EU isn't really worth anything if the game is worse than it currently is: it's a reasonable question.
  7. Can you please, for the love of all that's good, answer whether PC 3.5 APB will have PC or console vehicle stats, specifically with concern to the ability to do wheelies? This has been asked many times, and you really should address it, or if you don't have a current opinion on it, figure out an opinion. I know I'd be very, very sad to have console no-wheelie cars personally. Oh, and also, why from 12:00-3:00? That's rather very much out of the time available of almost anyone working full-time in the U.S.
  8. SKay said people are supposed to reach out to LO. . . but IDK what qualifies, so I didn't reach out. *shrugs* It would help if they qualified at all what quantifies tier 2.
  9. IMO the vertical recoil is far more of a problem ATM than horizontal.
  10. Sorry, MB, got the day wrong. Still, that's only one of my three points. They run holiday events multiple days despite holidays only happening on one day. . .
  11. While I'm all for the whole weed thing. . . I'm a little confused why you're running a one day event for exclusive symbols on a Tuesday. . . It's one day, which is weird. . . . . . and it's on a Tuesday, which is weird. . . . . . and they're exclusive symbols, which feels against the spirit of APB.
  12. Dunno', never thought it did, but I could be wrong.
  13. Wow, that's kind of lewd. . . . . . isn't this forum supposed to be family friendly?
  14. Wait, am I missing something, or did you not say what the titles are? Do I need to log in to check or something? GEEZ!
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