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  1. It looks horrible. Specularity needs to be dialed way back. The cars look like they're made of cheap molded plastic.
  2. Two things: 1. Trainee is not a threat level. It just means the game has not calculated their skill level yet. 2. Matchmaking does the best it can with what's available. When you have a low population and everyone close to your skill either already in a mission or not ready, you're either gonna get new players as opp or no opp at all.
  3. Sounds like you don't want grenades to act like grenades.
  4. The last I heard, it wasn't allowed. Which is pretty silly since there are monitors that are capable of doing it.
  5. Or we kill ourselves after hearing one too many "How's the weather up there" jokes.
  6. Even though I'm used to it, it's still horrible. Vehicles aren't supposed to handle that way.
  7. The CBT/OBT titles were given to us as thanks for helping to test the game before it went live. I never saw them as shameful or a warning (I have the CBT title and am not that great at the game, really). However they have existed since before there was a Nekrova server, and there is no reason they should be changed. (And I'm sure that most cbt/obt just left the game. The banned are a minority.)
  8. Exhibit A of a bad community: This thread and the arguing therein. I don't think anyone is justifying the stream sniping or whatever was going on. I know I wasn't. I was just pointing out the OP's hypocrisy. We gamers are just terrible people. ~shrug~
  9. I just skimmed over the footage (no way I'm going to sit here for two hours and watch someone else play a video game), and I was prepared to sympathize with the op. But then I saw that teabag. Nah. OP has no room to talk about how the community conducts itself.
  10. I had to google Stadia to figure out what in the world you're on about. As someone who's internet connection barely manages to stream video in 1080p at times, I have to say "Noooohohohohoho..."
  11. Welp, there go my dreams of being a cowgirl.
  12. I'm afraid I don't have any pics of her, but here is a pic of the particular model and body style. Just imagine it being black with red pinstripes down the sides and having baby moon hubcaps. I'm sorry. As far as project cars, I am not nearly enough of a gearhead to take on a restoration project beyond having it repainted and some light upholstery.
  13. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that I prefer older heavier cars. I still have the 1970 Thunderbird I drove in high school, and I baby her. What I would love to find, though, is a 1967 Buick Wildcat.
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