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  1. David Jones has moved on from RTW. He's now directing Epic's cloud computing strategy. RTW will never return.
  2. This topic again. I just want an old 30's-40's hot rod. Something that isn't a muscle car, import, or a tacticool SUV.
  3. Most hated gun to go against: Joker carbine. I just don't like guns that people clickclickclickclick like their finger is having a seizure. Most hated gun to use: Harbinger. Looks amazing. Sounds great. Completely outclassed by any other hand cannon.
  4. Anubis: Bad sniper rifle with the worst scope in the game. But I love the combination of gold plating and woodgrain. Thumper: It's a semi-auto NFAS, and I can't click fast enough to survive cqc with it. But I love the thunder sound effects and the fact that it's based on the worst shotgun ever invented. Harbinger: Not having any mods makes it borderline unusable. But damn it looks good and sounds powerful.
  5. Solution: Make briefcases and camcorders out of something other than lead. Joking aside, this really is a non-issue. It's not like it makes it more difficult to kill the item carrier. At worst it makes them look ridiculous.
  6. OP is probably hoping for a version in which all 5 doors are functional so they could use it as a swat vehicle. Would be cool, but not feasible at the moment.
  7. CPU: Zilog Z80 @1.789Mhz 4k ram 160x102 8 color video 23" RCA color tv
  8. I quit once. Even deleted every character on my account (since you can't have the account itself deleted - at least not back then), just to to make it easier to not return. Then I heard that LO took over and ended up getting sucked back down the rabbit hole.
  9. I seem to remember seeing someone saying that the ban was excessive due to his age. Really, I have trouble with thinking that any ban is excessive. It's their game, their servers, their house. If they don't want him there anymore, then nobody has any business saying otherwise. And the dude's mom even pleaded on his behalf. It's pathetic. When I was that age, if I got in trouble or banned from somewhere, I had to suck it up and move on.
  10. Well they could have implemented a gender slider like Saints Row 2. That wasn't horrifying at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twpe_yiCi_8
  11. Sad indeed. Welp, looks like he's gonna have to get a real job now.
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