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  1. While there are still a few cheaters their numbers are relatively low compared to the past, Usually they are on during the early morning to early evening periods if you go by central standard time. Game is not dead yet, we as a community by being less toxic could help turn the tide but also LO keeping their promises will help ensure the games longevity.
  2. Threat segregation only causes a divide in the community. No if you really wish to fix things and no this isn't an answer to the skill gap, however people will be less likely to complain if everyone is treated equally Threat should be hidden currently as it sits a player won't try if they see a full team of Golds and think there is no chance. Second the plates have always been a dividing point, Gold players see silver and feel the need to be toxic and rub it in a silver players face claiming they are trash. Trainers and up see Gold players and automatically give up without trying, and or accuse said players of being try hard. Hiding threat I believe would lesson the toxic behavior to a point, sure players need to strive for something this is true, but the elitist views of the community need to go away and this is the only way this will become possible.
  3. All I can suggest is that you grow a thick skin, use the ignore function or ignore the chat is the best advice I can give you, Oh and report what you see but make sure it is worthy of LO's time cause they have a lot on their plate and cannot be burdened with knit picking.
  4. Generally I have never abandoned a mission just simply because I have a trainer for a partner typically if I abandon its because the mission usually bugs out, or I see the current group compliment will not get op with me in their group since I am 255 Gold generally. Players can be toxic, but this can be fixed by the community as a whole if we are all working to make that happen.
  5. This could be a good opportunity to help the community for whoever LO chooses.
  6. Had that happen, and now the repair function keeps giving me error on the APBprogram
  7. So I tried uninstalling the game, Repairing the game and every time I try to update the game I get an error with a bug report thing. Look APB is pretty broken, but when you don't have your patches working properly it becomes even more broken.
  8. Russia is similar to America in the fact both nations are composed of more than one race.
  9. Well snap maybe LO forgot to pay the power bill
  10. Makes you feel better I tried logging in an hour ago and it wouldn't even load social district. It just moves to say it is exiting district and sits on that screen for eternity eventually having to close the game by force.
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