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  1. Honestly you got it all wrong I love history. I don't got a direct issue to the rebel flag being from the south I fly it under the American flag. However even I know not to fly it where it is not wanted and I don't make scenes. The winds of change are ever present either get with the times or be swept aside by them. So you sir don't know the first thing about me making assumptions on what I support or don't. I just grew up, you need to catch up and mature.
  2. Discuss all you want does not change anything LO might lose a few racist and bigoted players but will gain players to replace the few loud ones.
  3. The real Johnny Cash did not hate anyone it just wasn't his way.
  4. That GM is just following orders you are attacking the wrong person but you do you.
  5. No matter how you argue the cause LO has made a ruling if you don't like it there is the door as you so aptly put players can choose to support the game or not even if you leave you will eventually be replaced. So go gnat leave if you wish but seems you are just looking tor a fight you won't win since the target of your ire don't make the rules they follow them talk about killing the messenger you are a total joke.
  6. It is the weekend doubtful they will respond until Monday evening at the latest. If still no answer you really messed up and they got you in a whole and filling it in with cement.
  7. Wasn't an implication just a possible reason. No need to be so defensive or hostile.
  8. Simple its one of the many ways one can get banned since some of my own friends got banned for that very thing.
  9. It's a possible theory not everyone banned is by EAC if you really think about it. Also unless you can see over your friends shoulder in real life you don't really know enough to prove one way or another. In the end only the OP can truly know why they got banned or have a inkling.
  10. I don't think anyone takes you seriously these days since one day you claim EAC isn't banning anyone. Then the next you claim EAC is banning folks make up your mind you tinfoil hat wearing lunatic. Next you will say APB is a Government social experiment.
  11. Try to log in again sometimes that's just an error been hit with that multiple times a few years back.
  12. Your wasting your time, the mods time, your fellow players time and a few seconds of my own time bet you exploited the Halloween event.
  13. You should thank Cookie for the advice it might save you future grief.
  14. It's not fair to compare APBR to GTA they are not remotely alike. However cheating sure it has problems here but at least your not getting cars and trucks dropped on you from the sky. Cheaters in GTA are worse and rampant.
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