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  1. Unfortunately no bringing the segregation system back wouldn't help at all. People would dethreat breaking the rules to farm low ranks. In the process Gold's would have almost zero mission options due nobody willing to play against them. Sorry Mack but you honestly need to really get out of the narrow lane to see the bigger picture and why threat segregation is never coming back.
  2. Plan is to win being the last one standing.
  3. I get 144 fps fine without a config or advanced launcher. I mean get a better potato if you can not run the game without clay graphics.
  4. Yea you always were not the brightest bulb in the box, but I still love you to death. A truly skilled player can shine with a vanilla game. A clay graphics player requires less skill since they are not fighting performance issues. Level the playing field and you will always see who is skilled, and who is not.
  5. Since O.G. me was forgotten I'll remind you RTW to 2022 still laughing at those posers who think they actually good: Ryomou LoliHax NABIKI Daimakaicho Ranko Entity404 Program404 ikaguya Urudo Ain't life grand I am still here alive and well. If you can't Play without configs, advanced launcher, or a Third party getting banned you definitely not a true O.G. skilled player.
  6. Well snap I guess the OP will never realize his dreams.
  7. Yea listen why don't you apply to become a GM perhaps you can chase cheaters down for Little Orbit while giving up part of your life for the community who is super negative to you good luck ️.
  8. Ryomou & Lolihax obviously the best... obviously.
  9. All of you are acting like children sadly most of you are Adult children who need to grow up. Baseless accusations and assumptions well hate to tell you assumption is the mother of all screw ups so have a nice up of S.T.F.U. and get good and realize there is always someone better than you out there your community toxicity is what is killing this community. Then again perhaps you enjoy the drama most likely because you get no attention at home; or even have a life for that matter.
  10. Well not me specifically however they have AI that play 2b2t on minecraft lol.
  11. I see where you are going but let me derail this a moment for you the crooked cross was never used by a peaceful group especially accompanied by a red background and a white background circle. There is a huge difference between hate symbols and Hindu beliefs.
  12. So where to begin I been playing this game forever it seems, I have met almost everyone that currently plays the game and those who have already come and gone. One topic that seems to always be trending is cheating and who is cheating and who is suspected of cheating and the constant finger pointing.... However what if I told you nobody is cheating? Hear me out what if nobody is actually cheating? What if I told you a small portion of good players are actually good? What if I told you a portion of players that play as if walking God's were in fact actually highly intelligent AI that are set in a patterned Algorithm just simply to keep you engaged? They can hold a conversation even antagonize you yet they are not human beings at all and instead are totally N.P.C.'s. (I mean some of these so called players play in such a way they are poorly written bots with highly skilled aim and trigger abilities.) Yes folks the internet is dead and 63% of traffic is all AI... Enjoy! Oh Nearly forgot here:
  13. Go away Karen nobody likes you anyways.
  14. All honesty just take whatever evidence/proof you believe you have and send it via a support ticket to LO. Then sip tea/coffee/beer give a few days if the player you want banned is gone for more than a week congratulations. If they are still around perhaps you are wrong and need to get good and the person you think is cheating may just be that good at the game. Nobody likes to lose and everyone wants to win and some have egos that cannot accept that someone just might be better than them. Even players who have the worst score on the team yet scream at the top performing player because they lost the match yea think on that APB is full of poor performing players who think the problem is anyone but them. Unless you are me and you like to see the world burn you can troll a bit. However if you are blaming everyone of cheating and not trolling one bit you might just have issues with the butthurt.
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