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  1. You are an absolute waste of space much like this post. I mean the only way LO could possibly enforce the dethreater problem would be to ban half if not most the population of both Citadel and Jericho which would lead to the complete and total death of APB. Do myself and other players the honor of uninstalling if this is your way of thinking we don't need complainers like you who have no real clue what is good for the rest of the player base.
  2. So you can turn off the rtx feature in nvidia settings for APB though this is purely a bandaid fix and will still crash every so often due in part to the fact the current system was designed for 32-bit. It you read about the engine upgrade you will notice it should fix the RTX problems since it will be 64-bit.
  3. You should just stop posting all together. Swallow that pride and realize anything you will say or have said in the past is completely worthless to trolls on the internet.
  4. The mods will win this victory eventually I am sure of it.
  5. Oh No you have too actually use a bit more skill say it is not so?
  6. Fun while it lasted. Now that you cannot down vote my post I would just like to tell you all that you are all equally worthless on the internet. -The End
  7. Maybe the end times for you, might be your time to move on.
  8. I'll drop one name here: Ryomou Nominated for Greatest Troll to date going all the way back to CBT. You can't touch this.
  9. The Obvious winner is yours truly, all yall other peeps be the losers!
  10. So the beta ran rather clean. The game loaded right up in nothing flat, Character log-in was quick and entering district loading times were super quick as well. I did experience mild lag but I assume it was on my end and not the APB server itself though 500 pop would do it to a point. My frames were between 135-144 rarely dipping down to 98 client FPS. I did manage to play the game for two hours and thirty-five minutes before I had my first crash to desktop. I believe the visual experience of the game was much better, though I did experience some hit registration issues it was all lag related, otherwise the game felt really smooth. Also I did notice some doors could be shot through without opening the door, and no not the cracks of the door it was direct through the doors solid surface. System: OS: Windows-10 64-bit Motherboard model: MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80GHz Ram: 32 gigs G.skill Trident Royal DDR-4 SSD: 1TB Samsung 760 Evo
  11. So Let me say this if you experienced low FPS and you have a machine 9 years or older you are most likely not going to see frames above 20-60. So perhaps you may wish to upgrade your hardware, after that it comes down to how many people are on the server, and how good the isp you have between you and the server are.
  12. May I put this to bed? G1/Little Orbit as far as my knowledge allows Nudity, however below the belt Nudity is not allowed. Also acts such as insertion of fingers or any sexual act I believe would go against policy, and even your picture there displays an obvious Genitalia device which is not just a simple bulge below the belt so in a way OP you are preaching to the quire cause you are constantly pushing the envelope of what can be done when it comes to Symbols.
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