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  1. Types of people in this thread: Passive aggressive no lifers who think their sh*t don't stink and want everything to burn to the ground since they got nothing else going on in real life and this game was their only source of joy where they could vent their frustrations at and feel complete. People who actually see things the way they are and are reasonable with their comments towards LO and their work, knowing chages don't happen over night.. Me
  2. I see you take a huge pride in that any other signifficant life achievements ?
  3. stupid thread lol. a bunch of credit card warriors fighting over who sucks the least, although deep down they know they all suck. lmao. this is so 2014
  4. amen to that. mr robot really got me hooked.
  5. Mr Robot is the only series worth watching.
  6. Don't forget to validate nearby people's parking abilities, should you come across such.
  7. Did you manage to park thin air yet ? Whatever answer you provide, you won't get a lollipop.
  8. Do you feel validated yet. Whatever answer you provide will be pretty pathetic.
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