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  1. i'd close it and throw it in the fire.
  2. not my fault you're an open book.
  3. nah, Im pretty sure life alone is choking you pretty hard, no need to overdo stuff.
  4. the noose, it's calling you
  5. Oh, you just need to buy the Armas optimization bundle off Armas , install it and restart the game.
  6. unable to rate since it's not my style/10
  7. no need, I have my own party, my party is the partiest.
  8. you're a 37 year old basement dweller who lives at his mom's and patiently waits on his soundcloud to kick off we get it
  9. your thread is just as special as your gameplay.
  10. Apology accepted. Case closed.
  11. only if you're a cuck too, and dont jump anyone who looks you bad in the eye, like I do, I'm so mean I fuсk like a stuck bull and the rims on my bald eagle, firebreathing american V8 muslce car are made out of alloy consisting of teenage pussу, testosterone and big dicks. Get at me.
  12. To me you're speaking American, it's the only language you can speak on here, what other languages do you speak ? alien ? or big foot maybe ?
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