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  1. Yeah but the majority of players are idiots, hence the awful social state and communication aspect of this game, but that's a different topic.. I don't use Win 10. At one point, probably 2 years or so, I can clearly recall xNeat being a legitimate banable offence, I believe it had something to do with messing up the game's layers and something with the transparency, I really can't pinpoint it. As for the macros, by that, should I understand that I could infact get banned, but only If it gets detected ?
  2. Macros, xNeat Are they still in the grey area ? Is there an official written rule about them ? Would players get in some sort of trouble, or even potentially lose their accounts if they use them ? I'd like to see some clarification. Thanks.
  3. Had that too at a young age, 15 or 16 so I decided to start working out. Gym pretty much helped me really "open up" my ribcage and roll back my shoulders, haven't stopped ever since.
  4. ch4ncer


    It has bery little to do with "It's ingrained in your self." and everything to do with poor will power and dopamine craving management. Your brain (( you )) is practically an idiot when it comes to day to day tasks and it literally does not care what is rational, healthy, practical and so on, it just wants a hit of dopamine regardless of what shape of form it has. You do it, whatever it is that you do, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, binge eating, because it grants you with a form of relief and satisfaction, e.g. the calming effect of alcohol or taste buds overiding via strong/fake food. What you need to do is literally eliminate any supply in your home of whatever it is that's giving you those cravings. It could be anything, if you're a heavy drinker literally throw away all the alcohol in your house. You'll crave it bad, especially the first few weeks but you'll just have to overcome it, when you don't have access to something, you can't consume it, sure you can go to the store but that's missing the point entirely. The " remain stable long " remark from your side is utter fallacy, it's not "stable" you're just living under the impression that the satisfaction from bad habbits represents stability, because you're reactive, you need to be proactive. Withdrawal is something absolutely nobody wants to go through, I certainly haven't because I don't need to, I dont have bad habits, like drinking, smoking or eating too much or whatever, the cold hard truth is that, there is no easy way in this, you'll have to embrace it head on and it will suck, and the success of it depends on you entirely.
  5. Really ? That's odd, Im 6'4 myself, no joint issues whatsoever at my current age. My grandfather is lucky enough to be 84 and is literally an inch taller than me, no joint issues, surely he has some illnesses as any other elderly person would but no join issues. Oh yeah, to answer some more questions while im at it, no I dont have heart problems either, I also dont run out of breath quickly. I am however *gifted* if you know what I mean, which is a fact you shouldn't just keep to yourself, especially when you're around your mom for example. :')
  6. tbh I enjoy seeing people like you getting banned. I mean why wouldn't I.
  7. You cheated, you got banned and you will lose your account with everything. Now get lost, effectively.
  8. ch4ncer

    Cyrillic is a problem

    lmao true that
  9. ch4ncer

    Cyrillic is a problem

    You're pathetic lol So it would absolutely never occur to you that the matter at hand could be infact aided with an extended solution / add-on to the report function, or having the ability to bring up a brief menu where every player is selectable and from there on out they can be reported and rightfully take their deserved consequences. If you were a doctor would you put a person down, knowing that only a leg or an arm can be amputated and this person can continue to live. Shift off already you hypocritical bigot. ^ or this, basically.
  10. ch4ncer

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Nope, Cyrillic is not a problem, prove me wrong.
  11. The thing you mentioned was and I quote " the direct link " you did not specify where this link in question can be found, how was I supposed to interpret it ? How was I supposed to know I am to right click it and use the one found in the Copy image address option, I just assumed I had to use the one from imgur.
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