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  1. You cheated, you got banned and you will lose your account with everything. Now get lost, effectively.
  2. ch4ncer

    Cyrillic is a problem

    You're pathetic lol So it would absolutely never occur to you that the matter at hand could be infact aided with an extended solution / add-on to the report function, or having the ability to bring up a brief menu where every player is selectable and from there on out they can be reported and rightfully take their deserved consequences. If you were a doctor would you put a person down, knowing that only a leg or an arm can be amputated and this person can continue to live. Shift off already you hypocritical bigot. ^ or this, basically.
  3. ch4ncer

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Nope, Cyrillic is not a problem, prove me wrong.
  4. The thing you mentioned was and I quote " the direct link " you did not specify where this link in question can be found, how was I supposed to interpret it ? How was I supposed to know I am to right click it and use the one found in the Copy image address option, I just assumed I had to use the one from imgur.
  5. E36 325i Coupe, super cheap, lightweight and fast, currently running 350hp stroked, turbo'd and lowered I could afford something way better looking and relevant but I just love this car way too much, and I could give a flying f what people drive or think of my car, it drifts, it accelerates super fast, it's stylish, I like it.
  6. lol, you better believe it is, plebs.
  7. No claims were ever targeted at you personally, whatsoever.
  8. That moment when you get the notion that westerners are shaming and mocking Russians for their style and whatnot but in reality it would be the westerners themslves who would get their аsses handed to them once they get in contact with the Russians. Now that is funny.
  9. the pain must be unbarable
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