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  1. Do you get a massive hard on the moment Putin pops up on your tiny TV set and starts his speech ?
  2. This thread has 37 pages so obviously Im not not numb enough to go through all of them to potentially* find an answer to my inquiry. What does OP mean by migration ? Are we going to have all four serves merged into one ? Please don't tell me I'm gonna play with some European plebs.
  3. Is the game really down for maintenance currently ? The main menu is lagging and it gives error code 9, I didn't see anything in announcements.
  4. You can't be 6'3 - 6'4 cornball loser and expect women to like you just off of your height, yes, it helps, tremendously at that, but it needs to be complimented in order to function as a magnet, if a woman was to choose between the best versions of a 5'6 guy and a 6'4 one, you can already assume which one is the right answer. Work on your alternative abilities, skills, education, knowledge, fitness etc, you already have the frame, which is a huge potential, don't let it go to waste. Everyone can gain muscle, nobody can gain height, or at least not as easily. P.S. I didn't assume you're a cornball loser, I was just giving an example, judging by your comments. I'm 6'4 myself and I had to work for it, but compared to what you get in return, the work that needs to be put in is ridiculously small.
  5. Definitely not enough to be sawed down with a M249
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