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  1. all of u arn't truly ready for reil nostalgia lol
  2. ok ~ let`s )) I have it also ~ so u really ain't all dat lmao
  3. sorry no achievements here ) please refer 2 armas for custom titles / / achievemnt medals
  4. you are a special kind of peanut arent you ~ still no improvement from the old days
  5. so uh yeAh it`s obvious that this AMALGOMATED abominati,on of forums + game is about as stable ~ as an RV in a U turn so I was wondering ) anyone here got link to old gamersfirst forums ? this legit b d only redeeming quality this place got ~ i need to browse through some old seasoned keks and have a laugh )) forum content back then was pure qual.
  6. On 5/7/2022 at 11:24 PM, ch4ncer said: lmao at ppl doubting this game's previous fate will infact repeat itself ( tiggs era ) the only upside to this game's death is that all of the unoriginal attention seeking g.i.r.l. s who've made a fortune over the years off of stupid simps and betas will die with it lmao k cya )
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