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  1. You're gonna be completing all of your steam library then
  2. Everytime i drop by to see what's changed, i'm not even surprised at the lack of updates given since it reminds me of the G1 days. I feel like LO bought this game as a hobby project and tinker with it everytime they have downtime on other projects, because i just cant see how this is profitable in any way these days.
  3. People have been asking for threat and district matchmaking in forever but there's a huge problem. You're still stuck with a short amount of people in a singular server and different threats getting autofilled into it when the playerbase is low. This is most likely why IO are trying to actually have phasing in the game so the playerbase isn't divided up in different districts, the only problem now being that there's not enough people to do that and most likely won't ever be.
  4. Can you show me the exponential growth that G1 achieved with APB? Wait, i thought you were talking about LO, why did you bring G1 back into this?
  5. They don't show up as VAC bans, they show up as Game bans. PUBG cannot and will not ever be a VAC ban because again, it doesn't utilize VAC. No, it does not prevent you from playing VAC protected games, because that's not how VAC bans work. VAC bans applied are only tied to the engine that you were banned upon (Therein lies the reason for Game bans, they're manually applied by the game developer and has no effect on other games in your library even if the engine is shared by other games), it's been like this for over 15 years and it hasn't changed.
  6. They would never do that nor do they have the rights to do so. Steam can't even ban you across all VAC enabled games, only by engine in the game you cheated. Imagine getting falsely banned in a game like APB and then your Steam account is lost due to the idiocy of a game studio, get out of here
  7. PUBG can't hand out VAC bans because they don't utilize VAC, they can only give you Game Bans for PUBG specifically on your steam account.
  8. Pretty much. I drop by now and then to see when actual progress has been made and it baffles me that people still, after 6-7 years, actively think that even if they did finish the engine upgrade that the playerbase would suddenly skyrocket into several thousands. The game is over 10 years old by now and everyone who wanted to try the game out already has, and it's not like there's a small pool of games to play from these days
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