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  1. No all the guns are shit because they balanced stuff for the sake of shifting things up done by people that hadn't even played the game for a month yet and were shown to not even know basic game features (such as playing the OCA in marksman mode).
  2. You lose to every other gun*
  3. Sorry. I have been playing some League of Legends ARAM mode this week.
  4. The mods keep deleting my truth posts about matt scott money laundering in mexico. Sus much?
  5. Did this man read a fortune cookie and end up at this conclusion.
  6. Sorry. I'm busy playing Genjiball custom game in overwatch this week.
  7. It is really not worth the effort.
  8. Nothing. Literally Nothing. APBs time is over. I'm not even trying to be pessimistic. There is nothing.
  9. That's not gonna go so well with 100 shape cap.
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