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  1. You people still won't listen. It's just a shell company that Matt uses for tax evasion and other reasons. Kinda smart anyway, since taxation is theft.
  2. 1v1 me, carbine only, beacon You're fucked.
  3. I agree. Though I rarely did it myself I wouldn't want to take that away from people that did. Having streets blocked, random other people and cars around, etc is part of the fun chaos of APB that makes it unique. Sure it can be a little annoying in missions sometimes, but as long as you're not pro-actively trying to grief someone I think it is a positive overall to the feel of the game.
  4. Putting 'meme' clips with apb clips is not funny. It is lazy and boring.
  5. Wow you really made this ugly didn't you.
  6. That's already the story of APB. Enforcers are just citizens enabled by the CSA.
  7. NotZombieBiscuit

    Apb premium

    I think you are very delusional or optimistic that people are just willing to almost freely give up their money out of goodwill en mass among the APB playerbase as a support.
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