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  1. I can feel the 'i told you so' getting closer and closer.
  2. Noob has been around for years. Anyone still believing he is high gold must be new.
  3. mmmmmmmmmm capped out high download speed. Feels very good. Maybe get better internet?
  4. Either you're trolling or an idiot.
  5. I should prefect this with Voerman was one that back the 'What is spam' stickied at the top of the Colby subforum. You can't trust this man, especially as an old mod. That's what happens when you judge a contest by forum upvotes rather than actual quality.
  6. Yes. Humans that should be shamed. Shame is a powerful tool.
  7. So then you get rammed, blocked, and pushed by invisible cars/people that you have ignored. Nice.
  8. Split server. Population dies further due to less people on both of the new servers. "Oh no the population declined, it didn't work, we need to combine them again." Combine servers together. Less population than before the split. Nice job.
  9. Maybe if the community had a way to dislike posts so that the community and others would be able to see what the community dislikes. You could maybe make it a thumbs down emote or something?
  10. Why was a random contest, that almost no one knew about because it was only advertised in the events forum section and hosted by the community chosen for actual APB content rather than an actual APB contest then.
  11. Some things should be gatekept. Quality clothing that fits with APB and shows community creations are it's greatest is certainly one of them.
  12. Hey. If you're gonna be first to say it, at least say it right.
  13. But multiple threads gives multiplicative amounts of complaints!
  14. It's been like this for the past what, 5 years now?
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