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  1. Getting vaporized teaches you faster than just a 'tough match'. Is it fun? Nope. Do you learn quick? Yup. I'm getting vaporized in CSGO lately. Around 47 hours now. In that time I have not even won enough games to become ranked, that is how badly I am getting wiped. Am I having fun? Eh, debatable but more leaning towards no. Am I learning quick? Yup.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if it is the same drop rate but with the rest of the drop being put over a more valuable pool.
  3. Yes, macros allow you to shoot as quickly as possible. But it is no faster than normal clicking. The timing for the guns in APB are not hard to learn and maintain for any competent player. However as a macro user you are now locked in at the singular fire rate and cannot adjust in certain situations. No, it is not accurate as possible because you are now firing as fast as possible. You could make a macro to fire as accurate as possible at a slower fire speed but you run in to the same issues above.
  4. Name me a single advantage that a macro gives in APB.
  5. What, you don't like waiting 15+ seconds after getting tapped by a HVR? Now with the new exponential system you can wait a whole minute.
  6. Macros do not give any advantage on any APB weapons. If you are losing to macro players you are just bad.
  7. Every time a GM shows up it is usually a detrimental experience to the whole.
  8. Not really. There isn't a problem with one of the mods being the sort of main and the other's being more situational. Could be a little tweaking though.
  9. Or one is actually is rogue, or both, one is trying to sabotage the other for a better position, or both competing over the same mission, or gone undercover, or working for a third party, or working with a criminal group for zero-sum outcome, or an abundance more. Every mission can easily have it's own reason for that particular mission. Stage 1: Oh noes a fellow enforcer group is stealing our weapons to use it for themselves. Stop them from breaking in. Stage: 2: Oh noes they got the weapons, stop them from taking it back to their outpost. Stage 3: Oh noes they are going to use the weapons on these criminal cars in front of effigy media, now they will get all the attention. Save those cars. Final stage: Oh noes they blew up the cars and got all the fame, go push them out of some of their territory I could go on for days writing these and never run out of ideas. Have fun with it making it in to the game though, and even if it did you know it'll just be the same missions not changed to suit the double faction.
  10. The current Mayor, Jane Darren and the rest of her cabinet by passing the CSA as a city ordnance. Enforcers are local level. Regardless, the majority of both factions don't really want the 'war' to end and would/do do things to keep it going.
  11. San Paro does not payroll them. When you get down to it the only real support they get is through the city security act allowing such actions and them giving out the licenses/etc for it. The whole national guard excuse is a sort of 'suspension of disbelief' thing because obviously it would have happened already and such a situation in San Paro is ridiculous in reality. So you have to operate on the thinking of a heightened reality. Enforcers have already shown within the lore that they are no better than criminals, including to each other sometimes. Heck, some of the things ruin the city itself more than it helps. Enforcer vs Criminal was never meant to be cops vs robbers or right vs wrong or good vs evil. It is two set of a55hole criminal factions coming from different angles to an extremely chaotic situation in an attempt to milk and exploit it for their own good.
  12. Because enforcers are pretty much criminals with badges at this point in the lore.
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