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  1. Just give both teams a VIP. There fixed.
  2. People still thinking that either good or bad management would do anything to improve or destroy numbers. Na. Way more simple than that. It's an 11 year old game. Game's die with time. Give it up.
  3. The old threat system didn't have anything to strive for either though. Oh wow a popup when you join a server. Okay......
  4. Yeah. I shitpost. not troll. I just got back from my 7 day vacation. Now I'm mod approval posting for like 21 days. Feels bad man.
  5. I dunno. Maybe which side NA players wanna play on should get priority, thus leaving it to the community.
  6. It's an arena/arcade shooter.
  7. NotZombieBiscuit

    Dirt bikes.

    We already went over bikes a thousand times why no. Also add choppers and tanks and zombies and planes
  8. NotZombieBiscuit


    Na. We gotta slow down the game to a snails pace.
  9. Energizer already got rolled in to being the default value. You have it on currently.
  10. Or letting people know that they think wrong and shame them.
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