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  1. Every other game that you don't have a problem with matchmaking in uses a similar system to what APB does. Most games do. Almost every game uses some kind of elo or skill rating system and in the case of APB it is called Glicko. The 'elo' rating is working fine. It is just that the system only has like 10 people to choose from to match you against. So it is the district/population that is not working. The colour rating is just a visual indicator of a broad range. Behind that colour is still some number like 788 or 1566 that the system uses. It uses your score as an indicator of whether to move you about after the match.
  2. It is used. Just the choices of pool to pick from in the matchmaking is so small that it can seem like it does not.
  3. 1. So, the complete opposite of APB? 2. Matchmaking already uses a similar ELO system. 3. So how would one get health back instead then? 4. APB is a third person game and revolves around that. It being a third person game is one of its strongest unique features, especially in a gaming landscape where FPS games are the norm. 5. You are not very clear on this point. 6. It is a third person game.
  4. You won't get banned for it as long as it does not hook in to the game in anyway. Going by their response using a voice program like discord or teamspeak isn't allowed either, it is just a silly blanket response they do.
  5. You're going to be dragged through the mud by a lot of people here for the points on number 3 despite being correct.
  6. What do you think the gold/silver/bronze/green is?
  7. I'm gonna be pessimistic as fuck. But a quick glance over these give me a strong worry about degrading the chaotic social nature of APB and it gives me some instant flashbacks to how servers were also ruined in WoW. The disabling of out of mission collisions, phasing of districts, hiding players in other missions, etc. Even the prior change to p5/n5 added to that too. The devs even mentioning PvE in this really is just the capstone to all the stuff over the years that LO has no idea what APB is the entire time they have had the game. Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii "Premium will also be able to queue in โ€˜Premium Onlyโ€™ matches that we hope will free of reroll cheaters." I don't think you realise how much cheaters willingly spend on accounts. This just splits the player base, which is in exact contrast to your attempt to district phase and increase matchmaking population pool. Most premium people will just play in non-premium queues for the largest player base anyway, thus defeating the point of even introducing this. Please don't even try to bother with PBR. You'll just ruin the aesthetic of APB further.
  8. I'm not talking about cheaters in SPCT. I'm talking about the legit skill level of them, the large majority are actual silvers.
  9. You'd be surprised how wrong you are on a lot of them to be honest........
  11. The game has matchmaking though? How do you think it matches people together to make games.
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