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  1. NotZombieBiscuit

    APB Advance Launcher

    What. Your internet has nothing to do with graphical settings.
  2. As stoopid as you are in your binary thoughts on being a neo-nazi at least you're kinda right here. I hate how people liked to conflate the 6 million numbers over and over again when it is mathematically impossible to do that in the timeframe. Not to mention the majority of concentration camps were found by Russians which lied about the discoveries and were not to be trusted, especially after they just helped Germany fuck Poland and the Baltics a bit before.
  3. NotZombieBiscuit

    Let me whine

    I remember when I used to play WoW back in 2004-2006 I was so amazed when I saw someone wearing something super cool.
  4. NotZombieBiscuit

    Let me whine

    Don't listen to him. He just doesn't understand the analogy properly because his father was never faithful to any monogamous relationship.
  5. NotZombieBiscuit

    Let me whine

    That is my goal.
  6. NotZombieBiscuit

    Let me whine

    Remember when previous exclusive items remained exclusive? I member.
  7. NotZombieBiscuit

    check out my jedi moves

    This clip is old as fuck though.
  8. NotZombieBiscuit

    harassment ban question

    Define hate speech.
  9. Imagine getting this offended by a picture.
  10. NotZombieBiscuit

    You're not Excused

    Thanks for proving me right.
  11. NotZombieBiscuit

    You're not Excused

    Says the one that is bottom of the scoreboard in literally every Oceanic server/game I see you on.
  12. NotZombieBiscuit

    You're not Excused

    Didn't do shit chief.
  13. NotZombieBiscuit

    APB Advance Launcher

    Yeah, seems that way.
  14. NotZombieBiscuit

    APB Advance Launcher

    Yeah, seems that way.