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  1. Increase accuracy. Increase recoil. Revert certain weapons. Revert certain weapon mechanics, mainly movement ones. Easy done. Now watch bad players hate this and good players lick my toes like everytime someone suggests this.
  2. Because blowtorching someone is like knifing someone in CS. It is more of a disrespect thing than an actual gameplay thing.
  3. Ah yes. The excuse that casual players don't have to adapt to things that happen in the game.
  4. You can play on 200ms fine. Game doesn't become unplayable until 300ms.
  5. BRs get 200ms to East. Low budget PC does not affect ping. Just set graphics to minimal with advanced launcher.
  6. You don't have enough players for a seperate server. APB is perfectly playable at 200ms. I've done it for 12 years.
  7. Nice, that is very big. I had bad luck. My best choice was some shoulders for off spec.
  8. Na, lets go back to punkbuster for the fun of it.
  9. So what did yall get from your wkeely great vault?
  10. I'd rather see more on foot player options to deal with cars rather than changes to cars themselves.
  11. 2 year on going process. Going back against what was stated or even advised by numerous people. Sweeping changes without properly playing or understanding the game at the time. Alright.
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