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  1. Yes. This surely won't lower the population and push away players at all! Also cheaters have money to pay for premium.
  2. Hackers don't care about being gold. You will be first to be blocked under the gold only forum.
  3. Kills and deaths is not a good indicator of skill/matchmaker. Bots are not even worth making. My Idea: Block people below gold from being able to post on the forum.
  4. Short answer: Like Elo or MMR. There is a hidden number that goes up and down based on how well you do. Long answer: Math APB uses Glicko 2 behind the scenes with some modifications (likely just adjustments to get it to work in APB, display, team adjustments).
  5. Not really a tech. But people don't realise how much 3ps affects. Not just equip speed between switching weapons but getting out of cars, grenades, kicking doors, etc.
  6. Or they just joined the forum later than when they started playing?
  7. Forum join date is more important than when you actually started playing. It says a lot.
  8. Still the easiest and fastest way to get huge sums of money in game. So ruined..............
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