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  1. Another option would be making it a vehicle mod. Removes the backseats as passenger and locks the weapon 'mount' to a certain gun only + requires a mod slot + the gunner jostling.
  2. I could see that being not just a downside to it but also a fun mechanic for both the gunner/driver. Makes it more interesting than car surfer is. Would jostle around the aim or even knock them in to an animation depending on the kind of collision. Also gives some counter play to it if close enough.
  3. Off the top of my head it would only be usable in four seater cars and removes the ability for the back seats to be used. Though I am not sure if that is enough of a downside for it not to be the go to in almost every situation.
  4. NotZombieBiscuit

    IR Changes

    This is less of an IR issue and more of a people just don't know issue. Running N-TEC with CJ3 or 3 non-red mods is still just as good as IR. The masses just don't know it. I would like to see HB be viable on weps again though.
  5. NotZombieBiscuit

    IR Changes

    And then no one runs it on ARs. And even things like Obeya.
  6. NotZombieBiscuit

    IR Changes

    Fire rate changes to IR hardly affects the weapons/circumstances that actually use IR. Any time IR becomes effective they would be tap firing anyway, thus the downside makes almost no difference.
  7. Or maybe the people you are reporting are not actually cheating. Or if they are cheating the evidence you provided is not proof enough.
  8. Ignoring the 'they all suck' part (cause it is true), it is pretty personal preference and what you wish to accomplish based on the grenade types and quantity. They all sort of suck equally at doing what you want from their certain qualities. Not that they are not a fun alternative to the OPGL though.
  9. What is the downside to it. Why ever use car surfer or normal windows if the sunroof is just straight up better.
  10. Shaming and bullying is the best way to keep people from straying.
  11. So it is just a straight up better version of leaning out the window?
  12. Mmm. I agree. It can be quite annoying sometimes but to remove it would be a far bigger negative. Sometimes you need a bit of jank that fits with the game even if it cause cause frustration from time to time.
  13. No it doesn't. You can do it in way less. It is about 3-400 hours for the average person. Even your random person that plays a few hours randomly through the week and a bit more on the weekend will get it done in under a year.
  14. These 'meme' styled videos were old and bad before they were even a thing. And of course with this one you din't even do anything special with it. It is just the same stuff as every single other one.
  15. Orange/Usebale mods are generally the exception to the rule in that they are not meant to have downsides. The downside is the cooldown.
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