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  1. Pioneer carrying kit 2 has more stuff than carrying kit 1 and also in more varied styles. Espacio Carrying kit 2 has more stuff than carrying kit 1. Enforcer firehawk includes additional police variants of items such as bumper, headlights, mirrors, and top lights.
  2. Weird thing to complain about. Especially when car gameplay can be so oppressive currently.
  3. 10* *the random 10 people that aren't already in a mission at best. Engine update won't save APB. Stop being delusional.
  4. no? .45 is arguably the most skill based secondary in the game.
  5. Well the engine update is one step forward two steps back regardless. So I guess console is one step forward three steps back.
  6. Oh.....no wonder you're still silver. I bet you think there is a door to kick open in social too.
  7. Quick Reminder about the tutorial and perm weapon selector. The ALIG is the most optimal choice of all of them and if you did not pick it your account will forever be less than perfect. So if you didn't pick it you should delete your account and restart from scratch. You have no argument otherwise.
  8. Just uninstall vivox in every game that uses it. It is complete trash.
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