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  1. Why would it not? No. Don't do that. it is all or nothing. To put that perfect old music over the current screen would just ruin it. The two do not fit even close together. Especially since a lot of the sound cues came from the login screen itself.
  2. Bout to start a daily I am silver and don't understand how matchmaking works. Add it to the pile.
  3. And what would this achieve other than making most of the gold emblems be silver?
  4. This really does not fit with APB and adds nothing to the game.
  5. More work than it is really worth.
  6. Would be an interesting change. Moving some weapons over to a 'power weapon' state and putting them in the play area. Might bring some nice arena shooter elements to the game as a way to promote map control instead of purely objective control.
  7. Why anyone want to be GM in a ANY* game
  8. Don't do this unless you want to destroy the lifespan of your GPUs, etc.
  9. I'm actually a little surprised we have never had a double xp weekend ever in APB.
  10. Got caught before making it to 255. Dam you suck.
  11. I'm still amazed that G1 not only released Remote Det with no cooldown but also didn't change it at all. And that LO still hasn't either.
  12. Or how about gambling practices aren't promoted at all. Just get rid of them and spread the 'rewards' elsewhere. Also I hope the locked changes on premium items is a joke suggestion.
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