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  1. NotZombieBiscuit

    Are VPN's allowed?

    why wouldn't they be
  2. NotZombieBiscuit

    fix your anti cheat?

    Daily 'I am silver and got destroyed so everyone must be cheating' thread. Add it to the pile.
  3. NotZombieBiscuit

    So this is a thing now (The Sequel)

    I'm okay with this.
  4. NotZombieBiscuit

    Pedestrians overhaul

    Non of my other suggestions is related to AI. Nice try. I never said that, read again.
  5. NotZombieBiscuit

    Population crisis.....

    FFXI has a larger population currently, it came out over 15 years ago and still runs on a subscription-based service, it also aged way worse graphically and mechanically than APB has, "the game is old XD!" isn't an excuse for the game being dog shit and never will be. Now go compare the starting population of FF to the starting population of APB.
  6. NotZombieBiscuit

    Pedestrians overhaul

    You missed the point so much. I am using GTA as an example that shows AI isn't that demanding or hard to make. In the case of pedestrians suggested actions, that's implemented in GTA San Andreas, it's 2004 technology that even a PS2 can handle, so the point is how demanding it is to add the AI. Also improving AI =\= copying GTA. Except for the part where every single on of your suggestion threads trends towards this answer.
  7. NotZombieBiscuit

    Pedestrians overhaul

    Yeah, seems like you just want GTA. Just go play GTA.
  8. NotZombieBiscuit

    When you get a feeling

    What meds would those be
  9. NotZombieBiscuit

    video game gambling

    Don't forget Straya recently classified it as gambling too due to the same psychological factors.
  10. Mods delete my post telling him what he was banned for while his post asking about ban breaks the rules. Lmao You were banned for verbal harassment, continuous abuse, and toxicity. The soft doxxing and drama starting probably didn't help either. And I thought you were done anyway, so why do you care?
  11. NotZombieBiscuit

    Population crisis.....

    It is a 9 year old game. What do you expect. APB never hit that high of a population and it is a miracle it has actually gone on this long.
  12. NotZombieBiscuit


    'Fair'. While giving players additional damage even when missing and disregarding cover that opponents may use. Regardless of how effective or not effective they are, that doesn't seem very fair.
  13. NotZombieBiscuit

    So this is a thing now

    Great times ahead.
  14. NotZombieBiscuit

    Feeling love for someone you should hate?

    Never feel any emotions at all, especially towards others.