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  1. "Oh, for fuck's sake. A dog? Her "baby" is a dog? San Paro is swarming with crime and Rosario's wasting our time with this? Deliver the mutt to our drop-off. The reward better be worth this bullshoot." Oddly enough the criminal contact thinks it is a lizard that has been stolen. So we know that the van had more than just the dog but also a bunch of other animals. Did the enforcers just leave all the other animals in there?
  2. I'm still mad that we spent like 7 stages thinking we were saving a kid that just turned about to be a dam dog.
  3. I think you're thinking about this a bit too much. I'm sorry. Are you talking shit about LeBoyce sound clips? I think you should go get hired at Tasty Burger.
  4. Just buff the other ARs so you don't get a terrible vacuum from nerfing the NTEC.
  5. Games don't use the high poly versions in the actual game. They are just used for baking down on to things like normal maps/etc. It is not wise to use the high poly variants because bang for your buck you'll get 90% of the visual fidelity from baking down and far better performance. If you want to go even further running 1024 diffuse but 512 norms/specs is even a great thing that most people never notice but saves a huge amount of texture cache.
  6. Yes. It will be the same events from the past 7 years with the same rewards but they will add a tiny little extra with something like a title or whatever.
  7. You really don't have a choice for the shaw. You need 3ps3 due to having to switch weps for mobility. Hunting Sight is a pretty huge upgrade on the shaw and if you're good enough to control the recoil it can become pretty lasor like even at long ranges. If you're over 195 you go muzzle brake to make it even more lasor. If you're under 195 you have a free slot to play with I guess, so maybe CJ3?
  8. Really not that hard to consistently get 2:1 K/D ratio.
  9. The art/characters sure. The actual gameplay? Laughable.
  10. Sorry, I was playing Classic WoW and had college classes.
  11. I honestly have zero issues ever with over time ever messing up. Legit don't know what you the rest of you are talking about.
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