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  1. >play all night >in the match number 8 get gold for the first time >go to social to say "that finally i get gold" >go back to the silver district >play against KiyoUme >get patootie farmed like never before >get silver threat again >play against the same gold player 3 more times being silver >the game probably still thinks I'm gold >more golds >lose 5 matches due to stress >win two matches against other silvers >be grateful for being silver again and never again play against that type of enemy ever
  2. ¿Es posible acceder a las estadísticas semanales, así como antes se podían ver con la anterior administración del juego?
  3. The N-tec 5 - acronym for "Nekrova Tactically Evolved Carbine" and the size of the 5.56mm caliber - has been the favorite weapon of terrorists and army soldiers, for its power and low cost. "During the collapse of the United Socialist Party of the Soviet Union numerous rifles without serial numbers were the target of many criminals on the black market," said the company, Nekrova at a graduation ceremony for the new cadets of the police force of San Paro. Nekrova began designing this weapon which became synonymous with death, when they thought of creating a rapid action force in the suburbs of the big city of the district. Over time the rifle had multiple models and began to be sold by the millions throughout the world under the license and regulations of the local market. The famous automatic weapon is produced in the old factory in Nekrova. The company continues to be one of the main producers of Soviet firearms. Its reliability is proven and it is the favorite of expert shooters which makes its creators observe how officers proudly wield their rifles, at first Nekrova only distributed it to reliable contacts, but now it has extended the official distribution license to the Breakwater district in addition of exclusive versions of the brand. The rifle is not essentially loved for being inexpensive but for its exemplary power: it can be used in the sand or rain, at short or long range. The weapon can be submerged in water and thrown into the mud without compromising its safety and reliability. Some specialists estimate the number of N-tec rifles sold worldwide at around 100 million, but the true figure is difficult to verify since a large number of these weapons are produced without a license on the black market.
  4. also like Mizuki Mikuni
  5. #197584 #271790 #288938 #306594 #260465 #237686
  6. According to the strict meaning of the word, a Tryhard is characterized by having extraordinary abilities to play, and for this reason, he is considered an expert player by the community. While many of us enjoy this video game, to become a tryhard player requires an intense level of skill, dedication, and talent.
  7. Como se reconoce oficialmente cuando un jugador esta jugando con Chetos (? y porque aun no me acusan de usar chetos (?
  8. ¿La pistola Colby .45 se vuelve mas lenta cuando usas el modo Marksman (Modo punteria)? La he usado sin apuntar y siento que es mas rapida que cuando apuntan con ella, ¿es cierto o estoy mal de la cabeza? NOTA: Odio esta arma v:
  9. La principal causa de la realizacion de un supuesto torneo es que se realizan de manera esporádica y que tienen unas repercusiones positivas en el lugar donde se organizan (o al menos eso queremos). Una buena estrategia de Marketing es Lo primero que se debe hacer, y que resulta ser una regla fundamental para buscar una mayor presencia online. La mayoría de sectores lo utilizan para mostrar novedades, productos e interactuar con su público. De esta manera buscan obtener visitas. Aparte del sitio web, que es donde los usuarios encontrarán toda la información necesaria del torneo es importante tener un blog. El objetivo principal con esto es ofrecer contenido de valor y diferente a la información de las estadísticas propias del evento. ¿A quien va pensado el Torneo? A los jugadores que han desbloqueado todos los accesorios y que ya no encuentran un rumbo fijo en la plataforma asi como tambien invitar a los que estan a medio camino. English Sponsored by Bing Tranlator The main cause of the realization of a supposed tournament is that it is performed sporadically and that they have positive positive bars in the place where it is beat (or at least that's what we want). A good marketing strategy is the first thing to do, and that turns out to be a fundamental rule for seeking a larger online presence. Most industry interacting use it to showcase news, products, and your audience. This way get look ed if you look for visitors. Apart from the website, which is where users will find all the necessary information the important tournament to be blogged. The main objective is content content of value and different from the information of the statistics of the event. Who is the Tournament in mind? Players who have unlocked all the accessories and no longer find a course on the platform as well as invite those who are halfway.
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