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  1. I was looking to find out something about the company UNIT GAME that everyone here always comments on, but never has a specific purpose about it. So I ended up finding these links in my Google searches that could say something about this company. So I wanted to know if these links could answer any of our questions about the company UNIT GAME, which is a company that not everyone here in the community knows exactly what its purpose is. Mainly its purpose with the apb. Or are they just unnecessary links without content? Links: https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/unit-game-limited-4203390/ https://www.trademarkelite.com/europe/trademark/trademark-owner/Unit Game Limited/1027586 https://www.trademarkelite.com/europe/trademark/trademark-detail/004278891/APB https://uspto.report/TM/85307583 https://www.whois.com/whois/unitgame.com
  2. New types of long hair for male characters. A lot of people like heavy metal and predominantly heavy metal artists have long hair. If I'm not mistaken, there's only one long hair option for male characters in the apb, but it's still very short. Hair to be inspired by modeling: - Dave Mustaine 1991: wavy hair and little redhead; - James Hetfield 1989: wavy hair, almost straight and blond hair; - Dirk Verbeuren currently: long hair but not that much, and straight hair; - Chuck Schuldiner 1998: brown hair, with a little baldness in the front; - Tom Araya: very long hair; - Kirk Hammet 1992: curly hair. Come on metalheads!
  3. Fact. They probably didn't do the tutorial properly and didn't understand what APB wants to offer, so they started criticizing without any basis. There's the result of a badly done tutorial. If you look at these criticisms, most have in common a critique of the new player experience. In my opinion, the APB tutorial has to be immersive and interactive. The game is very dense and has a lot of information, it can't be a tutorial with everything written as it is today.
  4. No, it is not pay to win. No way. I've never seen a game as "inclusive" as APB.
  5. MrLek


    Okay, thanks Frosi. Please delete this post of mine.
  6. MrLek


    APB is closing by itself now - 05/26/2023. It wasn't like this before, it started exactly today. No error message appears, it just closes out of nowhere. Solve it.
  7. It was just a curiosity, nothing personal. I hope you get your account back, all that's left is to wait. I believe that continuing to answer people around here will not change the result. Come back here in a month and tell us your situation.
  8. We have a corrupt president on one side, and a chicken thief on the other. Which one should be arrested? BOTH OF COURSE. An error does not justify another error. I don't know what your story is, but you say it like it's something simple. Unfortunately we are here just believing in people's words. We don't have an image. But incredibly, you were banned just a short time after the EAC was implemented. Show us a proof, an image. You are claiming something, i suppose you have proof, no one accuses without proof. Let's end this discussion here, show us.
  9. New Glory, Corsair, Showstopper, new social contact with legendary weapons practically for "free", in addition to permanent 10k weapons. And the RIOT. And now, a new vehicle is about to arrive.
  10. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  11. I drew it, see the post again. Really trying to express yourself with google translator is complicated. I believe that if you see the images, you will understand what I said.
  12. - I mean that: To pass this useless information from the loading screem to the current tutorial we have. This would be a momentary measure, in terms of just that information on the loading screen (which is "useless"), considering that in the future they will update the tutorial, so what goes through the tutorial now is something momentary. In my layman's opinion, this is not a lot of work, they won't create many things besides a "simple pop-up" (which just shows a message, with interactions just to read up and down and an automatic scroll) on the login screen , in addition to just changing the text of the loading screens and the current tutorial (transfer the tips that appear on the loading screen to the current tutorial we have.). - In addition, L.o can create another "pop-up" on the login screen with those news that appear in the apb launcher, showing the latest updates and important posts. Which take turns automatically, just with the interaction of clicking to take the link. * When I refer to a pop-up, I don't mean information that will appear on the screen, interrupting the handling of the login. - For example, if you press the letter "o" in the login, the settings will appear, but this table appears and makes it impossible for you to handle the login. I don't want these pop-ups to be like that, "intruders". • You who interfere with it, with the mechanics shown in the image of the post, it does not interfere in you.
  13. Campaign against hackers L.O could run a campaign against hackers. • They could put a tutorial on the login screen, on how to report a hacker/suspect, film it and also send it to the company. (A tutorial with images) • They could also take all those useless hints that go through the loading screen and put them all in the initial mechanics tutorial, that tutorial for beginners. For the loading screens not to be empty, they would put a step by step on how to record and send the footage of hackers / suspects to the company. (A tutorial without images) Human beings have a photographic memory, yet if you don't, just remembering the step will help you remember all those steps. This, over time, will remain in the minds of all players, as the saying goes: Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away It would be much more beneficial to the community, especially newbie players and also the L.O. • Such a campaign could appear at opportune times. - For example, when L.O detects a greater number of new players accessing the APB. - Or when L.O detects a greater number of hackers, at a time when the campaign is not activated, so at this time, it becomes active again. - Also, this campaign could always appear every 6 months. 6 months the campaign appeared, 6 months it disappeared and it returned to the normal way of the game (with those tips and with the empty login screen). - Or the campaign could go on forever, not a bad thing. EDIT: - As well as a news feed on the login screen would also be interesting, as L.O promised in the open letter from the community better transparency. - Taking advantage of the post, I would like to make another suggestion, which is also important to me, is the following: each person who holds a position in the company put their own photo on their profile here on the forum, just like Matt Scott. * This is also linked to transparency. I'm just charging and they're not bad ideas. Comment ideas. EDIT2: I don't mean that to, have a step for each loading screen, but random steps for each loading screen. That way, the likelihood of repeating itself is less. EDIT3: I added the minimize button. I showed in the image the button and its consequence. See below: * That part showing forum posts, should always show 2 pinned posts and 1 most recent (in real time).
  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk It will definitely be noobs or hackers. After so much effort together with the team, this would be Matt Scott's reaction to his comment:
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