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  1. I am also having this problem after this update. I hope they fix this.
  2. After the last update it is giving this error in my game. Edit1: I play it through steam. I uninstalled the APB and installed it again, but the error continues. Edit2: I "think" the problem is with Battleye. I removed the advanced launcher files from the APB directory, temporarily disabled my AVG antivirus, repaired the apb launcher and opened the game through the launcher and it gave the same error. I tried to open the game through the binaries and the same error also happened. Edit3: I thought the problem was in battleye, so I uninstalled it, opened the apb launcher, then it asked for permission to install battleye automatically, I accepted, battleye was installed again and the error persists.
  3. What if there was a district just for golds? A separate district that encompasses all greens, bronzes and silvers together and another separate district just for golds. Maybe with this idea there were no more golds in the separate districts for them, so consequently whoever became gold, left the game and came back, could only enter the districts for golds and these districts could be empty, so it wouldn't be possible to lose the gold and come back to be silver. All that would be left would be to stay in the social, asylum or fight club. It would be a negative point for those who play without a hack and are honest golds. Maybe not the solution, just a decent anti-cheat to "solve" this problem.
  4. I don't understand these technical situations. I have some questions, if anyone can answer, i would be grateful. • These are my doubts: 1 - Could you cite or list the benefits and perhaps some disadvantages of this update? 2 - When will she arrive? 3 - What do we have today and what will it look like after this update? 4 - Will this update help Little Orbit work and move forward with further updates? 5 - In practice, what will this change?
  6. I hope they don't play this game in the trash can... APB is already falling into the abyss, we hope that L.O is already some branch that APB can cling to. edit: The difference between APB and these other games is that APB is not hyped.
  7. MrLek


    I reinstalled the game and when I finished installing the launcher, it appeared: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ASi5-BwEQEVfkM6sKLrd6bUX1PzaPDxT/view?usp=sharing Edit: The game is totally original with nothing added.
  8. MrLek


    When I use the advanced launcher and save the settings, a message appears saying that compat.ini is being used, so I am forced to close the ADV Launcher, so I try to open it through the binaries, the game opens normally, but when I enter in a district, it doesn't even open the respawn image and the game crashes. When I am going to play apb normally without the advanced launcher, the original launcher loads and shows a red button on the launcher showing "ERROR" and I have to repair it several times until the "START" button appears, that way, without the ADV Launcher o game flows normally.
  9. MrLek


    No, this happens when I place the files for the Advanced Launcher in the APB directory. After that a message appears saying that APB.ini is being used, even so I try to open it through binaries so that I can have a better gameplay with the basic textures of the advanced launcher, however when I log into the game and enter a district, the game immediately closes and displays the Bug Report message.
  10. MrLek


    My APB Reloaded enters normally, I log in to the game, select the district and when I enter the district the game closes and the message "APB Error report" appears. When I open the launcher the error "Client manifest signature is invalid" and after giving this error in the launcher opens the "APB Error Report". I have already uninstalled APB and installed it again, repaired the launcher and the error continues.
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