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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening dear community and Little Orbit I'm rather the quiet reader in the forum and must be here a lot going on what is on my heart and just depressed me to start this game. I play APB: Reloaed since 2014 and have nearly 4,000 hours in steam. I too was shit, a noob. But you always get better, be it with the advance launcher or change the resolution or other. Currently I am gold, I have 5 characters, some know them, some do not, I do not care. what I really want is what happened to me today. I was allowed to compete against 2 cheaters today, I do not mince words, but because of such subhuman it only makes me sad to start this game, which I come to the district, and which teleport as if they were son goku , It may be that BattleEye does its job, but sometimes I wanted FairFight back. Because they did their work. The banned these cheaters and never came back, it was the have made a new account which does not take 2 minutes. What I really want, Please do some little orbit. I love APB: Reloaded since I installed it and people like that ruin all my fun. I hope it will change soon in the future. PS. Before all complain about my english. i wrote it first on google translate and copied it. I will ignore any messages about my failures on english and grammar. Greetings and Good Night. EDIT: deleting "i was a silver" because i hurt someone the feelings
  2. I don't know if it's some castrated still living with his parents jobless loser, or just the servers becoming even more unstable and damaged, but I'm getting fed up with it, I spend more time repeatedly logging back in and sitting through three different loading screens each time, than I do anything else on here at this point. If it's the first issue, then the CEO needs to be in contact with the FBI to catch this cyber terrorist who's either paying others or is himself or themselves attacking the US and European servers, yeah I said terrorist, terrorism comes in many forms, and I'd have to be stupid to assume this is the only target for this persons attacks, if they'll do it to a game, they'll obviously try it on more important things too. if it's second issue than clearly those last few updates are not having a real solidly and noticeably measurable impact on improving performance if todays all to predictable lag and crashes are anything to go by. Look I'm not trying to insult the new CEO or Little Orbit, but it's been years of us being told "a fix is coming just wait, we're working on it just wait, biiiig changes coming soon honest, this time is real we're gonna fix it!" and honestly a new anti cheat that hackers have already bypassed and a couple of patches that have not really changed anything for the better does not qualify as progress at this point. Sigh...
  3. Is there a defense system against the hack? because there are many low lvl that do weird things, they are all gold plates and I don't understand how low ranges are already gold plates facing people of high rank
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