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  1. Am I going to see a return on my premium if this problem continues?
  2. If this is all it takes to piss you off then you're really gonna freak out from having a yukan jammed in your back for that sweet 0.05 kill time!
  3. I heard Matt's pro nip slip, does mean the pc peoples of San Paro are going to have bra's as an option not a requirement?
  4. Well I thank you for the suggestion, I tried it and the results are the same. At this point with no way to play 70% of the game I feel like LO failed me and even stole my money, I'm not even angry just disappointed and wondering if I should contact a lawyer and attempt to reclaim some of my money. IDK what else to do I've sent bug reports, searched for solutions online on here, there is none and the other people with this issue seem to have just left the game as far as I can tell. and I see no reason to play at all for just fight club or the social district.
  5. Has a fix been found for this battleye "client not responding" kick, it's odd that I can join both fight clubs and social district but not financial or waterfront. It's even weirder since it doesn't even get past "entering district" in the loading screen before it boots me. it's been months now.
  6. Pretty much what the title says, started launcher, wait for it to scan for any update, click start - bloop nope. game closes with a popup stating something caused the application to not work or whatever. nothing I've done has fixed this, problem started with the Halloween event update.
  7. Meh even if they do pull in new people to play and pay, LO also unbanned among the wrongfully banned some actual hackers as well as some of the most toxic people the online community has had the displeasure of knowing, so... yeah.. there's that issue too. Sorry if this is derailing I just don't wanna another Pro vs. Noob thread after spending almost an hour leisurely running over random gold N5 "pros" with my car in bronze threat districts
  8. Enf' main. I have no issues with this, it would make witnessing more useful in general instead of being mainly used to troll newer players for measly amounts. It would also add a balance to the broken money farm that only exists for crims.
  9. I don't know if it's some castrated still living with his parents jobless loser, or just the servers becoming even more unstable and damaged, but I'm getting fed up with it, I spend more time repeatedly logging back in and sitting through three different loading screens each time, than I do anything else on here at this point. If it's the first issue, then the CEO needs to be in contact with the FBI to catch this cyber terrorist who's either paying others or is himself or themselves attacking the US and European servers, yeah I said terrorist, terrorism comes in many forms, and I'd have to be stupid to assume this is the only target for this persons attacks, if they'll do it to a game, they'll obviously try it on more important things too. if it's second issue than clearly those last few updates are not having a real solidly and noticeably measurable impact on improving performance if todays all to predictable lag and crashes are anything to go by. Look I'm not trying to insult the new CEO or Little Orbit, but it's been years of us being told "a fix is coming just wait, we're working on it just wait, biiiig changes coming soon honest, this time is real we're gonna fix it!" and honestly a new anti cheat that hackers have already bypassed and a couple of patches that have not really changed anything for the better does not qualify as progress at this point. Sigh...
  10. Maybe it's just me but what is the point of having the /report command? I'm told it's to be used in cases of player abuse, player grief, and of course player hacking. But every time I've used it for any of the three reasons listed so far, I see. . . nothing not a harsh word, not a slap on the wrist, a suspension, or a ban, not even from people who probably get reported a hundred times a day. so what is this /report command even there for? who do I send pic's and vid's of these people being caught in the act? who gets the chat logs? if I post it here, I get punished for "name & shame" if I post anywhere else, I'm being "salty" so what do I do? what does anyone actually do about these people who get on and just ruin the game for you and everyone else they can manage? I'm serious I want to know. I don't want a automated response or a cookie cutter "we're working on it" answer, I just want the truth at this point I don't even care if the truth is "ok fine, we can't do shit cause they out smart us at every turn, happy now?" I just want an actual answer something that tells me that at least there's someone paying attention to the problem, and understands.
  11. Ah good, any estimate on how long the servers will be down? or is this reboot just a flipping the switch off and on type of thing?
  12. Hmm, I suppose a classic EDI quote. "I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees"
  13. Why did they section off the boats? even the one in social...
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