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  1. The event was really fun and cool, thanks again for the adventure ! I thought this was the biggest Easter Egg !?
  2. Thank you Little Orbit for the ARG. It's been a fun ride ! Also want to thank everyone on the forums and the discord, for working together till the very end.
  3. Cool finding ! Have you tried doing the same macro to get stuck in crouch ? (i.e. standing on client-side, but crouching on server-side) Also, have you managed to get the client to register a mouse-hold, but not the server ? Like ghostshooting an entire ntec mag.
  4. Since none's posted anything yet, Username is "cpritcher" and password is "g@ngs1gns". You login to an email client, and one of the emails has an attached picture. The code thus far is 6ac20d50-_ _ _ _-4f0f-_ _ _ _-3ec51de745d7
  5. Now this is podracing ! Looking forward to what's coming, be it a countdown, video, or part 2 of the code ^^
  6. Very excited for future updates ! Keep up the communication, LO
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