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  1. The old shotguns would just be a line, meaning that every pellet did same damage. Let's say that you have 20 pellets and they all do 25 damage, your total damage is then 500. If you hit 50% of the pellets that's 250 damage, meaning you would have to hit the target 4 times if you were unlucky enough to do so. The curve system would mean that you now upwards of 350 even though you miss with 50% since they initial pellets do more damage, then drop off. My suggestion is to have a bit more of a linear curve, and you would therefor be punished more if you miss pellets. It's only a minor change, but that's the idea anyways. If you did make the shredder more accurate, it would punish you for doing half shots, but reward you for hitting all the pellets. My stats would prob need some tweaking, but that's why we have OTW.
  2. if you meet and HVR in the open, 1 on 1. You should win against them with the IR3 Obir if you look at the hard stats. Unless you're at like.. 99-100 meters. But the obir really shouldn't beat the HVR at those ranges anyways. That's what I mean.
  3. I got my patootie handed to me by an obir two days ago while I was using the ntec.. This is not the case.
  4. So it would be the first weapon to get stronger and stronger up to an amount with range after DMR? This sounds a bit silly for a shotgun when an ntec dominated almost all ranges for what? 6 years? Huh? No? This is how the shotguns work now. The first pellet to hit does 100 damage. next one does 83. and so on. The graph is showing the total damage with every pellet hitting with a max of 482. This is how it works with the JG and CSG as well.
  5. Guess which one is the HVR The obir is fine even with IR3.
  6. I didn't want the damage to be that low. This is what I suggested with the damage Yellow being my suggestion. I do feel like the initial pellet damage might be a bit much though. /shrug
  7. I've already said what I feel like they should change. The shredder is supposed to be used in MM mode and not work well in CQC. Making it more accurate on range WOULD reward well aimed shots. Right now it's just point in the general direction and have your corsshair be somewhat on the target. Adding RNG is never a good way to fix anything. It takes the skill out of it.
  8. As I mention above Tobii, these changes aren't meant to be final by any means (and I agree with you). We know from the previous round of testing that the Shredder wasn't too powerful with a shorter range, but in a better state than its previous live iteration, so this is a change we can make in a short amount of time while we look at longer term solutions. Noted. I'll see if I can get some testing done.
  9. I still feel like the range is fine but the damage is a bit over the top.
  10. Tobii

    [BUG] 145 fps causing floating/sliding movement

    I do not. Other people have the same issue so it's not just me.
  11. This is actually being worked on. But remember, these aren't virtualized servers. They are traditional hardware that we have to provision and pay for 24/7. OTW US is a copy of what we run in production, so committing to OTW EU means additional cost year around. Would there be no gain if you were to use Amazon/Valve servers? Valve mention in that DDoS talk that battlerite is running on their servers. I would assume that their servers would be up to snuff even with something like APB?
  12. I think your browser double posted your comment Nope, forum is just fucked.. I am posting blank and old messages for some reason.. We really need this to get fixed.
  13. That is correct. We're hoping to get it up in OTW later today. Will @LO_Beastie fill us in with the changes as per usual?
  14. This is not what i typed at all... Forum really needs to be fixed asap.