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  1. Tobii

    Updates on APB development progress

    Looks at PM's.. oh.. okay
  2. Just stop.. You have the exact same results. You clearly do not know how SEO works, and how google present things. It's based on traffic, not on my search history.
  3. Pretty sure the person in his avatar is him because (from what iirc) he has asked in the past if he looked like that dude from Horton Hears a Who. It's not.. It's another NA player. He was busy doxing him on the forum until he got reported and his comment deleted.
  4. Do you really need to bully people in your signature? I believe, messages on your profile is meant to stay there, not be used as a tool to troll or bully others. Get a life, there buddy. I know you're his buddy and all, but why should I not "bully" him? His avatar is him making fun of someone else's look. How's that any better. And a profile comment is public, so I can use it to whatever I want. Not my fault the guy does nothing but leave stupid comments that are meme worthy. this kind of text pops up when you aim at vehicles (vehicle name), vending machines and all that kind of stuff... does this kind of triggerbot also start shooting when you aim at cars? I am not talking about the interact part. People use the stars for their bot, since that will only show up when you hover on players. And I believe it's even more accurate than the red crosshair. Oh I wasnt insinuating anything.. Just made me remember those days... good times. I know.. I am just saying. It's sad that a cheater picture like that is part of the first few screenshots of the game. /shrug
  5. Google apb screenshot and it's the first image in the 3rd row or something. And like the only one actually showing that.
  6. You would have to remove the player info pop-up as well then. If you were to remove the crosshair color change. Still not a good option seeing as model size and hitbox would be a problem then. This part
  7. Not really? They can just change the color/colors to look for.
  8. ai OYOBI heiwa

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    2. Tobii


      Don't change your comment just because you know it was stupid. 🙂

    3. AOSCMP


      lol what happened to your signature?

    4. Tobii


      Someone claimed to just shrug it off but looks like they didn't. ;)

  9. Tobii


    Hello everyone! We are having a patch on Thursday 9/13/2018. The maintenance will start a bit earlier then usual, 7AM UTC for the PC. We will be having extended downtime for Jericho, which will last for 6 hours. Citadel will have normal downtime and will be down for 4 hours. This patch will include the following fixes: • Replaced every piece of text using "people" with "mongs". • Fixed an exploit making it possible to change hitboxes using configs. PS4 and XBOX will be having regular maintanance schedule on Wednesday 9/5/2018.
  10. Tobii


    but, anyway tobii, goes on my profile and down votes posts I make. Then he sends in tos or coc complaints to the mods, to penalize me You mean just like you reported my signature because of your stupid comment? You're lying through your teeth, it's almost comical. And I don't care enough to go through your comments, you're not really worth it.. And downvoting doesn't do anything so why would I waste my time with that. Again, just making up shit.. Dogfish released the entire conversation he had with Tiggs, how about you people go and look at it instead of making shit up?
  11. Tobii


    You opening your mouth is pretty annoying, I agree. And your avatar isn't rude?
  12. Don't worry, I'm already on it friends!
  13. Tobii


    You mean how 8bit, "used" to get favors from G1? i.e. unbans, special treatment. If you say so. Also it's time to report you for your avatar once again.
  14. Tobii


    Well, talking something. And you will not be able to get an answer instantly. If you're lucky they'll get back to you in less than a day.
  15. Tobii


    Not really, I just don't see how trash talking dog and spreading false info helps anyone. You want help? Your best bet is to PM lixil or Matt on the forum. /shrug Has nothing to do with post count, since I don't care for that. If you ask me they could hide both rep and post count.