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  1. If you want more/louder farts, just use this
  2. Tobii

    Happy Birthday SKay! :D

    Telling people to post in the right place, and they get salty :^)
  3. Tobii

    Happy Birthday SKay! :D

  4. Looking at OP, he doesn't seem to be native English. Makes me think he just got locked out while they made changes, and that's it.
  5. Maybe, but that doesn't mean it's the norm. My account was compromised because of Adobe. A big fancy company can fuck your shit up as easily as some dodgy Russian tool.
  6. Here is the thing, since you don't provide any details. IF your password was changed, it wasn't LO. And you should prob change your mail password + account password. IF you were locked out of your account, it was most likely LO since they lock accounts while making changes to it. LO did not change your password, they don't have to or need to. Since you updated @OP we can see that they did in fact remove stuff from your account. Again... If you password was changed, your account is most likely compromised. You know https://haveibeenpwned.com/ is a thing right? People don't have to use third part tools to get their info stolen or leaked.
  7. What does that have to do with any of this?
  8. What..? You disagree with what I say then proceed to say the same thing? I said they wouldn't have to reset/change his password..
  9. If they did in fact delete the symbols, this was done before someone changed your password. So your account most likely got compromised, and that's why the password was changed? Did you change your email password as well while you're at it? Also you would be surprised at what people do when they get their hands on your account.. Just deleting shit isn't out of the ordinary. Anything to fuck your shit up, pretty much. That makes it even less plausible that they did in fact log on to delete them. If they just sit in your inventory they have no reason to do so. Instead of calling out support, how about you ask them about any suspicious activity on your account instead..?
  10. lol.. that's not how it goes.. If they did in fact change his password and logged on to remove them, that's next level bad support. But, I doubt they did. They have no reason to change your password.
  11. ==21/06/2018== You can enable the old fonts. (On by default)
  12. Seeing as there is and exploit that'll allow you to shoot without recoil, I doubt it'll be long before the next patch.
  13. There is no such thing as false banned.
  14. Dogfish confirmed cheater! pls ban. I see you don't change TheNightingale :^)