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  1. This morning I was playing some missions in district. Now when I try to log in I get disconnect message and cant pass character selection. I have tried to repair game files and nothing is changed, I still get disconnect message. Does anyone have any solution to this problem?
  2. Can you please fix achievements like "Kind of a Big Deal" - Earned by achieving Gold threat. Im gold threat but in achievement there is still 0/1. Now I need to go to silver threat and than back to gold and thats not fun to do. Please rework it.
  3. If they have nerfed range than they should remove that time delay for shooting. Anyway, if you are nerfing legendary to make it useless, than what that legendary is special about and whats the point of legendarys. Stop ruining guns just becouse some kid is getting killed in missions.
  4. Bring back old VAS-C2 'Trouble Maker' and Yukon. Dont ruin one more gun in this game. Even I dont own RFP or VAS-C2 'Trouble Maker', I think some of the guns should be more powerfull than another. So basicly you ppl that cry on forums should just get better. I want 4x4 Dumptruck with Nitro 3!!!!
  5. Can we get an option to buy Autumn skin for jocker tickets?
  6. I had disconnecting problems few day ago and it was antivirus firewall. He was blocking apb for some reason. After getting another AV Im able to play normal again. For some reason AV is seeing Apb as a virus or dangerous.
  7. Medusa with IR3 is like alig now but without damage.
  8. Whats the point of rework or nerfing IR if we are going to ask for refund? Thats just stupid more work for LO over nothing. For me IR was good as it should "Improve" and not "downgrade" weapons. It would be nice if they put shorter range on it than it was before. With this negative effect shooting feels a bit slow like we are over 70 years old and we cant track things moving fast. This game was fun for me because every time I was playing it I wanted to be better than I was yesterday. Its better to focus now on servers and new engine than on things like IR and I can bet that when new engine comes around there will be many ppl saying they liked old version more and ask for more refunds. Fix matchmaking, have a stable servers, make BE working good is all we need and I guess all LO needs till right now.
  9. IR3 is garbage now and this weapon balance makses no sense at all. You might also change the game name to: Apb:Shotguns.
  10. This weapon balance is garbage and game is even more broken now. Remove last patch.
  11. I'm wondering what makes legenday weapons "legendary" beside they have gold icon? Idk maybe I'm wrong but I think that these weapons from boxes are becoming worthless in APB. I think that LO is on the right path to make game better, but I hope that you will make these weapons a bit different and give it slight edge over contact ones.
  12. Hell NO! Like this we can get spot in like 5 min, but with queue system we will need much more time to get into the district. In general its not bad idea, but its not for APB. Knowing the community in some time we will get spam topics on forum to remove or to fix queue.
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