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  1. "Vocal minority" Immediately you are oppressive and presumptuous. This vocal minority are trying to put down cheaters. If you have an issue with their motives maybe you should do some digging as to why they are so cautious about the issue of cheating in apb, (i.e. ffbans.org, past abuse by g1). If you still remain stubborn then you should probably try to reason with them. Is it so wrong as to desire an optimal gaming experience? "There's no possible way to know of what all the different players thinks of each others, and singling people out based on their "reputation" in the community is way worse than just grouping up with whoever is playing the game at that moment." How can you say that cheaters should not be treated differently to others? Do you support them? If you are not doing everything to your ability to stop them you are aiding them or atleast your motives are flawed/elsewhere/pre-occupied. The particular player "Flaws" and other names, has been banned somewhere around 5-15 times and unbanned. Do you really think it is out of their control to know whether or not they may be cheating or had in the past? Since "name and shaming" is not allowed, I will just direct you to their twitch clips, which should be sorted by 'top'. You also believe that setting rank to 255 is not inappropriate, stating it is somewhere along the lines of it being 'overpowered' to be r255 which is out of the control of said GM/CM. Game balance aside, why should a GM be given the ability to circumvent the entire system and have free rule over their accounts? Where is the incentive to progress our characters for hundreds of hours if we just verse opponents who cheat their way to maximum level? Do they set a healthy example? Losing in a PVP game is bad, players strive to win as many games as possible. I am not sure how you could possibly have the opposing mindset. Sure some people may sit in social or dethreat on purpose but these are outliers. You think that a GM/CM should be able to play as they please because it doesnt affect anyone, however it strongly does.
  2. Yes they can test out new content e.g. if rank is increased to 295. No they should not have free access to everything within matchmaking. If you have ever played community run servers, e.g. garry's mod or minecraft then you would know why we do this. Minecraft, "donation rank" costing $500 dollars, gives access to overpowered gear... all admins have this. Meanwhile they also have access to spectate other players and therefore the power to abuse. It is a slippery slope, if you are ever an administrator then you should either, a) play entirely as a normal player, possibly anonymously. b) refrain from playing your game competitively. Would you have an issue with a professional csgo match including the lead game developer as a participant?
  3. GM's are not so special as to have their own private district...
  4. There is no differentiation of 'her stream' and LO, LO has vicarious liability. Her actions directly reflect the company and therefore must be representative of it as a whole and as such any action upon a user should be dealt across the board in accordance with the ToS.
  5. this wont end well if everyone cheats then there is no problem 99999999 iq
  6. Any reasonable and knowledgeable player can watch said players aim/crosshair placement and judge immediately whether they are using cheats. Anticheats are another story, I myself have triggered HWID bans from fortnite and permanent botting bans on runescape without ever cheating/botting. They are unable, to an extent, to differentiate between pro players and aimbot. Although this may change in the future, Also you say they should play with players who win events, this is literally the definition of bias. And just by playing with a winner of an event doesnt guarantee they are not cheating, in fact the chances of someone to be cheating as a winner is more likely.
  7. Is LO intending to reban players who were unbanned although they were actually cheating, if evidence is available?
  8. okay then just make it so if a player is tagged by a pistol then the hvr does zero damage
  9. is there otw for consoles/xbox/ps4? i just logged into a district on PC otw and it works
  10. i could tell u how but ill probably get banned because some people think having higher framerate is cheating
  11. it will be applied to the shotgun base code not each shotgun individually
  12. ok m8 i have no clue what ur problem is cos u didnt give a screenshot of ur game or settings its either 1. ur pc is broken 2. brightness of pc is low 3. brightness of game is low 4. bloom is disabled 5. u didnt use advanced launcher correctly
  13. nice aim at 20 seconds xd ur supposed to play with friends if u have any (all my friends are noobs who play fortnite ) that way u can actively destroy all car spawners otherwise yes u are screwed and have to constantly blow up 4 tanks, i mean pioneers, by urself
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