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  1. Short answer: No! Long answer: Noooooo! Seriously, why? The STAR is fine as it is, why make such a change?
  2. I agree. The AR is such a cool looking gun. Gives me CS 1.6 vibes. It's a shame that in APB it got reduced to a close range right-click-and-shoot Assault rifle with SMG damage. Unable to consistently hit anything past 30 meters.
  3. This is so cool! I wonder how many other unused assets are out there. As for why this hasn't been used, prolly 'cause this is not the UK or Australia I like the damaged body model, though!
  4. I love those! They would fit nicely into APB. Altough, we have a Subaru already yes? The Coywolf?
  5. Yes, I'm aware of the costs. APB did cost around 100 Millions to develop back in the 2000's it wouldn't be far fetched to assume that nowadays a 200 to 300 millions budget would be required. There are companies able to stomach that cost. And the return of investment can be huge. The market for a game like APB is fairly untapped, and APB itself is a diamond in the rough. It doesn't have to be a 1 to 1 replica but something with similar core gameplay. The closest game to APB would be GTAO. And that game itself, as far as I know, has a very polarized playerbase. Many love it, but many hate it. The fact that APB has the things that GTAO players hate about it speaks volumes. APB's PvP is far superior. APB's customization is still unbeaten, 13 years later. It has a functioning Crouch and Switch camera shoulder. And those are just things I can come up with from the top of my head I'd like to mention again that it doesn't have to have APB's scale. Or to be a 1 to 1 replica. It just needs to have the core gameplay APB has. The other subsystems can come later
  6. You're missing the point. This is not a suggestion thread, we're just discussing things
  7. The other half of the charm would be the ping~ sound effect. If APB's engine is unable to add it when ammo is depleted, that would be underwhelming. Seeing how 'static' apb guns are, I wouldn't have much hope
  8. Yes that'd be a cool reskin of the silenced OCA. Maybe have a unique mod to it, too PING~ It'd be hella fun. I wonder how it would be balanced, since it has 8 rounds IIRC? Edit: Pressed shift+enter and posted by mistake.
  9. We already have a Cybertruck at home. Cybertruck at home: ultra low poly config edits.
  10. YES! Great suggestions, I love those. I had trouble remembering the FN2000. I knew it had a "2000" in its name.
  11. As a follow-up to my previous thread, what weapons would you like to see in APB? Same rule as last time, you can only choose one weapon per category. I'll start. For assault rifles, I dunno tbh, a bullpup rifle, yes please. Edit: An AK5C DMR, an M1 garand For SMGs, an MP7 Shotgun: Uhh, some pump action shotgun. It has to be pump action for balance purposes. Snipers: We have a decent selection so I'll suggest a .... LEVER ACTION RIFLE. LMG: I honestly have nothing to suggest here *shrug* Secondary: A Glock What would you choose? Sate my curiosity. [Edit reason: Accidentally pressed 'post' before finishing.] [2nd edit: Formatting and added images]
  12. I know this most likely won't ever happen, but hey let's have some fun. So there are 3 tiers of cars in APB, you can suggest up to one car each. For low tier, NPC cars I would love to see a chevrolet Spark. Mid tier, hm this is tricky. Perhaps a Hyundai Accent? For high tier Cars, a Nascar Stock Car. I think they look cool. Show me what you think. Or feel free to roast my taste.
  13. With the game being basically on life support, can't someone with money make a game similar to APB? Without it being a turd like a certain similar online game made by a certain studio? (I don't want to mention names fearing to hurt the feelings of rockstar games :^) ) Rhetorical questions, yes. But we can all agree that APB has a huge potential to become THE best online pvp shooter. Yes, there are plenty of shooters out there but they have a specific niche (eg: Battle Royales, fantasy shooters, sci-fi), or don't come even close to what APB could be (similar third person shooter existed but were not open world and were limited to , small, instanced maps). It doesn't need to have the depth of customization that APB has on day one. That could come out later with proper funding. But an open world, Cops vs Criminals, third person shooter with customizable cars and characters AND a big enough playerbase is something that is lacking in the gaming scene. We only have APB, and after it got sold (or whatever) to a chinese cOmPaNy, the silver lining I've been holding on to is long gone. So, basically I'm wishing for someone to make an "APB 2" of sorts. Something with: Open world, third person PvP shooter. Cops vs Criminals setting (Or something similar, heck I don't know. Corporations vs Militants/Resistance? Something grounded in reality, not deviating from a modern day setting). Somewhat customizable Characters, Cars and weapons. A mix of what we have now and Battlefield 3/4 weapon attachment style. A Combat system similar to APB. Why I mention this? As an example, some studios in their infinite wisdom fail to understand that a switch over-the-shoulder camera toggle is a MUST in third person shooters. APB's combat is very good imo, just needing some balance changes and good hitreg. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think. In the meantime, I'll go back to sniffing that sweet Hopium. Edit: Typo. Merged. Addendum: Also shouldn't have Pay 2 Win elements. A marketplace of reskins and cosmetics would be perfect to monetize the development. Maybe make it a $40-60 purchase too to deter some (a lot) of third world cheaters.
  14. Objectively, the Vegas 4x4 is (sadly) the best vehicle overall. Fast, durable, and can tank a direct OSMAW hit, or two mid range AAEPD rockets. Subjectively, I love the Jericho. It just looks cool and sounds cool with the correct kit.
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