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  1. Greetings, I've been on and off APB for the past few months. Last time I played was around 3 months ago. A few days ago, whenever I try to play apb I get very low fps for my specs, with gpu usage hovering around 18-20%. My specs are: Ryzen 5 1600 non OC 16gb ddr4 2400mhz Gtx 1070 8gb Apb on ssd Now here is the weird part: I've tried reinstalling apb and it fixed the problem, I got 70-80 fps on high, then on my next reboot, the problem came back. Now, having to reinstall the game each time I wanna play is not a viable option :/ Did anyone experience this problem? how did you fix it? Any ideas on the cause? Thank you kindly
  2. Why are we still debating this? LO, please bring the old music back please <3 We can safely assume that the overwhelming majority wants it back? @MattScott Please <3
  3. "Let things remain as they are" advocate here, let me answer that question for you. If we're talking meta, I will only speak for myself and say that personally, I'm fine. I might encourage that yes. The Ntec being a top tier gun has dragged for too long. Way too long. This is just an example let us not talk about ATACs and other very strong guns. Meta aside, what I fear the most is APB Losing its identity. Too many games have changed core things that made them what they were in the first place and these changes scrubbed players away. League of Legends for instance has reworked champions and these said champions have lost what made them unique, but let's not discuss that here, I'm just giving examples. I hope APB doesn't deviate from what it is. Imagine adding new mechanics to the game like the GTA-like cover behind cars. We'd have The division: Reloaded instead of APB. Consumables are borderline acceptable if you ask me. G1 took a fair bit of risk when they implemented them and I'd consider that an orange line, trespassing it further would be high risk imo. Tl;dr: I'm not afraid of meta changes, I'm afraid of APB losing its core identity.
  4. You're right. Tech Support was just an example. I wish if they could remove the ability to post on "main" forum sections.
  5. Rolled sleeve shirts please PLEASE I'd pay money for that!
  6. Hi, I'd love -and I'm sure I'm not the only one- if we could have the ability to sort and organize our weapons locker. I mean, some people have more than 6 guns and having to scroll down to find THAT single weapon you've been looking for is both tedious and time costing. It would be delightful if we can sort our mess of lockers Little Orbit please? :3 (On a side note, if we could also have a less laggy inventory that freezes less when changing weapons, that would be awesome. 200% more awesome if it didn't freeze at all)
  7. Good idea, I like this. Maybe with weapons names as well? It would be good.
  8. Every forum category who has subforums is a mess. Tech issues for example. We have people posting in the main tech issues forums, people posting in PC, PS4 and Xbone. Whereas, the main "forum" should be locked and people need to post in their respective subcategory. Can we have a fix? Urgently, pretty please? I'd love seeing it happen. Thanks for reading. Fun story: In G1 era, to post on forums marketplace, you had to browse to marketplace > PC > *YOURSERVER* > marketplace. yup, double 'marketplace'.
  9. Thank you guys for your answers. I will try these suggestions as soon as the potato servers are back online. I've already checked it. It's a weird kind of dark I'm having, like gamma or something. I'll upload a screenshot after the game is playable again.
  10. ... however, instead of using grills, they're using servers. Citadel servers. Jk, this is just my way of saying we have issues. Everybody on Citadel is lagging right now. Go fix it, LO. Thank you <3
  11. I was going to do that, then I realized it's daytime right now on APB. I will try to keep the advanced launcher fix as a last resort if you don't mind, if nothing else helps. Btw, on my advanced graphics I have everything checked, except low quality health HUD, if that could be of any help.
  12. Your reply is much appreciated, thank you. However, I don't use the advanced launcher. Everything is vanilla for me.
  13. Good day, I dunno what I did wrong but my game seems to have become so dark I barely see anything at night. This happened to me after I formatted my PC and reinstalled APB. Maybe I did something wrong? I need some tech advice here if you please, if someone knows how to fix this. I think my issue is mostly related to shadows? I dunno ...
  14. Yes, but a more skilled/experienced team would make better use of the car spawner Thus the car spawner would be a huuuge asset to a team that is already dominating That was I tried to convey
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