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  1. I was quoting each response actually equally for my own benefit as I am one of those people who at times struggle to retain information following an accident on a medical duty. To others it may be spam but to me it's a nuisance having to find where one subject ends and the next one picks up on the previous post. But going on the assumption that other's are not like me, I'll yield. While I agree that the core principles of 2 different factions acting in starkly different senses of moral, People are not restricted to just playing 1 faction over the other and it does remain a game. I also agree the thrill of the hunt can be fun and exciting... It is still 2 less means of earning money for enforcers. Despite I may say it with the intention of being a joke, it is half heartedly true when I say "You don't play APB, You endure APB".
  2. Might be the first time I'm in a complete agreement with you socks. Using the SBSR is so underwhelming and the pros to it just do no outweigh the cons. The only positive I can see for the twin marksman rifle and sniper rifle is that they have marginally more hard damage. I struggle to see what the intention and applications of these guns were. I've only used them no more than 3 times each but... yeah I'd get a refund if I could without a buff.
  3. I am certainly not a person to not cater to those that whine or cry the loudest. After years of playing as an enforcer, it is my personal opinion that while prestige multiplier is beneficial, the speed and volume of items criminals can collect counter balanced out that multiplier. None the less, the open world convenience for criminals makes being an enforcer more of a chore with the need to be constantly vigilant (while justified considering the role). APB should never be equality in mechanics or content 100% or even 90%, but when people recommend being a criminal for the ease of making money and grinding contact standing without the need for an opposed match... It does come across more unfavourably than it should be. Less than Lethal is planned to have a criminal equivalent variant, but nothing has been said about what enforcers would get in return for more money for criminals.
  4. I did mention this and it's something to ponder over to balance out. Not sure how to make it appropriate but making it PVP should be a thing as APB is a PVP game since the begainning. Matt Scott said that it is his intention to have this address with a criminal's equivalent although no further elaboration what it might be or how it would work, piority goes to RIOT and the New Engine, it is on the To-Do list though. Primarily as an enforcer, care to elaborate what that is? Nothing comes to mind... I remember back in the day when I just used my pioneer to push criminal's cars into store fronts and garages while they were on mission and just help myself to loot. Yeah that got patched out but they didn't expect a bent cop in San Paro? Enforcers cannot get money from anything remotely similar to the concepts of ram raiding or mugging. Enforcers are relight on criminal in district to get stolen items to return to contacts. Turning in vehicles that are stolen either for chop shop or for impound has always been in game and not something that is contested about. It was not mentioned in this thread or any other because it's not really that relevant. You still need criminals to have stolen cars! Also turning in stolen vehicles even high value/armoured cars in pristine condition isn't as quick as ram raiding and as such doesn't make as much money. Yes there is a lot of stolen cars in a populated server, but you have to find them and then drive to a impound that isn't on cooldown. Criminals can just find nearly any store front or garage (sometimes within metres of a contact) and damaged property will respawn despite having a cooldown too. This is a certainty which Enforcers do not have. And how long will that last before they change districts, servers or go back to playing a Battle Royale game instead?
  5. Well notoriety goes up for criminal for ram raiding and mugging, so I thought it was a given with Enfs. Just got to factor in that with warrants, not every door can / should be busted in, while criminals can just break into almost any garage door or store front they like.
  6. The fact some buildings have warrants and other's don't would make the police searches balanced and not overly used. However dirty money cash might want to be raised slightly to compensate for less number of building to be searched. A part of me thinks that Enforcers doing searched uncontested would be a bit unfair but criminals witnessing enforcers I feel wouldn't fitting...
  7. Depends on the person, most cheaters are either children/teenagers that just want to win but go about it the wrong way, or people that from a culture where cheating and taking advantage of system are not frowned up as strongly. Some people can and will change but again not everyone are going to. I'm sure most of us can say we're not the same people we used to be in highschool, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't have permanent bans or a limited number of chances.
  8. I believe that gear packs and bundled are to be reviewed as the recent changes to Armas didn't quite factor in how they worked... or something along those lines.
  9. Well to be a bit frank, It's easy and I'm sure everyone could post a new threat with a 1 line suggestion for a new district. Everyone wants new content but to just say "casino district" is going to mean different thing to different people. A new action district would be great, maybe themes around Las Vegas but I don't see how it would be fitting the theme of APB completely. San Paro just isn't a city of glitz, glamour and shining lights... A extension to Social district with gambling mini game has been suggested before but wouldn't be a bad thing, the old social district cinema always felt a bit hollow... Again it's easy to say yes to a concept but without substance to the concept it's just open to interpretation and a bit pie in the sky. Without that substance, your poll is not going to be a good representation of what people expect or want... You put up a poll asking people if they'd like a casino district but what is it going to look like, what is it going to feature, it's it a new action district or social district extension, if it is an action district then will there be games you can interact with... A lack of substance to a closed yes or no question is what caused the UK's brexit to be late and failing! Without trying to sound rude there is a General Discussion forum, but this is a Suggestions subforum and there isn't really enough detail here to consider it. What people vote for isn't always what they're going to get if it's not clarified.
  10. Care to elaborate what this district would have and be like?
  11. Just 1 question... ...Will there be brownies?
  12. I've been patient and actually forgot about this after the past week of work with only the 1 day off. I got my tinfoil hat but I already got them from a previous event, but was hoping i got tier 2 more.
  13. The problem is not the vast numbers of cheaters... I mean there is under 1000 active concurrent players. The problem people complain about with cheaters is the fact they reroll and make new account or not being banned quickly enough. It's probably under 120 people in all of APB but there is also a lot of players that just find APB to be a steep learning curve. That on top of a match making and threat system which isn't really working as intended. The concern over cheaters is high despite the numbers are actually low, it is just a high frequency. It's like thinking there is a bee hive somewhere in your house because you're seen a dozen bees around your house. ...no it's the same 2 bees which you've seen 6 time each, because they can't get out the windows!
  14. A person might say you like to strike the iron while it's hot. ...I'm not going to be that person regrettably, Easter holiday event just came out yesterday. We saw the Redhill ARG website with a countdown for RIOT's released, this is why it is best for staff to just get on with work not to to over hype things when there is going to anguish (for lack of a better word) if and when delays occur. I think we all know the feeling of pressure when working and someone is demanding to hurry up when you are going as fast as you can. One would hazard a guess this isn't your first forum account, but we're all been waiting for years and a few pictures isn't going to make me feel much better having with a carrot on a stick. He posted this last week and he said the word we've all groan at with a trademark, but he did already answer your question. Note the word "hoping".
  15. I think we all knew the reason why. Maybe inventory limitations could be expanded with the new game engine or maybe it is just going to cause bottle-knecking issues on the network and server side. I would like to make more outfits and clothes but we got to be realistic.
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