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  1. Rhetorical? You know the answer to that, but in principle I find myself asking the same.
  2. Thank you! Hopefully this will make reoccurring rule breakers a less common sights -edit- I do feel sorry for customer service when over three quarters of reports are probably just going to be distressed players that had a bad play.
  3. When everyone had the same game and issues and some people described it as a grind for days and others described it as a game of luck and a few said it was easy if you know how to take advantage of the situation... I don't everyone got the same experience despite being in the same game, it is questionable then if the game is too flawed and unfair because of it or not.
  4. As Vanille said, It's giving you a visual advantage over your opponents. If you did this then anyone could use the excuse to remove muzzle flash, explosions and other visual affects just to improve frames when really they're just taking advantage of a genuine need of someone else. I know this sounds like a less than pleasant fellow thing to say but if your FPS is low then that's a problem with your system, and not something the game and everyone else should be compensating for. Clean out some old files, keep drivers up to date, try and upgrade some old hardware is possible. Also make sure your computer is not to dust laden in fans or grills as it will cause thermal throttling which slows down general operations of a computer.
  5. No rudeness intended but yeah... upgrading your PC is all you really can do or just try a more ranged weapon. APB is running ok for most other people, but there will be the few with lower spec PCs that will have technical issues. Sadly not everyone can be catered to. hopefully the Engine Upgrade will optimise things further and release a few more FPS
  6. VickyFox

    G1 site upgrade complete? (UX/UI problems)

    APB alway has been an 18+ mature rated game. different counties have different ages for the legal contextual term of mature, but it is probably just easier to put it as a blanket requirement to be 18 than trying localisation. everything else has just come about from handing APB from company to company... some spring cleaning wouldn't go a miss sometime.
  7. For someone that is demanding of proof, you're not providing much evidence on your part. ...He is too chipper, please do!
  8. Genuinely I am sorry you're having a tough time, but what about the rest of us? I wish there was a simple solution but this would affect every other player and these guns were intended to be like this.
  9. Jack Daniel's would go great with this thread!
  10. VickyFox

    Cooling Jacket and Extended Magazine

    Lol...? I personally like Extended Mag on some SMGs, especially the Cap 40 Sargent for flushing out multiple opponents in small areas. Long range rifles and snipers with Cool Jacket is quite satisfying if you can recover the recoil quickly enough. These gun mods are very useful but the Colby M-1922 doesn't need these mods as it already has both a larger magazine and stored ammo count plus a faster fire rate than and OCA. even an OCA with these 2 mods attached would still not stand up to a Colby M-1922, but it's balanced because of the accuracy and recoil of the M-1922.
  11. I'm on my way to work on the bus and I got to get this off my chest, I lend my ear to many people out out of fairness including those who probably shouldn't be listened to. after seeing where APB has come from and more importantly where it has been, I am thankful APB is still online at all. I personally advocated for APB:Reloaded to be shut down as to let the game die in a dignified manner, opposed to servers being forced to shut off as staff lose jobs and doors close. For the past 3 years GamersFirst had given up, were scared of the player base and didn't care for a long time an even longer time. No content, some holiday events cancelled, no interaction or communication from staff AT ALL. APB should of died! This past week all I have heard on the forum other than Autumn Assilt's f-ck up, is Wah was waah cheaters... ...Wah Wah waaah trigger bots. Be great full APB exists at all because it comes across so spoilt when little Orbit did more in a 3 months and GamersFirst did in 3 years! I agree as much as the next person that cheaters, trigger bot, hackers, scammers and all rule breakers need to be addressed. But there is a time and place for everything but expectations are too high right now.
  12. ...Maybe they are but there is nothing we can do to rush something that can't be developed any faster, Learn to so patience while waiting I guess? The first question of your survey asks: "What should a company do that claims to be open and transparent to the community?" The second answer of "Quickly respond to player complaints, answer uncomfortable questions. Admit your mistakes and correct them" ...Pretty much what MattScott did in this thread was? Sorry but I got work soon and that survey has a element of bias trying to make Little Orbit look bad. There are teams to deal with cheaters and they may be stretched. I'm interested how you can verify 100% of your list as being cheaters. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt of just being disgruntled and passionately upset but the way you've gone about this is boarder line toxic. What most people consider toxic is someone deliberately trying to upset up. I'm not sure how long you've been with APB but it has been MUCH worse in the past.
  13. VickyFox

    Racing Districts

    Q1 2014. Dank memes bro!
  14. VickyFox


    you and your friend talk as if this wasn't something in the works already...
  15. There will be next to no changes to aesthetic, and content would also not really be changed much. Why? People that have played APB before will immediately recognise it even if they don't remember the game's name. A new name and image doesn't won't bring a great deal of new people to be honest. If a rebranding or change of image/identity is needed then do it to make the game fresh with something new to offer, not to repackage a something that hasn't changed. APB has a bad reputation... because of the reputation!