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  1. The concern of bankruptcy has been said more a few years now. If APB is on a course for bankruptcy then like a boat, it can't just do an emergency stop with little client and sales numbers. It's too complicated for me to understand a third of the issues being worked on. Having an unfinished engine would be worse gaming experience than what we got now, it would only drive further people away from APB. The issues being worked on are not something that can be added on a weekly basis, finding bugs and solutions are sadly just not going to happen that quickly. MattScott said he wants to get the Engine Upgrade live as quick as possible, and some feature such as other languages can be worked on and added later. We are just not at that point yet to go live.
  2. For the game to become greater, a lot of the problems actually come from the engine itself. It is something that has been talked about since 2014 and half a decade later, it is still being worked on, the problem is that newer computers run worse than older computers, newer content and features would be easier to make and run after the upgrade. Yes APB feel like it is stale and stagnant, but as much as we want new content... the work that needs to be done cannot be kept delayed year after year.
  3. Unfortunately it's the usual from me. It would be a good idea but only after the Engine Upgrade, only for consistency in computer performance as it would be competitive. Last thing anyone wants midway through a tournament is to have some shots not register a hit properly or micro stuttering.
  4. Financial and Waterfront maps are about 1.5km wide, Snipers are hard to keep balanced in game with damage and all the trick shots. Sniper rifles are not such a problem in Fortnight and PUBG because weapon type, quality and location are random with some chests giving a higher chance. In APB, weapons are not spawned or dropped in the map, you either own them... or you don't!
  5. Considering UE3.0 should be more versatile, it may support additional features that 2.5 can't. Even if they start creating stuff in advanced for the engine upgrade, they can't try out and test the new content because the engine itself isn't ready to be tested! A lot of people have speculated and it would not be a great surprise if APB hasn't been making much if any profit since LO took over, but littleOrbit must of known what GamersFirst and APB's financial history before going through with the acquisition. Again this should not be a shock but actually excepted. How long it goes on for is another thing but again, Little Orbit is a business and should be preemptive.
  6. APB Reloaded Code of Conduct and Policies: If you are throwing a game waste everyone's time and may affect other team member's threat. Dethreating is the act of playing in such a bad way that the game will lower the player's threat level, this circumnavigate threat segregation and to be matched with lower threat opponents I think most people would agree it is a loophole that hasn't been fixed yet because the issue would mean rework possibly both the threat system and the match making system... However there are plans for "Phasing" matchmaking and districts to be localised rather than based on threat.
  7. https://www.polygon.com/2013/10/18/4852838/apb-reloaded-receiving-massive-engine-upgrade-in-2014 When newer computer actually run the game worse than older computer because APB is so old, there is inherently problem. PC users have been waiting for fixes longer than consoles had APB... Over half a decade! Wait in line.
  8. GamersFirst absolutely could of made new content for the new contacts but would rather use new content for Armas content like the Juggernaut pack, I think unforuntately though the reason behind it was less about making profits and more about staying financially stable as time went on. Although how finished in design were the contacts is another issue Are you really that skeptical? Tell me again what rock it was?
  9. ...So what you're saying things are pretty much the same as they were last month, the difference is there are localised instances now. The new localised instances was the latest move in preparing for the future of APB with phasing being the new way matchmaking is going to be handled. Bare in mind the vision of Little Orbit is to not have coloured threat districts and rather localised districts and the game with match up players by threat automatically. As for population and waterfront, yeah nothing has changed there in the past 2 years. It may feel diluted with new instances but I believe Little Orbit will be putting out new content and effort in attracting new players after the Engine Upgrade Previous media and advertising campaigns have given a rather short burst of new players. But because APB is overall does looks old compared to other modern games, and gameplay experience has been a steep learning curve as well as uninviting, not a great number of new players have stayed. It has been a running chicken and egg debate of whether should effort be focused trying to up the population numbers and the issues surrounding them or fixing APB and finishing the Engine Upgrade.
  10. You are absolutely right! ...but also technically incorrect. Thinking off the top of my head, I can't recall any instance of when the correct term of Suppressor is used in APB at all. But suppressors are cool!
  11. This certainly adds context that you wouldn't have a fuller appreciation of how things have improved or how hopeless of a situation things were seeming with APB. 2011, 2014, 2017 or just joining this week... how long one has been in the forum and in game doesn't change the scenario APB is in nor where it has come from.
  12. Unfortunately I think there is a diagnosed mission latency issue. It would explain why If you press K to ready up but then change your mind, half a second later you're thrown into a mission anyway despite being in a unready status.
  13. Yeah most people on this thread have been on APB long enough to remember how stagnant and hopeless APB seemed in the later years of GamersFirst. No content, no real updates, next to no communication from staff. Little Orbit in contract is actively working on the new game engine and MattScott is posting updates on progress. While they're few, far between and rather insignificant, holiday events are still being done and new items are being done on the side. If the new game engine is going to take as long as it needs to be done properly then that should be reassuring that it is being taken seriously. If the APB didn't die in the last 3 years with the population numbers dropping Later it may be a discussion for a new thread but I agree with Ciber. I can respect wanting to feel free to express yourself but there needs to be standards, I could elaborate honest If I do then it might as well be a separate thread.
  14. It is, it's just going to be a bit of work to make all the old code optimised more. Considering this is the engine, the heart that runs the core game. It's better to do it right first time than making the game worse without know what caused it and then trying to race to find a cure.
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