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  1. I actually spawned in Church carpark on my 2nd or 3rd game and saw there was 2 guns on my radar, I decided to let one of my team mates take the closer gun and i'd get the other around the back in the alley. So I can't get up there, If I did then I'd died trying to get down from that height as happy landings is disabled or I would be force teleport respawn for being out of bounds after some time which would cost me a life anyway.
  2. Pandered is a interesting word but I don't think a game that lags and with graphics that make GTA IV look good is something a business would do deliberately for what target market?? Besides with current gen and next gen technology, the expectation of the quality of games is going up. I'm not talking about just PC Master race here... Kid with an Xbox One have a higher standard than APB because that console hardware and softwear sets the standards. AMD's Ryzen 3000 CPUs comes out in under a month, APB to a Ryzen 3000 is like using morse code on a iPhone 10 to send a text! It's old coding and graphics made for technology 5, 6, 7, 8 years obsolete. You think that's pandering to high end gamers?! Excuse me but I'm a little lost, What planet are you from because I'm from Earth! Everyone wants the best for APB but If we were to just do what Pound suggests then APB would be nearly entire a battle royale game mode because the original mission games wouldn't matter and no one would play them just like Fortnight: Save the World. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. If wanted to open a restaurant then I could choose to have some level of quality to the food with standards or I could just open up McDonalds!
  3. Reminder: RIOT is a Beta, All content in the game mode, all rewards, all feature and the entirety of the game mode may be tweaked, altered, added on to or even removed! If you're talking about the Riot contact in Social: ONLY Action Districts (missions) can be ranked up and with standing within their respected district. This means Social and FightClub contacts cannot get standing, This rule applies to holiday contacts too such as Elves, Trick/Treat, ETC.
  4. I can tell you of a time when dethreating wasn't really a thing, if people did it then it didn't have any affect and didn't really matter. Yeah some did it for fun but it was a bit pointless like stacking dump trucks. Before yes there was bronze, silver and gold threat districts but they were not enforced and everyone played with everyone else in game... But then GamersFirst decided to try and enforce the threats to make the games more fairer by keeping players to their threat or 1 level below. This backfired! Once that barrier for made, it was an incentive for people to break it to get easier opponents by trying to manipulate the threat and matchmaking system. This must of been about 2014 district threat segregation and dethreating started. For what it's worth, LittleOrbit is trying to make APB less toxic and more fairer of a game. Their most recent attempt is to make all cooldowns at 100% so premium members do not have an advantage there anymore with quicker use of mods or consumables. I have said this more times than I have seen hackers in game... Dethreating isn't a 1 fix problem, If it was that simple then I'm sure LittleOrbit and GamersFirst would of done it. The threat system is outdated and needs to be replaced. Putting up more deterrence in threats districts is only going to encourage some to find other ways around the barriers which undermines the threat system. That is all it'll be, A deterrence, It won't stop people from dethreating in other ways. At the end of the day, APB is a player vs player game that is open world... It's not a competition where different skill tiers would make the game an even playing field. There WILL be more experienced players that are just better. Accept it! And if you think this is unfair then you're looking at the situations in game the wrong way. Every loss is an opportunity to learn and to win the next time. Like I said, It's not a competition. If you feel like you're not improving in the view of the wider game then that is because you're not allowing yourself to be tested. "Practice makes Perfect" - such a true statement, but here's a reality check for you: ...Let me be the first to say congratulations when you become the perfect bronze! You only get better by playing better opponents. @cyral Now I had a day off and some morning coffee, Yeah feeling better now thank you. Long time no see my old rival!
  5. So eventually EVERYONE will have every gun in game? That undermines the entire game's progression, all gun purchases for everyone else and LittleOrbit's Income would take quite a hard hit. What you're suggesting could be compared to Communism, Why I have anything more than anyone else? I'm sorry you cannot afford items for Armas but my items were paid with money I worked for, I'm not a capitalist but I earn my money and if you get all those guns for free just like that then I want my money back so I put it towards paying for repairs to my house and to get my first car!
  6. Riot gives "Riot Tokens" which is a new reward like Joker Tickets, Riot will have it's own exclusive items which can be bought with Riot Tokens. As a non-mission game mode, again just like FightClub; Riot will NOT give contact standing or affect a player's threat level.
  7. We're all passionate about APB, we're all been concerned about how close APB has come to dying again... Again a new company had come in with fresh ideas and hope, it is uncertain times and people do not like uncertainty. It's no wonder why the World Health Organisation has declared "Gaming Disorder" a recognised condition! While sometimes his behaviour is questionable, Pound is certainly an adult and wouldn't be to be told how to live is life as much as the next person if not more. We should know what a healthy life style is despite the effort needed for it and inconvenience it can bring. If he chooses to endure APB the quality, features and social standards that much... Well that's his right to do so regardless if it is or isn't unhealthy, if he is educated about the risks or even cares about them. A part of me says he's not my problem and this is his decisions so be it and he's probably thrilled took the time to write this as if caring for a fellow person is something to be ashamed of. I guess the humanitarian and professional overrides that in me. At the end of the day I reaffirm he's not a bad guy. Pound is just passionate in the same way I am, but going about his love for APB in a completely different way to which we don't agree with each other.
  8. In certain controlled game modes it is ok but to have random guns in the main mission district which can be picked up by anyone is just stupid as you said... You assumed that all districts got the gun drop mechanic deliberately?
  9. While I do not agree with how Cookie conducts himself, He's not a moderator and not part of customer support. You and I don't have to like him but Little Orbit feel he has a high level of technical understanding and experience with APB itself to the point of listening to his input. ...feel free to post to the suggestions sub-forum that SPCTs should take an online customer service course if you want. ------- Frankly from what I've seen from Pound is that he is an intellectual that is passionate but his approach to thing shows his political style. He's conservative/capitalist and would rather things were not changed, but if they are changed then they should be a "no compromise" way to make it the most successful. If that means selling out, then Little Orbit should do so. Pound says that RIOT will be the death of APB because it is a compromise and aspired APB to get the money and player number of other big name Battle Royales (especially Apex Legends). The reality is that APB wouldn't be the same again, and probably head to the way of Fortnight did with the multiplayer BR mode over shadowed the original game. APB:BattleRoyale probably would kill off APB:Reloaded I but Pound would strongly disagree.
  10. Oh please, we all know that Beta is just a excuse for a early access demo. It's easier for Devs to put out a Beta and rake in money while they work on the finish product... Sorry was I coming across a bit cynical? No really, a feedback thread that is pinned is really needed.
  11. 1 is meant to be a RIOT game mode feature. 2 who cares 3 was announced that all cooldowns will be standardised at 100%, this is to make APB feel less pay to win and balanced overall. Also RIOT will have it's own form of Premium coming soon anyway. 4 I think that was a genuine unintended mistake... lol`
  12. VickyFox

    more weapon reskins

    I would like to see or rather hear more better weapon sounds, in the later years of APB:Reloaded the guns firing sound tinny or like a frying pan or trash can being banged with a wooden spoon.
  13. As Brandon said, regrettably the limitation on clothes is due to the game's actual limitations and would requite further upgrades to both coding and possible hardware.
  14. I have seen this thread a few times but decided to avoid it because I reached the point of being tired and burnt out on repeating myself. Everyone wants matchmaking and threats to be fixed but the way people react is best described as frustration and impatiences, a solution is wanted here and now to something that is just bigger than a single solution. Sorry for the late reply, I was away from home on Red Cross deployment for since last Wednesday, Just got home and already on Standby for a major incident in London!
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