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  1. There are suggestions that can bring APB back to life, then there is suggesting a complete remake from the ground up... We known for a while that APB is older than most eSports games and Grand Theft Auto Online exists. You cannot compare APB to Final Fantasy or Grand Theft Auto Online. Final Fantasy has been around longer than I've been alive! I mean it's a game franchise that has been on more platforms than Super Mario! Grand Theft Auto 4 was released before APB even went into beta testings. When GTA 4 was release, some modders made a multiplayer mode as they did with GTA San Andreas. And I'm sure that Rock Star was aware of APB:All Point Bulletin's emergence but the nature of the games are different and APB was so much smaller and just starting out that RockStar don't have a reason to care. Seeing the success of other massive Multiplayer Online games and with a huge fan base already, they probably didn't feel any great rush or pressure to make GTA Online. These companies have years of experience and have the capability to make new games, remake old games, hell they probably could make a full length live action movie... Then we got littleOrbit that has released 2 guns (3 if you consider the Showstopper variants), a new game mode which is still being refined, 2 new contact due. LittleOrbit has only been here for just over a year, The staff are working to capacity with the Unreal Engine 3.5 upgrade and trying to answer Customer Support tickets. Does it look like there is the capacity to completely remake APB from the ground up? I'd like everything you suggest as much as the next person and yourself but be realistic.
  2. I think the question should rather be what makes anyone think it'll be any faster regardless if someone posts on a forum which sony are not going to look at! I take it by the tone of OP that you have an idea what Sony are like.
  3. I wouldn't say Little Orbit don't care, rather they are enthusiastic but came too late and were learning on the job... When APB is that far on a decline, the margin for error and planning is thin. While one can forgive naivety the once, Little Orbit was foolish in repeating the same mistakes and seeming to learn things the hard way rather than taking a moment to learn from mistakes the first time.
  4. Little Orbit are already working on it... Rank doesn't only really gives a context as to contact standing. It doesn't reflect a player's skill level or even how long they have played missions, or APB as a whole. It used to be that criminals can increase their contact standing without increasing threat by stealing vehicles, items and mugging people and then laundering the money. (not sure if that was patched out) Anyway It is a waste of GM's time and would not be practical to try and get 24/7/365 coverage of all servers. They game can kick players for being inactive, or team killing... It can be programmed that certain players can be kicks for being in the wrong district but what good would that do? further thinning out the population and besides new charaters on the same account would undermine the system. I mean hackers are happy to spend 10 minutes making a new account when their previous one gets banned... When people but hours upon hours trying to keep their threat level low... 10 minutes every few days isn't really much of a loss to try and circumnavigate GMs / Autokick system. TL;DR for @Rat1oNRUs It has been suggested before and the cons do not outweigh the pros when the threat and matchmaking system needs updating and rebalancing. It's a patch that won't last a week for something that needs a complete renewal.
  5. Not matter what you think, the FFA is handles, behaves and fires the same way as the OBIR and whatever mods used with the FFA will feel and behave the same as using the same mod with a OBIR. It's a placebo affect. As for why are some guns on PC and not on Console... PC runs on Unreal engine 3.0 Consoles are on Unreal Engine 3.5. Little Orbit are actively working on bringing PC up to date and then it should be easier to make the console version of APB feel more stable and transferring PC content which is not yet on Console. LittleOrbit can't just do updates on consoles like they do PC instantly. Most non-PC platforms will require a app developer to submit their updates to be verified and scrutinised by the platform's approved staff. This is to make sure that the updates doesn't cause the consoles to burst into flames, or that the update doesn't make the app attempt to do anything unauthorised. This can take a few working days to months! MattScott has stated that the priority will go to unifying the game engines, and then all platforms can get stabilised and optimised. It is about then some features missing from consoles will be added.
  6. How did you not see this coming... If someone can dethreat from diamond to gold, what is to stop them from dethreating from gold to silver and then silver to bronze. An extra layer doesn't fix the broken system. And to be honest, a temporary ban I think would be fair... dethreating is an exploit to which I question why Little Orbit doesn't impose permanent bans for some more offences!
  7. Learn the map and practice situational awareness. literally I have never ran out of ammo in both gun in over 2000 hours. There are Resupply boxes consumables, Mobile supply units for cars and field supplier character mod... those are on top of the fact you can resupply from Joker vending machines and even car spawns. If someone runs out of ammo for both guns, then you already know what the problem is and why. You can't fix stupid lol
  8. I would hazard a guess that some underlying limitations was the reason why the timer on marketplace is so low. While you may think it is not an effective money sink, I disagree considering that scaling values in transaction opposed to ammunition and car spawns. Any and all transactions need to be balanced out in a artificial economy (real economies are more dynamic) and some of the biggest transactions in game are though player market place.
  9. VickyFox


    When you actually put that much effort into trying to be funny... then it wasn't going to be funny.
  10. Some good publicity although slight typo with the word Everyone.
  11. Not so sure about tattooes but hair styles, colours and jewellery however, I can understand being changed out with outfits.
  12. I miss the thrill and pride of unlocking a cool new car part... New wheel on a Dolton Broadwing and then push bars, aerials and different light bars... Finishing off with City Soldiers enforcer light and Wingbolt light bar. All the effort making an unmarked police car was so cool seeing it come together! Now new clothing items and vehicle parts come in packs and bundles... No sense of achievement. Also I got practically everything unlocked including sabretooth helmet which was an accident. Not trying to flex but new kits and skins and I'm there like "oh, that nice...", I missed getting hyped and excited to get new stuff and sharing them with my friends.
  13. Trying to get attention the wrong way, will only get you the wrong kind of attention. I can't help but think of times when spoilt kids would hold their breath to get candy or toys that they want. Or how some desperate guys ask to date/marry a girl at the threat of committing suicide. Truly pathetic, you got the attention but don't deserve what your suggested.
  14. Not going to put words in staff's mouth but it could be that some topics raised are being discussed in the office and LO are not ready for announcement.
  15. Something tells me that the insult was a bit more than just a that for the entire post to be deleted when moderators can edit other people's posts.
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