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  1. Which server is it that he is trying to connect to?
  2. It seem rather evident that some changes are needed to combat and maybe driving to bring APB up to day gameplay wise. Not sure where to begin but I agree on the localised damage to limbs and head. I would suggest that car impacts should have damage that is proportionate to the vehicle's speed, not just being killed after jumping over a Macchina Calabria doing 8mph because that's just illogical except to a computer.
  3. I think a lot of people fail to see what you are without a visual representation. Even with a few examples, I feel that a few rearranged obstacles is not going to be game changing enough to really act as an incentive for people to play any more than they are already. Sorry but while it may be fun for the 5 minutes, that is all it probably be.
  4. VickyFox

    gm no help???

    Everyone just give him a bit a space, the OP just needs a bit of time to get used to the game.
  5. Couldn't agree more with having focus being on getting the game up to standard. Having APB running in a way that is optimised to modern hardware can only be a positive to attract new players and maintain existing users.
  6. The frustrating part of this is that this is a Autumn Assault and Valentines Day are both holidays... This was a opportunity to make new rare/exclusive rewards but Little Orbit use a gun skin and glasses that they thought was unused. In the politest possible way, one would hope that prompts from the community to make new content wouldn't be needed.
  7. VickyFox

    Was it necessary GM?

    Most people would react in a way that is innocent and say they would of stopped upon request after being caught red handed. Also I think most people would not accept "It's just a prank" as a defence for something you admit to know full well is going to cause frustration and potentially against the rules. It may be a joke but maybe save your jokes for friends that you know will find it funny. Excuses and If it was harmless aside, It's actions like this that could instigates actions from Little Orbit which impacts the wider gameplay.
  8. VickyFox

    new valentine guns?

    With a light pinky red tracer and small hearts
  9. VickyFox

    Cupid hunting why?

    There was no thread for open feedback on Social District (General Discussion) for this event, so I thought I'd put my 2 cents in feeling a bit deflated and allowing others to post their thoughts. It's part of a pack? ...well dang...
  10. 1 day's notice for a event that is going on for 1 day? It's a holiday for some but not a holiday for others, not everyone can sit around all day to find this loveless manchild! What is the point of this? Also can I just say I unfortunately seem to be proven wrong after having a discussion with someone that said lessons weren't learnt from past events. The Autumn Assault Skin was made because it originally was going to reward a skin that was previously rewarded from an event. 3D glasses was a reward from an event I have won in the past... although I can't remember what it was from, 2014 I think with LadyTiggs? my memory is blurring beyond 2015... Also 5 day premium,100 G1C which is just a JMB in value or a 90-day weapon trial? Ok fair enough that we don't want to over incentivise people to winning repeatedly again like with Autumn Assault but with a max rank character, there's no real worth while reward for a veteran player. Anyway I was hoping that Autumn Assault wouldn't repeat but it seems like I might of been proven wrong. Is there anything else going because that surely can't just be it!
  11. VickyFox

    Spot the mistake Win $200k. Jericho and Citadel BE QUICK!

    It's not my fault you did 2 attempts, like a dog that just won't let go of a stick! lol
  12. VickyFox

    Spot the mistake Win $200k. Jericho and Citadel BE QUICK!

    Oh I noticed but you'd be broke if I pointed out every mistake.
  13. It is the typical trend that the event starts pretty much a day before, after or on the day of the holiday. And indeed it lasts for 2 weeks, unless there is a DDoS then there might be an extension out of consideration.
  14. VickyFox

    Spot the mistake Win $200k. Jericho and Citadel BE QUICK!

    WitchQueen repeated a sentence he already said once for a second time.
  15. While language packs for gameplay dialog is something that is a fair comment to consider. At the moment despite different languages offered by the game, there is only modern Latin/English letters for symbols. It would be fair to get all supported dialog languages respected characters, but different language packs for symbol creation is going to be complex and need manual work by staff to do. As harsh as it sounds, San Paro is a game based in the US and Russian isn't a language that is spoken in the city. The primary language of San Paro is obviously English, the second most spoken language is actually Korean followed by Spanish. (Origin languages, they may be variations). These languages are reflected in writing across the city. While Little Orbit encourages diversity and will try to cater to as many people as possible, It's not feasible to support every language.