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  1. Chicken and Egg. Do you fix the anti-cheats, match making or try to stabalise the engine first?
  2. The Mirage is a base car at the moment with no body or audio kits, but the unfinished quality make it this purchase feel worse. The fact enforcers cant use any enforcer lights for those who have them unlocked, is below standard even for base cars.
  3. A single open slot CSG... This just feels like marketing which can't be asked to even try to sell.
  4. This is an issue for the APB support, this isn't something the forum can help with.
  5. I don't know about on console, but on PC APB's recoiol is easier to control than other shooter games. There's very little lateral horizotal recoil with most guns. CSGO and BitBattle have harder and more sporadic recoil and bloom. It is common knowledge that recoil can be more controlled if you burst fire rapidly rather than just holding down the trigger and going full rambo. And I don't need to tell you how gun mods can alter the potential accuracy, recoil and bloom of a gun in APB. Also a variable you may not of considered is mouse sensitivity, on top of how much experiece the player has.
  6. I have a Logitech G613 wireless keyboard as I like to type tto friends from my bed as well at my PC. I also have a Logitech G502 mostly because I wanted a mouse with a free spin scroll wheel. So far I have not had any false positive from any anti-cheat system for Logitech G HUB.
  7. It surprises me that it hasn't been mentioned or added to the game, but the original humvee.
  8. The fact the P90 couldn't have a unique reload animation, or even a reload from above animation, makes me think that the M1 garand clips would be able to be loaded either. This would be quite the loss of the Garande's charm and identity.
  9. Heckler & Koch MP5 SD. APB already has a OCA-EW 626-SD which is based no a H&K MP5, but it's a standard MP5 with suppressor attached to the barrel end. I would like to the MP5 SD which has it's original barrel repurposed built with a new hand guard. I know there is the Raptor 45, but that's more of a assult rifle than SMG.
  10. Bowler hat: Custodian Helmet (male only): Side Cap: Campaign hat: Sleeveless Hoodie: ID Armband: Smart Watch: Fitness Tracker: Tactical Backpack: In game there is already a medium size item that is a duffle bag, This model could maybe be edited to be slung over one shoulder, across the chest and back. Nothing says a heist like a duffle bag. Duffle Bag: Less than Lethal Enforce webbing parts suggestions for either or both thighs and chest Flex Cuffs: Pepper spray holster: Stun Gun Holster:
  11. I'm in a bit of a awkward situation where my main character was created on Colby NA as the EU server was offline at the time, all my achievements, designs, Holiday rewards and Armas purchases are tied to that character... As someone living in the EU, either triy too forget my loses and carry on with a new character, or just endure the disadvantage I am in. It is indeed a personal problem which may not affect anyone else, but server merging or cross play is something I am very much interested in.
  12. It's disheartening having all the potential of APB could of been being listed out. A fair conclusion overall, I think it's reasonable to say that APB has been in a coma on life support for the past few years. It is nice to see a video made on the history of APB which doesn't just end with the implying that APB is dead, even though it's very much far from thriving or active.
  13. It's not exactly priority number one especially with next to no one playing! Fasalina said their day is ruined, As much as I was hoping for a date or even a target for when some performance improvements to be rolled out... It's just another day in the calendar, just another year. After years of heart ache, hope and frustration, it would be wise to not waste emotions over a long term issues which has spanned multiple years. That doesn't make me any less of a fan of APB, but crying a river isn't going to change a thing.
  14. I think a lot of people for a long time saw an engine upgrade like a remastering of APB with the offerings of better performance and potential for new technology to be utilised, It was an exciting thought. But I think this announcement has been a realistic review of the complicated unique creature that APB is with it's coding and engine. Personally I feel a level of acceptance of the facts, and I think we all knew deep down that this was likely to be the outcome.
  15. For the meme or did you not read the anniversary letter?
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