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  1. Can a good soul make this to be used as THEME? It already have the MIDI FILE on the video. So no worries. Kurosaki Maon - Afterglow (Gakkou Gurashi ep.6 ED) Starting from 0:45
  2. Thanks for moving it. I posted on off-topic even being APB-related because i saw the off-topic as a better place to post. But again thanks.
  3. I'm Maverick13 from Jericho server. And I need a favor. L'll even pay. I need someone talented enough with the music creator and editor to make both the complete song and as theme. Kaori Sadohara - Himekuri (Upotte's ending theme). This song is too cute. HERE'S AN "INSTRUMENTAL" if this will help you.
  4. 10/10 - Another track for highway cruise. Any Touhou Eurobeat fans? Obs: Reimu is best girl.
  5. 9/10 - Unbelievable and good at the the same time. I'll leave this sorcery product here.
  6. 10/10 - The violins are great. Leaving the weeb songs asisde... Japanese City Pop is awesome and I can prove it. Maria Takeuchi - Plastic Love
  7. Hey. Saw this now... Well. I don't have a frenzy. But I'll hear ya
  8. changes are happening! Changes FOR WORSE. I might add.
  9. That sucks... First they remove the ability to see who reacted negatively towards you... Then they remove your score... WTF is going on.
  10. 10/10 - Anything from this channel is a masterpiece. Sweet Arms - I.N.G. The opening theme of Upotte!! A cute anime about cute raifus doing cute raifuthings.
  11. HK33E

    Best Weapon for you.

    Exaaaaaactly, I'm glad you understand SHAW user myself. And without any modification. I don't need'em. :v
  12. HK33E

    Best Weapon for you.

    The Old Scout and N-TEC are the best Scout and N-TEC. A bit of "Overkill" doesn't kill anybody... Right? Too bad I didn't saw how the pre-nerf worked =/ Nice... Well... Still one of my favourites, but Obeya SLR took the spot just because the 3D model being a FAL. SHAW and NSSW are the only LMG's that I really like.
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