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  1. Thread Title: MYANIMELIST BANNED ME Status: Reading Posts Read: 3/12 Your Score: (1) Appalling
  2. New Mister Lies after 5 years, a beautiful masterpiece.
  3. Don't @NotZombieBiscuit Me
  4. As the decade nears it's end, this album has sat with me as one of most impactful albums I've experienced.
  5. RIOT is actually being played by thousands of players and is a hit amongst the community, don't listen to the fake news.
  6. I feel this one TB to Phantasy Star Universe PSO2 after 7 years is finally getting it's western release.
  7. Here's a playlist of an artist called Haircuts For Men, his music sits close to my heart as he's pretty underrated but his music is powerful. more a e s t h e t i c
  8. it's the 2014 renaissance all over again, what a time to be alive
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