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  1. my money is on a shooting from Iranian(s) based on the recent tensions
  2. damn, I was looking foward to cop some edgy 3/4 word names
  3. ElectroniCON 2 is this October 19th in LA fyi https://www.100percentelectronicon.com/ : - )
  4. You know its funny, I had this exact suspicion as I looked into LO during the acquisition. The portfolio they had before APB was not at the complexity of what APB was which gave me the feeling they were potentially over their heads taking this on, albeit still kept ever so slightly hopeful for the sake of the game. As time passed, blog posts gave the constant impression that they were overwhelmed but still attempting to tackle the game. What I thought was passion and persistence to progress a game despite it's challenges, was actually just clouded with naiveness since day 1.
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