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  1. I think it would be needless to try to elaborate on what it means as it varies to each person and could potentially cause you to overthink it. Depending how far along you two are, the best thing would be just to clarify with her and get a feel for what she's looking for. If you're still in the early stages and talking then I would say just go with the flow for now and eventually lead into having a conversation to clarify what you two are looking for when it feels right if she doesn't clarify with you beforehand. Albeit, As much as it would be nice to just go with the flow, sometimes insecurities (like the one you mentioned) may arise when things are blurred. So I think it's maintaining a balance of going with the flow whilst taking your insecurities into consideration, you don't want to be getting to the point where you're hurting just because of what's blurred. If you do ask and get a vague or avoiding answer, your best bet is just keep your options open as she could be just stringing you along.
  2. Music thread for all the groovy bois
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