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  1. But, the Nixon mask is still there. That doesn't jive.
  2. Interesting how many people here have a working knowledge of how cheat programs work.
  3. I think you could pretty much say that about any game that has been existence for 3 or more months.
  4. That's the point too much Car play got us here. Guess ppl have to play the game and not just car, Blowtorch, high Burn happy combo.
  5. Just goes to show what a problem we have and how it just as prevalent on the forum. Nothing wrong with wanting to clean up toxicity and it immediately gets 4 down votes. Sad....
  6. Solution, put all graphics to lowest and stream on Twitch.
  7. Yea, its dumb any and every noob nowadays runs a pmg adn has a loud mouth to go with it. Since the report fucntion is a joke, it almost encourage these ppl to be a intolerable A hole.
  8. leave it alone, there are bigger problems that are ignored. Still waiting for newbies to not get thrown into siver district for one.
  9. Its all a bunch of BS! and they know it. Golds WILL NOT play in their correct district and cry about low pop. But what they fail to acknowledge is that if Silver were playing against ONLY Silvers alot of them would go GOLD then be there to play with them. Just another cheap bunch of BS to take advantage of the already huge skill gap and everything else. Please down vote it you egotiscal tryhards!
  10. Since LO has Zero regard for the report feature it seems toxicty and wall hacking at the very least are on the rise. I really hate to hackusate but its getting a little ridiculous. Bring FairFight back or a reliable anticheat/. Flame away toxic froum gurus as you always do.
  11. HiLoSilver

    Ran out of memory!

    Been playing this game off and on for years. Now this a frequent thing. WHY and WTF!
  12. I watched someones video last night of a really good player that used frags. I was kinda surprised that he wasn't using concs, I get why now. I have always used concs for cars, but now I;m going to play around with good ole frags again. But my favorite is still the Brick, nothing more satisfying then getting a Brick kill.
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