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  1. I just sent a legendary to a different character without issue. What error are you getting? Nvm, eventually I sorted out. If you just traded, you can't even switch weapon between characters. Kinda frustrating tbh.
  2. Wait, why can't I send weapon from a character to another via mailbox anymore? (Same account ofc). I did it like 3 days ago, now it's not possible anymore
  3. Wait, what? Can you please elaborate more?
  4. DouglasFalcon

    citadel on mitigation?

    These are 2 completely different things dude, why bring up cheaters in this thread? How do you know they've done nothing? Your dad works there? You do? Do you have a suggestion to help dealing with DDoS? If you answer is no to all of my questions just shut up and deal with DDoS like we all do. We all know it's annoying and sh*t but spreading toxicity on the forum isn't doing any help to combat it.
  5. DouglasFalcon

    Spawning without ammo

    Ammo system should either be revamped so that it's not as long and tedious to get your ammo, or just reverted back to his past state and auto-resupply on respawn. Right now it's BS to me, and to a lot of other people.
  6. DouglasFalcon

    So this is a thing now

    Happened to me today. I was able to shoot through a wall to get a DMR kill at like 95+ metres. Shit was crazy lol Btw you don't auto fully resupply anymore on respawning, is it intended or not?
  7. DouglasFalcon

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    Yeah you can read in the post that it's being fixed again sto stfu and stop complaining over nothing please
  8. DouglasFalcon

    Account Wide inventory

    I guess. But then I thought I've never used it much, don't need money, no acc wide inventory, mails disappear after 30 days and there's no way to see sent mail. Then I realized I don't even play APB anymore and I loled. Then what is the purpose of this thread? Why are you complaining about the game if you don't play it anymore? To get negative attentions? You kinda did it
  9. Snowball/Pumpkin heads are the best thing for cosplays in this game.
  10. Kinda true and it's still a great mod. It really shows how good purple mods are in this game lol Btw kinda off topic again but is there a way to get my permanent 1 slot NTEC that I accidentally removed from my locker?
  11. DouglasFalcon

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 discussion

    Wait, what's different? I've been using it and didn't find any issue with it.. maybe i'm just dumb
  12. DouglasFalcon

    Hitreg issueses?

    Exactly. Sometimes I'll shoot 6 shots from N-TEC, and 4 hitmarkers will show yet the opponent is dead without assist. Usually all hitmarkers show but I don't really pay attention to them anyways. This has been the case for a long long time for me Happens a lot to me as well, with DMR and Anubis. It's weird because you're like "wow how did that miss" and then you get an assist/kill. But I've also experienced quite a lot of "negative" ghost shots, sadly.
  13. DouglasFalcon

    The Goal of Weapon Rebalancing!

    Imo the game has much worse problems than weapon balance atm. What's scaring off new and old players from APB wasn't the fact that NTEC is everywhere, HVR QS was a thing and OCA was by far the best cqc weapon. Right now we have this weird situation where balancing is NECESSARY because Shotguns have become too powerful and rewarding and need a nerf, but aside from this and some minor nerfs to NTEC and OCA (those that we are testing) I think the game is already pretty balanced. We need to move forward with the engine upgrade, as that will open the doors to new content, better optimization, and (hopefully) better server stability. Once we achieve this and they find a way to deal with DDoS attacks, the game will eventually start drawing in players and grow up a little bit. But it's only at that point that imo a complete weapon rebalance should (slowly) start to happen.
  14. Ye I kinda want the old meta back now, shotguns are starting to be seriously annoying to deal with. I've tried to adapt but man there's nothing to adapt when some guy pops out of the corner and always 2shots your sorry a$$
  15. DouglasFalcon

    Can we make APB more newbie friendly?

    Big agree. This game is very hard for newbies rn (tried to get a couple friends playing it and they found it extremely hard), and a big testament of this is the very low amount of newbies you find around. I think 70% of the current pop is composed by people who have 3+ years of experience in the game, while the other 30% are mostly bronzes/low silvers that are pretty unlikely to stick with APB for more than 1 year. If this company wants to keep the game alive they'll definetely need to find a way to attract new players to an old game, but this all will probably be done after the engine upgrade(s). We can only wait and hope for the best.