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  1. DouglasFalcon

    APB Roadmap

    Matt said they want to give weaker weapons a buff to help them fulfill their niche in a more consistent way, so I could definetely see that happening. Honestly I'm just really excited about the weapon changes, sounds very interesting and I wanna try all the tweaked weapons!:)
  2. DouglasFalcon

    Something is going on with hit reg...

  3. DouglasFalcon


    I mean, the situation was terrible anyways and whatever they could have done, it would have been a bad choice at this point. Giving a second chance to potential customers makes sense on a seller's perspective, but LO didn't account for the fact that this is the APB playerbase we're talking about. Cancer at his purest form, literal human garbage (I love y'all tho ) Honestly I wouldn't have unbanned anyone unless they sent me a ticket, triple checked their account and the reason of the ban and then stripped them of anything that wasn't bought with real money, not in-game dollars.
  4. DouglasFalcon


    What I'm concerned about is: is it possible to clone/spawn legendaries in some way? CAuse it could serisouly break the game, lol
  5. My tactic: stay as far from the enemy as possible, kill him when he's busy doing other stuff abusing DMR's broken TTK at long range If he's close spray and cry with ur Nano till either you or your opponent are dead I got gold r255 using this tactic so it must work
  6. DouglasFalcon


    Yo lol how is that possible? Did this guy actually spend so much time (or money) only to get all these Yukons? https://imgur.com/CJZO3O0
  7. DouglasFalcon

    It could be a pointless thread, but..

    Yes. The reason of that, as I stated, is to intentionally make a non-optimal, yet usable build (i.e. CJ3, Tagger, HS3) to give F2Players a better chance to experience the game and feel more rewarded for progressing through the game. This in my opinion wouldn't detriment ARMAS sales, because one of the game's strongest selling point is the customization, which is negated by the concept of pre-modded weapon. So the player would buy a decent-ish lease HVR Akula, play with it and like it, and at some point he's gonna be pissed of the fact that Tagger is not as good as 3PS3 and buy an open slotted HVR from ARMAS instead. Right now, most pre-modded weapons fail to give you a good taste of the weapon you're using because the mods are WAY too weird. There's stuff like HB3 ALIG or non-HS3 DMR, how tf am I supposed to play with those garbo things? I hope I've explained my point of view well enough for you to understand.
  8. ...shouldn't we think about fixing the pre-set lease weapons that you can purchase from contacts? Right now most pre-set mods are bad (IR3 on HVR) or straight up downgrades for the weapon (like HB3 on ALIG), giving these weapons little to no reason to use them. Of course, you can argue that "you can buy 3 open slots version on ARMAS" or "you can level up that role and get a 3 open slot version from contacts", but the first solution takes A LOT of real money and the second one takes A LOT of time. It shouldn't even be the best combination of mods ever possible, you could for example put Tagger instead of 3PS3 on HVR, making it a sub-optimal version, but at least you feel rewarded for unlocking these weapons and progressing through contacts. This should also apply to some of the pre-set weapons that we can buy in ARMAS: ALIG "Surefire" and Shaw "First Blood" always come to my mind lol, they're supposed to make up for the fact that you can't afford mods atm so instead you buy pre-modded weapins for, say, one month. BUT! Surprise! These mods suck patootie and you wasted your money (real money tho). Of course this would be a very low priority, the game has so many bigger flaws and I think most people are now used to pre-set weapons being terrible, but I think this should not be overlooked. What do you guys think, is it a bad idea? And if so, why?
  9. Honestly I find that watching "godlike" player missing every single shot is the biggest satisfaction I want. No need to bully them in PM or make fun of them in district chat, a giggle when he can't hit you for shit is more than enough LOL
  10. DouglasFalcon

    Give criminals fire

    Pls no I don't want more lame mechanics being added in this game
  11. DouglasFalcon

    Most underrated Weapon

    Gotta say Dog Ear, that weapon is versatile af yet (imo it's the 2nd best sniper, after HVR ofc) yet I see almost nobody using it
  12. Good guide overall, make sure to add more recent weapon and you're good to go! I was just noticining that your paragraph about DMR-SD is a bit unprecise imo: -CJ2 is in my opinion crucial for having success with this subpar Sniper, as it allows to shoot slightly faster at closer ranges while not completely ruining your crosshair when shooting at 2-shot range (which btw starts at 88 metres, not 80). So basically CJ2 is good and CJ3 is bad, lol -Nothing to say about Yellow and Purple mods. You may want to add that DMR takes A LOT of time to equip (1.20 seconds, more than HVR for whatever reason), so 3PS3 it's a very useful mod here. -Bandolier 3 is fine ig but again CJ2 is just a straight up better mod, so you really don't have room for Blue mods in general. -High Mag Scope is just a really bad mod that forces you to tunnel vision. CJ2 allows you to get your 2-shot kill very quickly and reliably, with hampering your sight at closer distances. I'd remove that mod and put something fancy like Mobility Sling (DMR's accuracy while moving is INCREDIBLE, but the even longer equip time makes it not worth it most of the time) or HB3 for helping STABBA teammates with stuns LUL Final trivia: don't ever add IR3 on DMR. It makes your 2-shot range shrink even more LMAO don't ever try that
  13. DouglasFalcon

    Legendary weapon opinion poll

    Great idea! Polls are way more efficient at collecting playerbase's opinion about stuff, and the risk to create toxic discussion is way lower than usual (granted, people who like to type the first thing that crosses their mind will still be there tho ) tbh I think we should make more polls of this kind, maybe ordered by Weapon Cathegory? I.E.: Snipers -How good is HVR762? Yes - No -How good is Scout? Potato - Yesn't -etc.
  14. Why does every thread of this type always end with having 2 or more people throwing shit at each other?
  15. Agrotech DMR, both SD and AV! I love the sound they make, the hard damage of AV variant and the reverse dropoff thing. I'm the kind of guy that likes being far from the fights so having your ideal range at 80+ metres is great for me lol And my favourite car is Car Surfer LMAO