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  1. DouglasFalcon

    Mission Bugged

    Creme de la crime is also bugged. Happened to me yesterday, I was so confused lol I guess that's what I deserve for not playing Fight Club.
  2. DouglasFalcon

    So many cheaters

    I'm sorry to say that the cheating issue has represented. I used to say that cheaters were no longer a problem but tonight, a few minutes ago, I saw them with my own eyes. The cheaters even wrote down in chat the site they (possibly) got them from, but I'll not post it here since idk I don't wanna violate any weird rule. I got a screenshot of the site in case anybody's wondering. Just trust me: at least 2 people, including a max rank criminal, were clearly speedhacking around Citadel Financial. I really hope this gets fixed ASAP, we don't really wanna go back in pre-BattleEye APB.
  3. DouglasFalcon

    An idea to possibly make Reaper viable

    It makes your character phisically disappear when you're shooting
  4. DouglasFalcon

    An idea to possibly make Reaper viable

    I honestly have troubles understanding what's tracer effects, since I've only been playing for about 4 years. Mind explaining to me?
  6. Hello everyone! Some of you guys know that I love sniper rifles in general and I love how good NCR Anubis and Oblivion are now that LO put their hands on them (meanwhile SBSR-IRS still crying on a corner lol). This has made me think that, with enough differentiation, it's possible to carve a niche in the meta for every weapon in the game, despite being so many of them. To me, a big issue is how bad the N-HVR Reaper is compared to the Sitting Duck counterpart. Poor thing has less range and less diversity on his open slot that most of the times translates into higher TTK because of Reaper's incapacity to use CJ3. It's really sad to see such a cool/edgy legendary being outshadowed by a friggin' plastic duck, lol! So I was thinking: would an insane jumping accuracy, similar to 2012 Scout, be enough to make it viable? Right know Scout is already pretty damn accurate when you're in the air, but it's only really effective within 30 metres or so, it's very luck reliant outside of that range. I've heard a lot of veterans wanting jumpshooting back and honestly it does sound fun to try. Plus, Reaper has plenty of drawbacks so it wouldn't be broken/hard to play against at all. Lemme know your opinions ^^ (and please be polite)
  7. Farm a lot of money if you wanna buy legendaries. Playing FC/ram raiding greatly helps if you're looking for this. Create symbols that you can use/sell since your cap of usable object is 4 times higher. Customize your character/car for the reason above. But most importantly: never get off APB unless your house in on fire or a relative is about to die
  8. DouglasFalcon

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    Gotta say I completely forgot about LTLs since I find them boring and never use them. I guess they would have to addres this issue since they only hotfixed the server crash thing. But I still think it's doable, they've shown creativity in this regard. I completely agree with you here my dude, but your statement reminds me of that scene in The lord of the rings, where Gimli says "Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an Elf", and Legolas answers back "what about side by side with a friend?" It's hard times for APB, and we gotta stay unite for the greater good!
  9. DouglasFalcon

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    Iirc they said that Fight Club is gonna stay so eventually they should address the issues it has. Just done playing for today, same situation happened. At some point it was a 20 vs 9 game lol
  10. DouglasFalcon

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    I like to consider myself a Baylan Shipping veteran, since I've been playing there only for a good year now. And during this time, there's one thing I noticed: here in Citadel, most of the time Criminals are on the receiving hand, making playing crim side hard mode Fight Club. (oh I'm an enforcer main so this post is not for whining lol) Not only that, but a lot of the time the teams are extremely unbalanced: 20 Enfo vs 9 Crim, or half silver team Enfo vs almost full gold Crim. Not to mention that this also causes a lot of people to switch faction and make things even worse for the weaker team. The recent Halloween event has made me think that maybe we should treat Fight Clubs differently than regular districts and put a matchmaking system that creates 2 balanced teams at the start of every match, without distinguishing between Crims and Enfos. That way everyone has a chance to win, and you don't start with an immediate disadvantage because you're on the wrong faction. Do you think this solution would work?
  11. DouglasFalcon

    Autumn Assault!

    I'm not sure it's gonna work like this. But yes, you can be my friend anyways :]
  12. DouglasFalcon

    Autumn Assault!

    I wanna get the Butcher skin so badly but I'm also bad and I have a bad pc. Sad time.
  13. Please lock this cancer thread already. Not only the discussion is nonexistent, but the broken english in giving me literal AIDS. Learn English, then you earn the rights to complain (politely).
  14. DouglasFalcon

    "Reversing the ir3 changes"

    LOL time to try it
  15. Why is SBSR IRS priced the same as freaking N-HVR 762? And also why are the Norsemen weapon more expensive than the other SMGs while being probably the worst SMGs thenselves? I get what your classification cryteria is but I really do not agree with it. Each weapon from the same cathegory is more or less effective, more or less niche. Trying to ignore this fact is plain wrong imo. Btw I do love the new site, it feels much more clear and usable. Just fix your pricings please, they're better than G1 ones but still pretty far from good