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  1. I've only played a bunch of Legendaries so I'll share my opinions on those (can't speak for stuff I haven't tried firsthand) - NCR Anubis is good, it's actually my 2nd most used weapon and I think it's a great sniper. It's also pretty versatile as it can benefit from many mods. It just need a bit of dedication to get used to the weird crosshair (which isn't TOO bad after LO reworked it). Good at jumpshooting, can lean out of cars with it, super generous magazine, good range and TTK is pretty fast (esp with CJ2, imo the best mod on it) Lowkey one of the most underrated weapons rn - Nano is my go-to secondary, as my aim's too bad for using .45 AP lol. It's a good jack of all trades, master of none secondary, with average stats all across and none being outstanding in any way. As such, it can win or lose against any other secondary in the game lol. It's good for picking off weakened targets, but it struggles A LOT in a 1v1 full health no cover scenario. It could use a small buff but imo it should be a really small one (like a better equip time or something) because it would make it too good afterwards - N-TEC Ursus isn't called broken by noobies just because regular NTEC exists haha. It's a very easy to use full auto gun with no really bad stat imo, especially when you combine them toghether. Could see a small nerf but honestly I wouldn't agree with it, it's a healty but strong weapon and I'd actually be happy if every weapon in the game was similar to Ursus in terms of viability and strenghts/weaknesses balance - EOL Kickback is underwhelming to say the least. I love using it, but I gotta admin it just doesn't work. OPGL straight up outclasses it and it's not even close, unfortunately. Imo they should remove the (super) unnecessary windup time on all EOL so that they'll become a bit more useful in CQC-ish situations (I think they were intended to be a CQC variant of OPGL so it would make sense... I guess?) - Raptor Condor is MEH. Good for not getting caught when many people are around, but extremely unimpressive otherwise. Not sure how to buff it without making it over-centralizing though, so I guess it's fine as it is. Haven't used it much. - Colby Commander is a russian roulette: the experience. It WILL miss at the most random and crucial times, and its low damage per-shot means it will turn into a 4 STK weapon, aka it's useless because of how slowly it fires. ACT 44 is far better imo, RSA needs more base accuracy; fine otherwise though - Sitting Duck/Reaper. While Duck is fine to me (ok, no gimmicky mod, but it doesn't need it), Reaper is far inferior to Duck in almost any way. Either make it more accurate in the air (not too broken due to how bad its range is) or slap it Condor's silencer on it to make it a 100% untraceable sniper. It will still be bad, but at least it has a niche to justify its use - Firework Launcher is a pocket OSMAW that acts as a wallhack if it doesn't kill. Please don't touch it lol Last thing I wanna address: S-247 Oblivion is GOOD! CJ3 and HS3 are kinda mandatory but aside from that you can toy with mods quite a bit. I get that its gimmick can be a bit annoying but it's accurate enough even while still and with mob sling it becomes the ultimate corner popping sniper in the game lol, it's actually quite funny. TTK and range are quite ridiculous too haha
  2. Il punto è che in un gioco che è letteralmente guardie e ladri dal 2008 non puoi lamentarti se, mentre STAI RUBANDO, viene un POLIZIOTTO a cercare di impedirtelo confiscandoti tra l'altro quel che avevi rubato. Non mi pare molto difficile da capire. Che sia una grossa sega quando perdi il lavoro di un'ora nessuno lo nega, ma prova a farlo nella vita vera e dimmi se va tanto meglio lol
  3. Who would've thought that doing something explicitly against the rules would have had such consequences! How come??? Must blame Little Orbit on the forums for my own negligence immediately!!
  4. The thing is, corner camping is pretty cancerous and it happens that Ogre is only viable as a corner camping weapon due to windup time. Also ridiculous TTK and huge bullet spread makes it a 100% braindead weapon to use in a cornercamp situazion, while many other weapon at least do have some type of counterplay/unreliability factor
  5. Wow you guys corner camping with Ogre sure do get mad when they touch your toy lmao
  6. Creme de la crime is also bugged. Happened to me yesterday, I was so confused lol I guess that's what I deserve for not playing Fight Club.
  7. I'm sorry to say that the cheating issue has represented. I used to say that cheaters were no longer a problem but tonight, a few minutes ago, I saw them with my own eyes. The cheaters even wrote down in chat the site they (possibly) got them from, but I'll not post it here since idk I don't wanna violate any weird rule. I got a screenshot of the site in case anybody's wondering. Just trust me: at least 2 people, including a max rank criminal, were clearly speedhacking around Citadel Financial. I really hope this gets fixed ASAP, we don't really wanna go back in pre-BattleEye APB.
  8. It makes your character phisically disappear when you're shooting
  9. I honestly have troubles understanding what's tracer effects, since I've only been playing for about 4 years. Mind explaining to me?
  10. Hello everyone! Some of you guys know that I love sniper rifles in general and I love how good NCR Anubis and Oblivion are now that LO put their hands on them (meanwhile SBSR-IRS still crying on a corner lol). This has made me think that, with enough differentiation, it's possible to carve a niche in the meta for every weapon in the game, despite being so many of them. To me, a big issue is how bad the N-HVR Reaper is compared to the Sitting Duck counterpart. Poor thing has less range and less diversity on his open slot that most of the times translates into higher TTK because of Reaper's incapacity to use CJ3. It's really sad to see such a cool/edgy legendary being outshadowed by a friggin' plastic duck, lol! So I was thinking: would an insane jumping accuracy, similar to 2012 Scout, be enough to make it viable? Right know Scout is already pretty damn accurate when you're in the air, but it's only really effective within 30 metres or so, it's very luck reliant outside of that range. I've heard a lot of veterans wanting jumpshooting back and honestly it does sound fun to try. Plus, Reaper has plenty of drawbacks so it wouldn't be broken/hard to play against at all. Lemme know your opinions ^^ (and please be polite)
  11. Farm a lot of money if you wanna buy legendaries. Playing FC/ram raiding greatly helps if you're looking for this. Create symbols that you can use/sell since your cap of usable object is 4 times higher. Customize your character/car for the reason above. But most importantly: never get off APB unless your house in on fire or a relative is about to die
  12. Gotta say I completely forgot about LTLs since I find them boring and never use them. I guess they would have to addres this issue since they only hotfixed the server crash thing. But I still think it's doable, they've shown creativity in this regard. I completely agree with you here my dude, but your statement reminds me of that scene in The lord of the rings, where Gimli says "Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an Elf", and Legolas answers back "what about side by side with a friend?" It's hard times for APB, and we gotta stay unite for the greater good!
  13. Iirc they said that Fight Club is gonna stay so eventually they should address the issues it has. Just done playing for today, same situation happened. At some point it was a 20 vs 9 game lol
  14. I like to consider myself a Baylan Shipping veteran, since I've been playing there only for a good year now. And during this time, there's one thing I noticed: here in Citadel, most of the time Criminals are on the receiving hand, making playing crim side hard mode Fight Club. (oh I'm an enforcer main so this post is not for whining lol) Not only that, but a lot of the time the teams are extremely unbalanced: 20 Enfo vs 9 Crim, or half silver team Enfo vs almost full gold Crim. Not to mention that this also causes a lot of people to switch faction and make things even worse for the weaker team. The recent Halloween event has made me think that maybe we should treat Fight Clubs differently than regular districts and put a matchmaking system that creates 2 balanced teams at the start of every match, without distinguishing between Crims and Enfos. That way everyone has a chance to win, and you don't start with an immediate disadvantage because you're on the wrong faction. Do you think this solution would work?
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