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  1. First of all it's nice to be back and see the game is still alive, although it's noticeable that the playerbase is still decreasing and things right now are rough Now for the questions! First: I'm EU and I've noticed nobody ever plays in Baylan Shipping's fight club, is there a reason why the Asylum being more popular? Is there a time when people gather in Baylan and play there? I used to love 2 hours sessions of pure killing in that area, one of the most fun game modes in APB imho, so I'd love to experience that again. Second: I wanna waste some JTs and I've always wanted to try the SBSR rifles. When I checked APB:DB to learn the differences between IRS and Coroner the only one I was able to find is that IRS, being a sniper rifle, has 15 metres more of effective range. Is it really the only difference? Like, is the Coroner a straight up worse version of the IRS? Please enlighten me!
  2. If only you knew what you were talking about you'd realize noob guardian is right lol. Getting 3/3 shots with DMR and out-TTKing HVR ain't hard nor uncommon, 88+ range is just the icing on the cake that guarantees you're winning any fight (and consistently playing at that range is possible in a lot of cases, especially during Defend stages)
  3. If you really think they're doing that you're either dumb or just wanna throw shit at the company lmao
  4. Hello I only play sniper rifles and I main DMR AV Please, PLEASE, stop doing your calcs only basing yourself on max damage. If you guys had used DMR AV once in your life you'd know that it's impossible to get a full max dmg mag on a moving car, you'll usually get 2 max dmg shots at best. DMR AV is decent against cars, but eh otherwise. Dog Ear used to be MUCH better than it at dealing with cars (due to much faster fire rate, higher movement speed, and many other factors) and now it's just a very strong sniper (imo) that can still threaten weakened cars if needed. I'm personally more on the side of "buff weaker guns" instead of "nerf stronger guns", but I can see what they wanted to do in this patch. Still, as many people mentioned, DMR AV won't see more usage until they'll address some of its core weaknesses that also plague the SD variant, like its atrocious equip time coupled with its bad mobility. But Dog Ear is fine lol that weapon is still good and y'all just bad
  5. As much as I don't mind territory control at all, why has Baylan Shipping been half empty since this new ruleset has been implemented? Judging by the poll's result it should be the opposite. Also please, lower the population cap back to 32, so more than 1 district will be active at a time and click spamming issues will be mitigated
  6. Man I'm SO happy you're not the one in charge to balance this game lmao
  7. Tried logging in the beta for 2 hours, eventually giving up afterwards (cause I also had to go eat). I was hyped af for trying out the beta and this was a huge letdown to me. So I decided to boot up the normal, old APB. I wanted to play Baylan Shipping, but then I remembered that I won't be able to do so for a long time still bc of the Gun Game event, which I don't like playing cause it lags way too much on my PC. Still, I decide to try a couple missions of Gun Game, and as soon as I get tired I go play a bit of Financial. After a good 5 minutes of spamming "Join", I immediately get teamed up with 3 silvers (nothing to say abt them, I'm silver too atm) and our opponents are, of course, 3 golds all from the same clan. No backup allowed on our part either. I shake my head, get in my car and look for where to go. Until... I realize I got that stupid bug that prevents the game from showing items' and players' positions. I was super close to getting to R18 with a contact, so I decide to play the mission regardless instead of just turning off my PC. Of course, we start getting bodied. Of course, in the end my score sucked so much I didn't even manage to rank up. Of course, right as I press K again the game crashes. Please, hurry up and fix APB. I try my best to stay positive, but days like this put a hard toll on me.
  8. Am I allowed to say I think your tier list is terrible? I disagree with almost all of your placements lol
  9. It's a beta, technical issues are bound to happen. Don't stress yourself too hard Matt, even if it's not the build you were hoping to let us play you still got those bugs covered. I'm personally really happy to be able to play regardless of how stable it will be lol
  10. I'll try your loadout the next time I'll be using it! Maybe I'll go magpull tho since I find reload time a bit too long Thx for your info anyways ^^
  11. While I agree Oblivion's stats seem pretty good in paper, I feel like they don't work well together. Equip time is too long to make any use of Mob Sling, which means that it can't take full advantage of its accuracy gimmick, which results in a frustrating "must do" thing that is very often unwelcome (like when shooting under cars). And in this regard, you could forego HS3, but said issues will become even worse and it's not like Oblivion benefits from many other mods whatsoever, so to me it feels pointless to do so. You're basically forced to use 3PS3 alongside HS3 and CJ3, and at that point it's useless to have slightly better equip time than average if your loadout is gonna be the same thing. Speaking of TTK, while it's definitely pretty good for a sniper (although nothing huge imo), it's pretty hard to land all 4 shots in a row, and you'll be forced to aim more carefully and slowly, else you'll most likely leave the opponent alive behind a cover/inside a car. All in all I feel Oblivion fails to fill its niche because of it not being polarized enough. On a side note, Oblivion's crazy good at jumpshooting. Too bad its shots don't deal enough damage to make it significant
  12. The girl really is poorly dressed, she looks like one of those rookies that still lack their own fashion and personality and is always uncomfortable when around people
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