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  1. Leefekyn

    Fragile needs a buff

    As Nano said, having a faster speed for movement based animations would put the mod in a pretty good spot. If the base health regen delay wasn't so slow to start, I wouldn't think fragile would need a buff at all. So maybe the problem isn't with fragile but with health regen in general, and how much of an advantage Clotting Agent gives in comparison.
  2. You don't want to see what it's going to look like, nor read about what changes are being made. What do you want?
  3. Leefekyn

    Cops stunning

    I'm keeping my nl9 and stun nades, thanks. Also, make the NL9 two shots again.
  4. Leefekyn

    Armas Weapon Resend Button

    This should have been a thing years ago
  5. Leefekyn

    Do Not Take Every Fight

    I needed this honestly
  6. I'm gonna say no to the idea of more joker boxes until the whole system is revamped. We only get one item per box, while many games have moved to a 4-5 reward per box system. Would love to see more rewards given per box, even if it was just bumped to 3. Most players can't do anything with the majority of what the box rewards (e.g. 3 day trials of weapons many players own) We need a way to trade these items in, either selling them to npcs for a small amount APB$ or JTs. No way to F2P players to earn them in game F2P players need a way to get these, either from the JT Store, random mission rewards, or from completing daily missions.
  7. Leefekyn

    Looping emotes?

    /cointoss loop
  8. Don't wait for sales, wait for double loyalty rewards. Get those sweet sweet gold gamble boxes.
  9. Leefekyn

    More guns from Somatic in the future

    There are actually quite a few more: FAR Series STAC 10 SBSR S1-NA S1-FA S1-TIC Shaw 556 Star LCR Star 556 S-AS PDW Pretty sure all of those are Somatic. Could be wrong, I'm on mobile trying to search the db.apbvault.net at work.
  10. Leefekyn

    |GAME| - chat filter

    The game has a profanity filter, report function for harassment, and an ignore feature. I honestly think that is more than enough for most situations.
  11. Is there any particular reason these were left disabled for action districts and fight club this year? They were a ton of fun to mess around with during previous events.
  12. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    I get your concern, but it doesn't really work here. If implemented, all weapons would be substantially worse than their lethal counterparts. Not to mention have one less mod slot. Sorry, just realized I never replied to this. I know that introducing something like this would be a large undertaking, but would essentially allow the team to never need to make content relating to LtL again. (Not that they're at all obligated to now) I do expect that if something like this were to be introduced, it'd need an extended stay in the OTW to try and prevent any edge cases. Aside from that, creating a new weapon would require a new gun model, potentially new animations, and still need a good amount of testing to ensure fair balance.