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  1. Looking at the Cortex user manual, you should just need to add the -language=1031 to the launch parameters setting. That's assuming you selected the game program and it didn't automatically pick up the launcher instead. Also, if you're not seeing a substantial benefit from using it, it'd probably be better to remove the program. Temp files usually exist for a reason, and any program that "cleans" your registry has the potential to do some damage to your system.
  2. So, you nailed 6 shots with the UL-3, you only need 7 more to kill. Those 7 shots would have taken .49 sec, while swapping to the Scout is .6 sec (amusing you fire the exact tick it's equipped) You could swap to a shotgun an accomplish the same thing, but faster and more reliably.
  3. Just to add to this: there is a program to help with the folder linking. Link Shell Extension. I originally got it for APB years ago, but continue to use it pretty frequently. It adds the symbolic linking process to the context menu, super easy!
  4. Always nice to see the GMs jump in game to have some fun with the community, thanks!
  5. A very appreciated move Matt, thank you and your team for the hard work!
  6. Now we just need the ability to cash in timed weapons from old joker boxes for JTs. Maybe the possibility to buy Joker Boxes with Joker Tickets.
  7. I think I might scream if it's 2 shots to kill, or drops off anywhere after 50m nah, it is kinda fun to see something that a few people have been requesting for a while get added.
  8. Grats dude, credit where credit is due. That's a pain in the patootie, glad to hear you finally grinded it out!
  9. Cars just need the lower tiers slightly tweaked to bring them more in line with the high end, but to mess with them before getting player feedback on the upcoming emp grenades would be shortsighted. The n5/p5 system is fine imo, but could potentially use a tweak in how points are gained/lost.
  10. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    Did some updates today! 1. I realized that the sheet had not been fully updated to use apbdb.com, so I just went back in and updated everything. So if you had any issues with it before, please try again now! 2. Attempted to fix the line function used to measure damage during the dropoff and it seems to have worked. 3. Added an adjusted Shots to Stun, and Time to Stun box, so you don't need to estimate that yourself anymore.
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