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  1. Been driving the Rally as my main car for a hot minute and would love a custom one available, even if it was Armas exclusive.
  2. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    At the 15% damage penalty I currently have, all the LMGs are at least 20% increases in effective takeout time compared to the stock ones. AMG- 22.22% Alig-25% S1-TIC-20% Shaw-28.57% Swarm-20% On top of that, they'd have 1 less mod slot & mod type to work with, and lose their place as hard damage weapons. I personally think that's enough of a penalty, but you can always play around with the values in the sheet to suggest a number you'd be happy to see! I get the idea of balancing LTL weapons around the high time to stun weapons we currently have, but I feel like there may not be any real need to keep it that high. There is already the added difficulty of actually securing arrests while dealing with other players in the match.
  3. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    Hey everyone, recently went though my old google sheets and found this again. I realized that it was completely broken since APBDB.com got updated a while back. I decided to spruce the sheet up a bit, and add all the new weapon values from the DB. So the idea lives again. Feel free to take a look at the updated sheet and play around with it!
  4. Worth noting that this also works with ADS, but I don't find it nearly as useful as with grenades. You can also jump-kick through many gates without a doorway above them. You just need to get the timing right. I find the normal jogging movement speed to be pretty consistent at doing this. I've been letting go of sprint, then jump kicking while moving forward, and that lets me coast right through gates.
  5. When the biggest issue with local edits is that people have the Final Stage written in their UI, as apposed to memorizing it or keeping the db up, then I really don't see this issue.
  6. Leefekyn

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    The range for OCAs is 17.5m in general. The other silenced OCA, the OCA 'Whisper', is a different gun variant, and has a couple other slight stat tweaks in addition to the extended range. Maybe they should be the same, but I doubt that's high on the priority list at the moment.
  7. Leefekyn

    Launcher.log Error

    I could be reading this wrong, but this looks like it could be the cause: GetLastWin32Error:23 That message popped up a bunch in the log. According to this sheet is a crc error, which could be a is a disk error. I don't know if your system is having any other issues currently, but I'd run an error check on your hard drive to be safe. To run the error check, go to your File Explorer > Right click your (C:) Drive > Click Properties > Click Tools > Click Check in the "Error Checking box > Click Scan Drive Hopefully that helps!
  8. Leefekyn

    Launcher.log Error

    Can you link a pastebin of the launcher.log file? Might help get to the bottom of things.
  9. Leefekyn


    Yeah, RIP to the $240 billion company.
  10. Hey Everyone! The last few years I've been doing 24 hour streams for Extra-Life, mostly comprised of APB with some other games when population dips a little too low for matches. I'll be doing it again this year on November 7th at 11am Est. I'll also be raffling off some legendary weapons (Jericho Only) and allowing viewers to alter my loadout as donation incentives on gameday! For anyone unfamiliar with Extra-Life, it's a fundraising platform which helps provide funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I have their about page in the links below for anyone who wants to take a look! Links Extra-Life's About Page My Extra-Life Fundraising Page My Twitch Page
  11. I think it would be best to have them all available in any given district. Maybe apply a bonus to prestige for contacts in their correct district?
  12. Sad to see more ltl synergy go, here's hoping we can slowly reintroduce some after the main weapons are in balance!
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