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  1. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    Just a quick update, since db.apbvault.net now shows the total shotgun damage per shot adjusted for the pellet scaling, I was able to correct the sheet to include shotguns! If you notice anything wrong, please let me know! Looking at this, the CSG looks like it'd be a lot of fun. Edit: It should now take in to account the mods that the pre-made weapons have as well!
  2. Leefekyn

    Colby SNR Range and Accuracy

    I don't use them, so I can't confirm or deny, but if that's the issue wouldn't the solution be to fix those instead of trying to get another gun to fill their role? As far as buffing it goes, I'd like to see a very slight accuracy buff, but nothing more. I personally want the gun to keep meme status. If they made it any good, they'd have to change gun game events, as well as daily missions that require kills with it, as it would no longer be challenging.
  3. Quick sidenote to this thread since it's about the ARMAS market; why am I limited to a 3 day trial of the SNR PR1? I legit want this thing account bound, please add it back. Also would like to see this in the JT store as well.
  4. Leefekyn

    APB G1C's bug

    Do you have an ad blocker that may be filtering the page? Have you cleared your browser cache? Tried another browser?
  5. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    Bumping this thread as I recently made a damage calculator to show how this would change most weapons. Not 100% accurate, but it's fun to theory craft with some weapons. Link is in the main post, enjoy!
  6. Leefekyn

    So about the new skins...

    Maybe instead of having it just alternate between on and off, give it a breathing effect?
  7. Leefekyn

    Glowly Skins!

    I would really love to see both parts of this happen. I need that Anubis skin on all my weapons.
  8. Leefekyn

    Remove the *click* sound when a player chats in /say

    There's actually an option for this already. Main Options > Audio > Interface Just tick/untick the ones you want to have the noise.
  9. Leefekyn

    Changing Heavy Barrel

    Yeah, the original charts had started, mid (average between start an final), and final dropoff ranges, but I noticed that the ones based on start were far too weak to be worth using, and the ones on the end were too strong. My wording definitely could have been better too. Not quite sure how the curved damage system would play into everything, and that's way too many values for me to work with in sheets. Its all about constructive criticism. Getting feedback, positive or negative, on these types of threads is helpful!
  10. Well shit, I was pretty hyped for district-wide arresting
  11. Leefekyn

    Changing Heavy Barrel

    I'm calculating everything from in between the dropoff start and end distances, and just updated the main post to reflect that. With that said: The DMR should be two shots from 70m on, a little op, but nothing extreme. The DMR in most cases seems like a straight upgrade with this though, which I'm not a huge fan of. The CR762 is four shots from 20m to 35m, pretty big deal. Unless the benefit of reduced accuracy loss was taken away, this would be pretty broken. The OBIR two shots from 20m to 35m if all shots hit, I could deal with this, but definitely not ideal. Spreadsheet is pretty much done though https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pSk31UgcImrJ59rKLDg7hQS85dJkoBk6TQL-DUn819w/edit?usp=sharing That sheet should let you select any weapon on db.apbvault.net to see how these changes would effect them.
  12. Leefekyn

    Ideas for the "NEW" APB: Reloaded??

    The mechanics in the game are great as is IMO. I think we really just need some new contacts to grind for some new rewards. (Mods, vehicle kits, etc.) Also, as someone who used to jumpscout a ton, I really don't think it should make a comeback. It was pretty easy to grab those kills when floating around corners. What do you mean by rebuilding the foundation of criminal, enforcers, civilians?
  13. Leefekyn

    LtL Conversion Mod

    It would be pretty insane haha, but having the gun detonate early would probably be too big of an advantage in some cases. I've been running the volcano this last week with the only desire being stuns. Fun as all hell, but completely unreliable.