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  1. Tons of people were bashing the mode, but 60% of active players didn't even try it. Not to say there weren't some legitimate complaints and issues with the mode, but that's staggering. If players have input on the next move for those two options, I'd say the 2nd one seems to be pretty solid. I'd definitely like to see a way to remedy the issue with Jericho not getting a chance to play often before adding in new tiers/rewards though. Glad to hear the team has had some practice working with the game's systems, and hope to see them continue to grow with the community.
  2. There are a ton of great ideas in this thread, and I'm sure I'm restating more than a couple here, but it's still good for emphasis I suppose. -Start with less people At least on Jericho, it can be near impossible to start the game. Start with less players and block off a larger portion of the map. -Groups vs Randoms This will always be out of balance. The bare minimum for the current iteration of the game to correct this is to auto-fill partial groups. -UI rework The text is extremely intrusive and distracting. For critical alerts, a small alert noise with some text in the corner should be plenty to notify the player. Also, if this game mode is truly to help bring in new players, it's going to need give some brief info on weapons before picking them up. (Single fire/burst/semi-auto, effective range, shots to kill). Also, let the players know where the money they're getting is coming from so they can strategize better. -Account Progression If people are expected to buy a battle pass, Progression should be account wide. No one wants to finish a long grind only to think, "Great only 4 characters to go." -Hazmat Rework I don't know how everyone would like this approached, but it seems everyone agrees that spawning in only to realize they can't possibly reach the safe zone with the allotted time, is a bad idea.
  3. Managed to get into a riot server, no one joined, tried changing districts, stuck in the infinite screens again.
  4. Found in the localization files: RedeemableRewards_WeaponSkin_HiTechBlue_MailSubject=Short Circuit - Blue Weapon Skin edeemableRewards_WeaponSkin_HiTechGreen_MailSubject=Short Circuit - Green Weapon Skin RedeemableRewards_WeaponSkin_HiTechRed_MailSubject=Short Circuit - Red Weapon Skin Assuming that's one of them.
  5. Would it be possible to get these downtime extension messages before the actual time the patch is supposed to finish? I feel like these things must be caught at least an hour or so beforehand, but we only hear about them just as the downtime is supposed to end. Just a little frustrating sometimes.
  6. I completely agree, not sure how they'd go about current inventories though. I doubt they'd want to go around deleting weapons from individual accounts, and I don't think they have a way to do that on the scale required.
  7. Lemme join, I'm sure I could make that 9 game streak into like a 3.
  8. Only if it has the same aim by moving the tablet like in Splatoon.
  9. A lot of missions won't start with a group past 3 members anyway. I feel like that should be the default group size cap, with a prompt before adding a 4th member. "Adding a 4th member may restrict your matchmaking pool as well as available missions. Continue?" With a check box to not see the message again, of course.
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