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  1. I like to think that outside of launchers, 1 shot tactics don't belong in the game at all. With the little synergy there is between normal an ltl weapons, it's probably best to use an ltl weapon when using stun grenades anyway. Lowering the stun damage would just remove a pretty cheap playstyle.
  2. It's not incredibly hard to toss a stun nade 70m, so I'm not sure what you mean there. They are also one of the best corner camping tools, as you can one shot anyone that isn't wearing flak. I use them all the time as they're the only dedicated stun option (Hopefully EMP grenades can function as an alternative), and I've found them to be incredibly cheesy. Nerfing them down to 850 still allows you to follow up with any dedicated ltl weapon. It would still stun with single shot, or two in the CCG's case, so they'd be perfectly serviceable as an ltl mainstay still, while not having them be annoying.
  3. Like the PIG changes, can I recommend stun grenades get nerfed to 850 stun damage as well? Maybe buff the ltl primaries too? Also, bloom recovery on the TG-8 could be buffed, as it stands it can be a bit inconsistent. (Recovery Delay is too long, but recovery per second is very good.) Also you nerfed the snub? The equip time was the only reason to use the gun in any situation. Could have been better to add some timer to the JG instead of nerfing a meme weapon. Also, I don't think the PIG nerf will alter PIG+Perc much. Damage dropoff doesn't start until 3m (out of the 5.5m radius) with the percs, so there is still a decent buffer for missing. I definitely need to test it in game to be sure though. I'm still all for the PIG change, but don't think it will nerf that playstyle at all.
  4. Are we going cross faction for all of this? All the selected items seem to be in the screen shots, and I'm not sure if that's intended.
  5. High top shoes and the hanging Safety goggles
  6. Time. This game has been out for over 10 years with only a couple real content patches.
  7. Looking at the Cortex user manual, you should just need to add the -language=1031 to the launch parameters setting. That's assuming you selected the game program and it didn't automatically pick up the launcher instead. Also, if you're not seeing a substantial benefit from using it, it'd probably be better to remove the program. Temp files usually exist for a reason, and any program that "cleans" your registry has the potential to do some damage to your system.
  8. So, you nailed 6 shots with the UL-3, you only need 7 more to kill. Those 7 shots would have taken .49 sec, while swapping to the Scout is .6 sec (amusing you fire the exact tick it's equipped) You could swap to a shotgun an accomplish the same thing, but faster and more reliably.
  9. Just to add to this: there is a program to help with the folder linking. Link Shell Extension. I originally got it for APB years ago, but continue to use it pretty frequently. It adds the symbolic linking process to the context menu, super easy!
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