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  1. I'm with Solamente on this one. It's probably just garbage collection, and you're only noticing it now because you're looking for it.
  2. Definitely on to something here. There are few situations currently where the removed sprint comes into play. At the very least, it should start sooner; potentially below 800. That way the nl9 forces a walk after 2 shots.
  3. Please just enable the stun flag on the flare/firework launcher. I'll be eternally grateful. I promise to make it worth it.
  4. A weapon costing real world currency doesn't exempt it from any future balance changes. When you make a purchase in an online game, you're making that purchase with no promise that your item will remain in it's current state. Meta games are always changing and there will never be a place for a weapon that will keep the same stats forever. If you're afraid to lose your investment, don't spend the money.
  5. I'll just leave this here: It's got cool charts and shit too
  6. Would love to see a pack costing 50-100 more g1c that would give you a primitive of that design. Otherwise, nice addition to ARMAS, exactly the content it was missing.
  7. I want to second this, I started using Authy as an alternative, broke my phone less than a month later, and was set up from my new phone in like a half hour.
  8. Sick, now I can fully commit to my fireman ERP!
  9. Pretty sure you need a dom to sign for it.
  10. Lets get one thing done at a time. With all the discourse from weapon changes, both current and proposed, I think this is something to come back to after that settles. No strong buff/nerf is needed anywhere with green mods, maybe give CA a slightly stronger downside.
  11. When has whispering someone to turn off cheats, macro, etc. ever yielded positive results? Like why even bother with it?
  12. In all fairness, the "Yakuza" skin doesn't work correctly on all secondaries and that is supposed to be finished content that people are spending money on.
  13. Gonna bring back this thread because I think the point is still valid.
  14. Didn't receive mine yet. Also pretty sure they never sent out the Conspiracy Symbols to KTTC owners either.
  15. I got ltl covered. Currently the TG-8 and PIG are bugged and use the Prentiss Tigers skin instead of the Yakuza. Stabba - NL9 Stabba - O-PGL Stabba - TG-8 Stabba - PIG
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