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  1. In all fairness, the "Yakuza" skin doesn't work correctly on all secondaries and that is supposed to be finished content that people are spending money on.
  2. Gonna bring back this thread because I think the point is still valid.
  3. Didn't receive mine yet. Also pretty sure they never sent out the Conspiracy Symbols to KTTC owners either.
  4. I got ltl covered. Currently the TG-8 and PIG are bugged and use the Prentiss Tigers skin instead of the Yakuza. Stabba - NL9 Stabba - O-PGL Stabba - TG-8 Stabba - PIG
  5. Just throwing in my opinion to the thread. 1. Would love to see the proposed damage stats for the EMP grenade. Give it some decent stun damage, and I've got a new main grenade. That solves two of my biggest problems with the current stun grenades: 1. Them overall being a bit too powerful and feeling cheap 2. Cars 2. Riot weapon skins/rewards should have some small exclusivity to them in the future imo. Just some slightly different variants for armas vs unlock perhaps? 3.New Contracts Glad to see they aren't max tier contacts to reduce the leveling for them. Hope to see some new lore to follow, not that I particularly read too much into it, but it's nice to have available. 3. Weapon changes could be cool, will have to wait to test them out before making any hard statements. Thanks for removing the 1 shot strife against fragile, that's pretty neat.
  6. Mine's been pretty iffy as of late as well, can't pinpoint when it stopped working though as it's so rare to see someone else use it.
  7. And with that, I've lost all incentive to play the mode. I like RIOT and all, but even at peak times, it's nearly impossible to start on Jericho. Knowing that you can buy the skins later just removes all motivation I had to play it.
  8. I'd like something to do while waiting on RIOT to start. Give players some open world objectives spawning in, ideally some that offer a small bit of standing. "Setup Riot Devices" or something, this would help introduce players to what they look like and where they're located around the city. Downtime before matches (not just in riot, but all districts) is one of the biggest drawbacks I've experienced. It's also at it's worst when you're unsure if you'll even get enough people to start.
  9. Varzuga Rally XS. Just want a customizable version, the car itself is a lot of fun.
  10. Had some footage of some dumb mistakes I make, or had seen, sitting on my capture drive. Hopefully a few people will at least get a kick out of this!
  11. The only thing wrong with cars right now is the fact that the best car in the game is locked behind JTs. Many players, don't have time to grind away to get tickets to get their Varzuga.
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