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  1. If we get the Parka(down) all people that bought that pack should get it for free. (Which includes the parka we got now)
  2. I would love to put a skin on my Ursus..
  3. So, ill update this later, I'm getting so many constant crashes upon entering a district. It's getting kind of frustrating. Edit: editing windows registry seemed to have fixed my crashing.
  4. Repairing got it to fix it for me. Did u try re-installing then trying again? That seemed to work aswell for me.
  5. i get this @Kevkof Also @Tunner I re-installed the game, at first i didnt even recieve the manifest for the update download. That way i did.
  6. Bva

    Client Manifest?? W0T

    Why when i try to open the launcher it tells me the Client Manifest is invalid? Why did i crash earlier this morning and get tons and tons of errors trying to launch the game? Edit: Managed to update the game via re-install now i get this error.
  7. I am getting so many errors/crashes after today. Really? manifest failed to download, many MANY errors/Crashes when attempting to launch the game, can't even get past district select, i get error.
  8. Really don't get why this would be a 2 hour problem to fix...
  9. It would be helpful if we could track said achievements via a role or a counter. Tho.
  10. Yes exactly, no need to extend it much further then needed.
  11. It's been 2 hours. Cmon, game is updated, put it online. No need for the extra 4 hours of waste.
  12. I've just used a VPN and bought joker boxes, i got Lucky and got the Ursus, not sure if i can sell/trade it tho, which i wouldnt want to.
  13. 6 hours? For what though? G1 did it faster.
  14. I hate to be that guy, but those are just leggings, converted to go on male with a bunch of added symbols? What is this new clothing?
  15. Credits go to myself for making the symbols/outfits Char Name - Fluffytof Server - EU Citadel
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