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  1. First of all i'd like to say, props on focussing all resources towards the Engine update, but stuff needs to happen. It's always the same cycle right now Login > See the same people > People get gold > People curvestomp noobies > Dethreat & Repeat. (I won't name and shame) <Although i dont see why it's such a problem as i feel like specific people should be ashamed> Either way, there are tons of ''Fake golds'' playing in bronze, it's not just once, it's every single day. Every day the same people who curvestomp everyone because they can't play silver. It's just sad that nothing can be done to this. It's just sad we as a community do not shame these people for behaving like this, same as known cheaters but that's a sensitive topic around here. How hard is it to implement (for now) a system that would; Send these people the fuck over to silver/gold district upon reaching gold threat? I know the current threat system is a joke, gold is easily achieve-able But it's the same dethreaters / outskilled for the district type of people. Something has to change. As a long time fan and returning player after 2 years, it took me a week. 7 days to call it quits yet again because of this unplayable garbage in districts, asylum/baylan cheaters and dethreaters. It's sad.
  2. @Sakebee I did not intent this topic/Thread to be a discussion that borders the ToS, would you be so kind as to lock this thread?
  3. Dont revert med spray Revert the shield change
  4. I actually bought that thing + Coywolf for 10K cash each. idk how that happened.
  5. Bva

    Petition: Fight Club

    I hereby start a petition to disable explosive weapons for use in Fight club districts for the forseeable future. Its completely not needed there.
  6. Fair enough but what do i even type in? I tried to search it but not the correct type of editing
  7. @heelruby Do you know how to do it, or is there a tutorial on how to do it? I want to change it to different colors and be able to see the last objective of the match
  8. I was watching youtube videos and seen people using a sort of edit to their UI where they see what the last objective is and having multiple different colors in their UI aswell for teamplayers and enemy team(showing with weapon and everything) in the killfeed What is this and can you still do this?
  9. Hello im looking for someone on Citadel EU to make me a couple of themes. Ive got 1.7m to spend and i want some actual proper themes. I have a couple of requests starting with but not limited to; Barely Alive & Fox Stevenson - Here We Go 1:08 - 1:12 & 2:12 - 2:17 Wildstylez & Sound Rush - Untamable 1:11 - 1:16 (Or general melody of the song) Ohmie - Bleeding to Death 0:49 - 0:54 KSHMR - Strange Lands 0:37 - 0:42 Together with much more but to start with these. Is there anyone that can make this come to the game? I will pay well.
  10. There was literally a playable BETA, which improved quite a bit. The question is when will we get it tho.
  11. Surely they must be close, seeing as last year they wer so close as to where Matt said it'd be weeks if not months.
  12. Dear Matt, Are you okay? You still alive? Its been a good 16 days since we last seen any update. Also i would like to point out during a Q&A on April 18th 2020 You told us the upgrade was ''weeks if not months'' and we're now 14 months further. I think it would be a great idea to do another Q&A stream and see where we're at, at this point in time and how far you've come. If not to push the population number up a bit, the steady decline in player population numbers is not something to be ignored.
  13. Just make it so collision between players is off, when youre not on a mission. Problem solved. No need to ban people for something that is in the game itself. The game makes u hit anyone, derail them, flip them. Fuck, you can even kill someone behind a pedestrian vehicle if u ram it hard enough and make it look like a suicide. Just set player collision off (i.e can't hit players with vehicles off mission) when not on a mission and a great mayority of griefing is fixed.
  14. Lets be real here, what actually happens in maintenence and why does it take so long?
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