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  1. My mistake, I thought FFA was under AR category. But the point is, why have a gun in the game if you can't get it? And actually, FFA III is much better than Obir. FFA is light weight so u run faster, and if u put CJ3 on it, it shoots faster, especially with HS3 and MS. I really don't care what yall think.
  2. clearly it needs a nerf then. Also FFA, is much better than Obir. Obir is a rifle. FFA is not. Obir doesn't compete with FFA. But the point is, why make a gun if you're gonna make it unobtainable, and then let others keep it? Either bring it back or remove it. If it's a unobtainable gun, nobody should have it. If it wasn't so OP, then why was it made unobtainable?
  3. Put the Sabertooth Helmet up on ARMAS, as it's for both factions, but at the moment, only criminals can get it. Or add it to the enforcer equivalent pack of the crims pack. ________________ (I'm sure it will be fixed with new engine, whenever that may be.) Fix the crashing when customizing vehicle/clothes. And the bug where clothes unequip when you back out to the outfit screen. - FFA R&D III Add it to a joker box of it's own or remove it from the game all together. As nobody has their 'own'. They just scam it off of each other. And it shoots a lot faster than the Bullshark and does more damage. (Probably better accuracy/recoil too). -FAR 'Charger' This gun is also broken as H, E, double hockey sticks. The damage it does is outrageous. Same with the accuracy and MAYBE recoil. It should either be possible to get it via joker box, or in a new contact or something rather than just Christmas event. You can either tap shoot or go full auto with this gun, scoped or not scoped, it is super mobile or stationary from what I've seen. (Or just nerf it) Merged. Also add all the other legendary weapons that PC has, to console.
  4. I like that, I think they should make a truck based off of the Ford Raptor, same with a Hummer.
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