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Found 8 results

  1. I just finished the tutorial and since logging in couple of hours ago nothing works. I send a message in chat, it doesn't pop up in Global Chat, I click accept the quest - quest is not in my journal, neither are materials. I kill mobs and loot them - I lag for couple of seconds, it tell me I looted the corpse but none of the loot makes it to my inventory. Is that some kind of lag issue or issue with the server? I even verified the files and nothing works for hours on end.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew, with the new update, if you could still increase the size of the chat/text box? If I remember correctly, I had it bigger before the update. (Been awhile, so I don't exactly remember) but that text size and chat box size is very small.
  3. Im not sure if this happends in certain districts or instances , but have you guys noticed that when you send messages fast in the chat only the first ones goes trough ? Yesterday i've tested with someone in social district , and when , i count from 9 to 1 in chat (pressing enter between each number in rapid sucessions) The other guy will only see my 9 and 8 , then all my other messages after this won't go trough . Here's a visual exemple : On my side i count from 9 to 1 then say random stuff On the screen of my friend he sees this : weirdly the delay allowed between messages is quite long , and it sometimes makes conversation get into an akward place due to missunderstanding and unsent messages . is this an artefact of mitigation or something ? TLDR : if you send messages too fast , you see them sent , but other people don't see it .
  4. For a long time LO, they talked about changing nicknames with Cyrillic letters. I understand this is delayed until the general merger of the servers? or forever? This also applies to chat. Just tons of Cyrillic pour out there. Can you make a filter like in other online projects? That the person would see that language which he wants. @Sakebee
  5. Hello there, We all know that APB's chat including user Interface (UI) are annoying, and look terrible. I am here to suggest an improvement to the chat's design and features. I will begin from here: 1. Control: an option to change the chat's, alphabet size, and to disable it completely from the screen. Within that being said, leave the important messages from system, and rewards on a separate box. On top-left or any where the player desires. Disabling whispers, also disables anyone from whispering. For ex, this player has disabled whispering and you cannot whisper them. 2. Better Design: Make the design of the current chat UI look more futuristic, and as cool as your new APB:Reloaded website. 3. Animated Texts: Make the chat look more interesting, less annoying, stylish. Add specific animations for each type of the chat text. Not just that, but the user can pick their favorite animation specifically. 4. Floating Chat: Give us the ability to drag and place the chat box to where we want. 5. Emojis: Wouldn't it be so cool to have Emojis for winning, losing and taunting or joking? imagine! That's what I hope we can get in the future. If you see something wrong with the suggestion, please give me a solution and a better suggestion.
  6. Chat needs to be able to detect cyrillic characters and add the option to filter them. Or better yet, add a chat window in which only the latin alphabet can be used / block the cyrillic script on that window and vice versa. I believe this would make sense since if we are using completely different alphabets there is no logic behind using the same chat. The Citadel server is international, displaying these characters to everyone from every country in Europe is silly in my opinion. My first language isn't english, yet I use it because i know most people that play the game have the ability to somewhat understand it. I know region-locking would be ineffective because that would be the final nail in the coffin of a game with a dwindling population. You see players of all different nationalities using english, yet only russians (and turkish people in some instances) refuse to speak it. I very rarely see anyone actually type in any other language besides english / russian / turkish. If everyone in the group speaks the same language, I don't care obviously; Although if everyone in my group minus one person speaks my language, I will use english simply because it's the most efficient way to communicate. That way everyone understands each other as opposed to just 2-3/4ths of the group. I also believe the problem is not necessarily the language barrier; many of them know how to speak it yet refuse to. I know this because they can understand my call-outs / respond accordingly but refuse to comunicate with me and continue to speak to each other in russian isolating me and other players in what is suposed to be a team-based game. District chat is just full of cyrillic spam that only other russians can read, further diminishing the point of using chat in the first place. Why type if no one is going to respond to you / say some random shit in russian? Unfortuantely most of the toxic behaviour that I see is progagated by russian players; that's not to say that all / only russian players are toxic, but that is the demographic that I see exhibit that behaviour more frequently. (APB is a pretty toxic game overall anyways) Furthermore, reporting players with a name in cyrillic script is not possible or hard to do (to my knowledge). This allows toxic behaviour to spread and fester without opposition. Not that it would make that much of a difference seeing as whoever handles the report system takes years to evaluate a ticket or doesn't even do anything about it (I still report it though). I realize some of the points that I have made have been echoed in the past, but nothing is being done about it, so i'm trying to add my 2 cents. Sorry for the wall of text
  7. If you've ever spent 5s in Social, you'll know that 90% of chat is people spamming about selling/trading/buying legendaries, and the odd "Buy my shit" messages. People will send messages that take up most of the chat box itself. This can lead to people having a conversation (3+ people) having a difficult time keeping up with what's been said. Because of this, I'm suggesting there be a separate chat entirely, purely for people to advertise what they're buying/selling/trading. Yes, Social was made nearly purely for this talk, but it's getting out of hand.
  8. JunoSuzuki


    Ladies and Gentlemen... and criminals My suggestion today is about the district chat and how it is abused by spamming everything multiple times and at some point over a long time which is annoying. Some people say "Just ignore it and block them" but in my opinion that is not something /ignore was made for. If someone constantly insults and harasses me, it is a reason to make use of this function since it's just me who is affected. District spammers can be /ignore'd too but this is, as i said, a solution for you. Someone else who didn't block fast enough will have their chat spammed away and it looks just shit. (That was just a tiny part of todays district spam, also another topic: Name and shame) Spammers can be a problem for everyone not just for yourself - And this is why we should have a limitation in chat. Question is what would be the best solution? That should happen without punishing normal people. And is it enough to do that for district chat? I mean i don't care about /yell chat but sometimes i take a look for some offers. As i said, everyone should have an advantage from that idea. Simple would be to limit the chat. You can't post the same message within 30 seconds or 1 minute. This would have the disadvantage of just doing this: - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-0 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-1 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-2 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-3 I saw gold sellers doing that in another game but they solved it with making them unable to post similiar lines. I am not sure how that works tbh and what kind of filters are used within game chats but could this be a thing that would help APB or is there a better idea? Besides ignoring it... in my opinion this is a behavior that shouldn't be ignored. Those people get away with that too easy. It also takes away a little bit of work LO supporter have with spam reports. I know some people report this but with a spam filter that wouldn't be necessary. Before i finish this here the question again: Do we need a filter for district chat, for all chats or no filter at all? Lemme know in the poll. best regards Juno Zaziki ... damn! ... Suzuki
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