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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone I wanna unlink my gamersfirst account and steam account. However i did not see any option for this. I sent a request for that situation. I'm not sure how fast supportg1 nowadays and i wanted to write it here aswell. Please comment your thoughts. The reason i want to seperate them cuz of not using steam account. It(steam) was also common account so, i do not want something happen wrong. Thanks Kind Regards
  2. I'm trying to download the game on Steam and the Launcher is loading and disappearing repeatedly, can you help me?
  3. Guten abend ich habe mir grade ebene über steam das spiel APB Reloaded heruntergeladen so, dan habe ich mehrfach versucht mich mit meinem Vorhandenen steam account einzuloggen aber das ging nicht so das hatt mich nicht wirklich gestört . So dan habe ich mir extra ein Account für APB Reloaded gemacht und habe ihn auf verifiziert so habe mich dan 5 mal versucht anzumelden Aber es ging immer noch nicht und mir wurde immernoch das mit dem Errorcode 8 angezeit (auch wärend des steam loggins) und dan stand da halt ich möge mich bitte an den support wenden und ich hoffe ihr könnt mir Helfen vielen dank im voraus lg Sternendrache
  4. I'm trying to buy g1c with steam wallet funds but i can't find steam as a payment option. I tried running steam as administrator, adding an item to cart and then checking out but i can't still find it. Does anyone know how to buy g1c through steam?
  5. Besides the issue of the achievements not appearing/unlocking on Steam at the time of achieving the achievement in APB. There are a few achievements on Steam that in my opinion should be removed or be changed. Some of them are not achievable at the current time, because a certain event necessary is not available. Although I played during this event and unlocked it on Steam, that doesn't mean it should be considered an achievement. This achievement is not achievable anymore, because the Infection event is no longer available. This should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. (No description) But as far as I remember it was earned by getting 100 kills in the Chaos District/Asylum? I used to have this "Provocateur" achievement/title on an old character which I deleted. This was before the achievement would even show up on Steam. It did not unlock, although the "Survivor" one did, since I did this on another character as well. The real problem however is the same as the above. These Anarchy achievements are no longer achievable, because there is no Chaos District available. These should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. I did participate in this event again and unlocked all of them on Steam, but.. They are no longer available because there is no longer a 2014 Halloween Event. These should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. Same thing as the Halloween Event, the Christmas Event achievements are no longer unlockable. This "Car Thief" achievement is just a ridiculous grind, 100 car deliveries are already a grind, I tried going for this at some point.. It was so time consuming, there is no way any reasonable player wants to grind this. To compromise just reduce the "Earned by stealing and delivering 1000 vehicles." to "100 vehicles", similar to the "Valet" achievement. Which is pretty much the same process except the "Valet" achievement is unlocked on the Enforcer and the "Car Thief" achievement on Criminal. I do know that there is a program out there called "SAM" or "Steam Achievement Manager" to unlock any achievements on Steam, although I prefer not to use things like that. All Steam Achievements should be unlockable to any new player of the game at any time in my opinion. It's not a pressing matter compared to other issues LO has to tackle right now of course, but it would be something to look at, at some point.
  6. Nothing appears when I start the game from steam. On the other hand in game folder, ıf I click apbprogram it shows the loading box and after few seconds close with little error like window but nothing written there and it close immediately. I ve reinstalled the game 3 time from steam but always same. I have installed every required stuff in the game folder. There is two zip folder about client and launcher in the game folder. I guess may ne the game doesn't installing properly? I have tested windows compatibility options. I need help, thank you
  7. Hello, Since most people play APB trough steam now, and steam investing alot in new backgrounds and avatars. I was wondering is Little Orbit going to join in on this? because i think having nice APB art as background on steam would be epic, and could easily become one of the better and wanted backgrounds on Steam. also i would help to spread APB popularity because people will want the background or just be wondering what the game is.
  8. Yo, so I wanted to buy some G1C with Steam wallet. As I checked the Steam paying option was gone, every other payment method was aviable tho. I'm playing APB on Steam and I have cash on my account. any idea what to do? also idk if this belongs here, if not I'm sorry. Thanks in advance
  9. I launched the game through Steam, no config or anything, I have steam overlay enabled but only APB doesn't have overlay showed up in-game (tested other games are fine) Any solutions?
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