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  1. Hello everyone I wanna unlink my gamersfirst account and steam account. However i did not see any option for this. I sent a request for that situation. I'm not sure how fast supportg1 nowadays and i wanted to write it here aswell. Please comment your thoughts. The reason i want to seperate them cuz of not using steam account. It(steam) was also common account so, i do not want something happen wrong. Thanks Kind Regards
  2. Hello, everyone I'm in a situation as yours. Have to say that it's my first post from 2012/2014(forum). I see the game is not changed at all. I don't want to complain but i do want to "help". APB is a really characteristic game and after many years we can still play that even there is no big change or updates. I don't know what i can do for APB but I would like to try... Please solve this problem
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