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Found 10 results

  1. #Bring Back The STAR LCR to Joker Store as a permanent weapon!!!!!
  2. Hello everyone I wanna unlink my gamersfirst account and steam account. However i did not see any option for this. I sent a request for that situation. I'm not sure how fast supportg1 nowadays and i wanted to write it here aswell. Please comment your thoughts. The reason i want to seperate them cuz of not using steam account. It(steam) was also common account so, i do not want something happen wrong. Thanks Kind Regards
  3. Its been 2days since I opened my support ticket about my account being compromised. NO REPLIES FROM GAMERFIRST. Please improve your customer support and fix my issue ASAP. Customer Support was so better when there was no Little Orbit.
  4. Anyone know if apb reloaded will have midnight on Xbox one. There is midnight for pc version but no midnight on Xbox one version. It is Daytime all time in the game it would be cool if they add time lapse in Xbox one version. But anyone know if this will be a update.
  5. Hi i know this its too late to write this but before i actually did not know i can write a form and tell my situation to everyone so i just let it pass, by now i saw a lots of update and a new company who runs APB, my twin brother always play APB and i just have to watch him play it, because i got banned for using a bug in APB 3 years ago, which i could go inside of buildings and shoot people throw walls . i know it considered for cheating , but honestly it was a bug which got fix later on. i just wonder if i could get my account back by any chance? since many other people who got banned because of the same situation got their accounts back.
  6. I and some other legit/ fair players got blocked account suddenly on day.... we believe it's false ban, please I request to reverse all those ban who is really false ….
  7. kagm

    I can not buy G1C

    I have a problem when trying to buy G1C the process goes well but at the time I enter the page paymentwall does not load anything the page goes blank without showing -not an icon try to reload the page several times but remains the same some know How can I solve it or what is the problem?
  8. Smokez

    Add Login Rewards

    With any other game I play,wether it being pc or even mobile game,these games have a Login Reward System. I just think evem by logging in we should get some kind of rewarda. For Ex: from 1-50 login days you can earn Joker Tickets,at every 50 or every 100 days unlocks or gives you a choice to unlock weapons and or joker ticket bundles.?? Does this sound good/fair?
  9. thanks to all those tags and other who related too... to unblock falsely banned accounts of fair players... thanks again...….❤
  10. ...that Litte Orbit Gamersfirst doesn't seem to consider a rollback on patches or releases. Maybe APB Reloaded doesn't need new weapons. Maybe it needs less, to be a real success. In my opinion we can add, maps, cars and kits, clothes, hairstyles, music instruments, weapon skins, new symboles for designers and many many more on the creative side, it is amazing! But at least consider, if the game actually needs fewer weapons and which. I'd love to see a vote about these things (in a later state) if you'd like to involve us in the development, that is. And I'd also be thinking about, maybe removing car mods such as car surfer, radar tower, car spawn etc. and a fixed dynamic spawn-system. Removing the Volcano, simply reducing on explosives weapons, the osmaw is fine. And other weaponry like the Yukon and Trueogre etc., since these releases, didn't rescue Gamersfirst from bankruptcy and are breaking the game anyway. I know they are funny to play, but that's not the point. In the end, it's about making profit. And I have my own vision for the game, feel me? We all had years of silence to dream about them. There are only two ways, either release more stuff on the combat aspect and you might need to fear to lose all or take a step back and have another look from a different angle. Kind Regards
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