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  1. Smokez

    Why Buff Ntec????

    It's waaay to good already... Why even buff it even more??? It's impossible to go up against short,medium,long range.
  2. What's the reward for winning..chicken and cheese??
  3. I'm interesting in purchasing OCSP Joker tagger pistol. My ign: CheeseTortilla Server:Jericho Whisper or email me in game when you can Thanks ^~^
  4. We Want Sale! We Want Sale! Cyber! Monday! Sale! Everybody Say!
  5. Smokez

    Star LCR

  6. Smokez


    Earlier this morning in bronze financial...enf team were farming out the bronze players. This does suck but LO and G1 need to fix the latency issues first before they can bring more players in. Thats why no one wants to play this game...has connection as bad as being on a mcdonalds wifi. Servers are 🗑
  7. Smokez

    Keep weapon drops

    i agree bring it back!!!
  8. Wait...MikeHell??? Is that you boss?
  9. I feel when we buy joker boxes(praying and hoping for the Perm legendarys) and we instead get these random trial weapons..we should be able to trade the ones we wont want for Joker Tickets In the Joker Store. This way we can feel like we haven't lost anything to gamble for. What do you all think? Merged. Side note... We get alot of the same weapons through the joker boxes. Some i don't see myself ever using...which is why there should be a diff currency to trade these weapons off for..Joker Tickets.
  10. Smokez

    Add Login Rewards

    With any other game I play,wether it being pc or even mobile game,these games have a Login Reward System. I just think evem by logging in we should get some kind of rewarda. For Ex: from 1-50 login days you can earn Joker Tickets,at every 50 or every 100 days unlocks or gives you a choice to unlock weapons and or joker ticket bundles.?? Does this sound good/fair?
  11. #Bring Back The STAR LCR to Joker Store as a permanent weapon!!!!!
  12. #Bring Back LCR To JokerStore as Perm 8k tickets!!!
  13. What's going on with the continuously/extremely long loading screens? High ping in game? Next LO takes out the weapon drops in missions only,and still there are bugs worse than before here...is there a fix being made? What's going on..ps:#Bring Back LCR to Joker Store
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