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Found 4 results

  1. After purchasing the new Golden OSMAW and experimenting with different mods, I found out that Magpull doesn't work with the gun. Modding the OSMAW with any form of mag pull reduces chambered ammo to 0 and prevents reloading altogether.
  2. I love Joker Tickets as much as the next guy, but they need a rework. They need to be more useful, more important. More valuable. So I've come up with an idea. Something to broaden their use as a currency, allowing F2P players broader access to ARMAS content while also encouraging them to convert into paying players. 1) Make Joker Ticket earnings account-wide. Having joker tickets be split between however many different toons a player has is just tedious work. Having it be account-wide makes Joker Ticket tracking much easier, and opens up freedom for those who play during the off hours when per-faction population may be more prone to imbalance (play on whichever side is under-manned, spend Tickets on whichever character you need them for). Account-wide Joker Tickets are also key to making a couple other below suggestions work: 2) Allow ARMAS Marketplace content to be purchased with Joker Tickets. The meat of the matter really. A number of other F2P titles (mostly MMORPGs) have a set currency that is earned with playtime and functions as an indirect route into the game's cash shop. Joker Tickets should be this - you earn tickets by playing the game (Fight Club, Contact Dailies at present) and you use them to access anything offered in ARMAS Marketplace save for Premium. There will need to be a JT-G1C conversion rate that can give a rough idea of how much playtime you'd need to "invest in" to buy a given ARMAS item. 3) Add a benefit to APB Premium that greatly increases(preferably doubles) the Joker Ticket earnings from activities. This is the "carrot on a stick" aspect of the rework. With this benefit, F2P players now have a choice on how to spend their real money: Spend money to buy new ARMAS content directly, and maybe also buy premium for its other benefits (whatever those may be) Spend money to maintain a premium subscription and use this to earn enough Joker Tickets (by playing the game) to buy some of the ARMAS content in a given period of time (something like say, one month of play for medium size clothing packs, three to four months of play for stuff like the Juggernaut/Revelations packs) More choice is always good, and with this, if any player feels the initial up-front price of new ARMAS content is too high, they can earn their way to the content instead by keeping their Premium up for $10 a month. 4) Large scale ARMAS content packs can be made G1C only for the first 2 or 3 months of release [optional]. This idea is a bit contentious since I don't have an existing game to use as a frame of reference for it. But, if LO feels the need to drive direct spending on some really large content packs (Something like the Juggernaut Pack which gaves us 3 unique weapons, two vehicle kits, a clothing pack and an array of weapon skins), this method could be used. It would only really work if there was also some kind of "Early Adopter Discount" IMO. So, good idea, bad idea, have some issues? Leave a comment below...
  3. I'll be quick: We should replace the temporary weapons in Joker Mystery Boxes with Joker Tickets. What this does: 1: Removes a lot of the tedium of collecting and deleting a bunch of temporary weapons one at a time. 2: Gives players the option to choose what they want from the joker store in the event that they didn't get the legendary weapon they wanted thus putting more choice into a players hands. 3: Would allow for the expansion of the Joker Store as there was a reliable way for people who didn't want to play Fight Club or grind daily challenges to get Joker Tickets. 4: Provides cash-flow to Little Orbit.
  4. I feel when we buy joker boxes(praying and hoping for the Perm legendarys) and we instead get these random trial weapons..we should be able to trade the ones we wont want for Joker Tickets In the Joker Store. This way we can feel like we haven't lost anything to gamble for. What do you all think? Merged. Side note... We get alot of the same weapons through the joker boxes. Some i don't see myself ever using...which is why there should be a diff currency to trade these weapons off for..Joker Tickets.
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