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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, im looking for URSUS i can buy with in game money or trade it for legendaries.
  2. Can LO (after the engine update) make it where usplayers can trade cash back and forth between character's on the same account.. This might help reduce the multi accounters in the game. Or Smurf accounts as their known as..
  3. A short video with all the basic info about the new trading system.
  4. cxbfdhb

    My trade lock error

    Hi my friends i am a player of a enforcer in citadel. My account name is stangel. İ didnt play for 6-7 months. Then i online four days ago and i i spend some dollars ANd i took some kits ext i was very happy ANd i went online in social district but system says you have wait three days because lock . İ waited three days and today system again says you haber Trade lock pls friends help me i cant sell i cant buy anything i am so sad about this i text to support morning but some friends support is look the calls in 1-2 months and i am shocked Please friends i am so sad and anxious help me
  5. Maybe make JT tradable? Just a thought...
  6. Hello, i'd like to exchange Ogre for Duck EU server. Nick in game Anyxia, Rivilin. My discord Daruma#0069.
  7. Asiana

    Enforcer Only Vehicles

    Hiya, So i noticed this pretty big bug while making a car for my friend. I have a fire hawk kit on my enforcer account and was trying to make them a kit. i got curious and added a light bar to the car. before saving the changes, i removed the light bar and then i clicked save. my issue started at that moment. the car was marked as Enforcer only from that moment on. now ordinarily this wouldn't be much of an issue, but in this case it was a huge issue because it left me unable to trade the car to my friend( a criminal) and i had no personal need for it myself. this left me with 2 options, use it myself(which i don't need it) and sell it on the auction market. in the end i was left with 3 useless vegas g21s that i couldnt trade as i tried to figure out how it worked. i feel as though this issue should be addressed soon because if people join to create and design cars, this will be a huge con to them. in my case, i feel like it might be easier to make a button for removing enforcer only elements, thus allowing us to sell the car(kind of like how the refurbish button works) as a quick recommendation, i think it would be sorta cool to allow criminals to use a light bar and light patterns because they already have access to this feature in 2 Balkan vehicles and the ambulances. maybe they are only allowed to receive the car with light bars though? kind of like a black market thing. -Asiana
  8. WTS AAEPD "Volcano JC" Also Direct Trade with my pg: DoNutDotBot Citadel (EU) Criminal.
  9. Hello there I will make it simple as it is with one example. So I was farming money with the Criminal tonight and when I reached one amount of money I wanted to transfer it to my main char (SAME ACCOUNT), so as I remember from the last time I did that I could sell an item in the marketplace with my main char and log back to criminal and buy it for 200k I would lost around the 30 from the taxes so we get to 170k but guess what I did that and when I tried to buy the item there was an error "You can't bid in your own auction" and I was like WTH? What is going on? So I had to sell from another ACCOUNT an item in the marketplace go back to the Criminal char I had the $, buy the item and then return to the main char I wanted the money to have sell an item from there go back to secondary account and buy it, this is pain not only because I have to do all those steps but because the taxes in the marketplace is high asf 20% taxes, so I lost in sort 60 to 70k from 200k to 160 and then to 130-120k So the suggestion is, Make the ingame $ tradable via the mail npc
  10. if u intrested here it is https://discord.gg/f6CxTvu Read Rules before u type a letter and there is no Real Money trading or G1c and if so all on ur own Risk Enter my discord for more information
  11. Hi Citadel, You can find my creation on market... when i pass on the game. Beware an error is slipped into this topic. Cars : 0 sloted car : 50k - 60k 1 sloted car : 110k - 120k 2 sloteds car : 290k - 310k 3 sloted cars : 590k - 610k Vegas : Punk Vegas : Legendary Vegas : Sound Racer Vegas : Red Victory Vegas : Hatsune Miku Vegas : EVA 02 Vegas : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Jericho : Black Rock Shooter Jericho : Hatsune Miku Jericho : Red Bull Jericho : [removed image -Spuzva] Just a cat : Cisco : Anime Nismo Cisco (3 versions) : Yoko Cisco (3 and 1 sloted versions) : Anime Girl Cisco : [removed image -Spuzva] Racing Cisco : Flower Girl Cisco : F.U Racer Cisco : Vaquero : Jurrasic Park Vaquero : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Pioneer : Ergo Proxy Pioneer : [removed image -Spuzva] Moirai : Taxi Driver Moirai : Clothe (just some shirt and t-shirt for female) : Dreblin shirt : 10k Guevara T-shirt : 10k Tiger T-shirt : 10k Pictures : Erza Scarlett : 40k - 60k Nami : 10k - 15k Terror in Eye (different version) : 10k - 15k I don't sell cats... and i don't take request.
  12. Some people can buy more some people can buy less. Some people can farm. Some people can create. Why not put G1C as an option in the new Trade Window? Would it be possible to do this safely? If so it's win/win for players and LO. You'd only sell more g1c, never less.
  13. Here are my offers: --------------Volcano + bloody mary + anubis For New Glory.---------- 2--------------Volcano + bloody mary for Ogre.---------------- 3----------------Volcano for thunder --------------(still need to think about this one)--------------- ------------PM me ingame (Jericho------) Waleed007.---------
  14. bambimble

    N-Tec 7 'Ursus'

    I just got a N-Tec 7 'Ursus' out of the golden boxes which you get from buying items in the arma store. I trade trading this item with a friend but even though i refurbished it i still can't trade the item or put it on the marketplace. So my question is since i see everyone trading it and been asking around in social why i can't trade it. other people don't seem to know the answer either is the weapon i have bugged ?
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