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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. imV

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    Just some basic stuff. I'll keep updating it. 1. Speedometer 2. An option to delete all read and empty messages. 3. Improved music studio. More tools to create better sounding music. UNFINISHED 4. An option to only see weapons of your choosing. Perfect if you have a big gun collection. 5. Being able to move and resize parts of the HUD. 6. There is a 30% chance of pedestrians fighting back when being mugged, kicking or knocking down a player and escaping. When players are creating chaos in public, on rare (5% chance) occasions, a pedestrian might attack a player from a distance with his/her handgun and then run away. When pedestrians are being hijacked, there is a 20% chance of them dragging players out of the vehicles and speeding away. If a player bumps into an NPC while walking, they might get angry and push the player. NPC's get scared when a gun is being aimed at them. NPC's can no longer be killed with one shot. NO WAY IN HELL IM ANIMATING THAT FOR FREE POOR PEDESTRIANS NEED SOME LOVE 7. Making city more lively by adding stray/domestic animals like cats, dogs and rats, more birds. To prevent any form of animal cruelty in game, animals cannot be ran over or shot. Animals can be seen in random places through out the city. If getting too close, birds(pigeons, crows, seaguls) will fly away and rats will start hissing at the players and run away. 8. Adding helicopters as props, when players hear a helicopter ambience, they will also see them from a distance, flying in straight line and disappearing. 9. Bobby Pin consumable. 10. Doors can be destroyed by bullets or explosions. 11. Ability for players to throw grenades from the passenger seats. 12. When you fire a rocket launcher, your teammates can get hurt from a back blast if they are standing too close behind you. 13. When your shotgun is full, you can add +1 round by pressing reload. 14. Ability to shoot while climbing ladders, when pressing LMB, your character is holding on the ladder with one hand and holds a gun in the other hand. But, you can only shoot to one side that you have chosen by pressing V before getting on the ladder. This ability deactivates after you empty your magazine or by pressing R(reload) at anytime, then press W or S to climb or descend. Only works for secondaries and submachine guns. Cannot switch weapons while on the ladder. 15. Ability to do a roll when jumping from higher than 10m to reduce the loss of speed, hold W + Shift + [spacebar] while in mid air perform a roll and keep running. Does not work with heavy weapons or kevlar implants. 16. Adding weather conditions [ rain, wind, fog, sunshine ] https://discord.com/invite/wmUxz7WQhb
  2. Hello May I suggest a change with the Mail Items for Armas purchased goods. When I make a new character, I shouldnt have to retrieve 81 Items (personally) Armas items, surely we can get this automated much like receiving consumable rewards from missions. Suggestion: Automatically deposits Armas items into your Characters inventory for existing and new characters. Other method: Add a "Read all" button in the mailing system which in turn collects the items for you and checks all your mail to get rid of those pesky notifications on the bottom left corner of your Hud when playing.
  3. Asiana

    Enforcer Only Vehicles

    Hiya, So i noticed this pretty big bug while making a car for my friend. I have a fire hawk kit on my enforcer account and was trying to make them a kit. i got curious and added a light bar to the car. before saving the changes, i removed the light bar and then i clicked save. my issue started at that moment. the car was marked as Enforcer only from that moment on. now ordinarily this wouldn't be much of an issue, but in this case it was a huge issue because it left me unable to trade the car to my friend( a criminal) and i had no personal need for it myself. this left me with 2 options, use it myself(which i don't need it) and sell it on the auction market. in the end i was left with 3 useless vegas g21s that i couldnt trade as i tried to figure out how it worked. i feel as though this issue should be addressed soon because if people join to create and design cars, this will be a huge con to them. in my case, i feel like it might be easier to make a button for removing enforcer only elements, thus allowing us to sell the car(kind of like how the refurbish button works) as a quick recommendation, i think it would be sorta cool to allow criminals to use a light bar and light patterns because they already have access to this feature in 2 Balkan vehicles and the ambulances. maybe they are only allowed to receive the car with light bars though? kind of like a black market thing. -Asiana
  4. There were 2 things most of us wanted from G1 ages ago but was never implemented 1: Mail accountbound items(clothing, vehicles etc) that you spend hours designing on 1 character and wants to send a copy to another character on the same account, or characterbound to other characters that also own the characterbound pack. 2: Inventory sorting/filter. Imagine playing on 2 diff character while you have the same accountbound guns in the inventory but you still gotta scroll 3times to find that 1 gun that u can find way faster if you could sort it for the better. 3: Trading system(LO said they will work on it soon so its confirmed already..sort off) 4: District enter Queue when full
  5. when i try to send an attachment i see a text box that says: "in order to protect your account, you are not allowed to mail attachments from this computer for [time]"
  6. I just started cleanup of my mail since I completed APB and i'm just stumped. 133 pages of mail full of consumables from events, missions etc. Is there any fast way to get rid of them or am I doomed to slave hours waiting for cooldown to wear down and then grabbing consumable from mail when I use them up?
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