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Found 10 results

  1. dett2

    I can't log in

    I can't log in atm. I'm sure my ID and PW are correct and i can log in GamersFirst account , only APB says account login has failed! what da fuq is this.
  2. undecimber

    Ran out of Memory

    Hello guys, I'm always having this "ran out of memory" error. When someone kill me, and the game shows me the respawn map it crash. i tried this but does not work: My System: - Windows 10 - i7 8700k - 16gb RAM - RTX 2070
  3. So atm the top servers are only bronze and then barely anyone playing fight club, and for me its not worth the wait to loose so many missions as a gold player with every one else de-ranking to bronze/silver, would it be better if the server ranking was changed from bronze, silver, and gold to either Level(001 - 225) or just open lobby's there it doesn't mater the rank, its either financial, waterfront, the 2 fight club servers, and the social district. So pretty much make the mission districts the same as the fight club districts, where you just join the world you wanna play(waterfront, financial, or the 2 fight clubs).
  4. - Update with better explanation just a comment below on this thread. I honestly need help here and I would appreciate it a lot if someone like @Majiik could help me out here or someone else too who has knowledge of this forum. I'll try to explain it as good as possible. I tried to post the "Clan Progression" thread on this forum. However, I've experienced three critical forum issues which prevents me from posting it. I've tried several work arounds for hours to skip those issues (...) and even asked @Kevkof to help me out with a thread in the Off-Topic where he also experienced the same issues, yet a work around worked at the beginning but not anymore for the second bug which I will explain here. Those issues put me into a loop which I can't leave neither get it solved without help. 1. Double Line Break: First of all, I've no idea if it's called "line break" in english, sorry! After writing the whole thread, clicking on the preview button then I saw that the whole Forum made a DOUBLE forced line break. Whenever I press "enter" I would like to have ONE line break and not a double one, neither could I see the double line break while I wrote the thread. I simply wanted to write in the next line and not skip an entire one. Following the preview window showed me this: I forgot to take a screenshot of my written text but the normal window didn't show me any double line breaks neither do I wanted to have a space between. However, I could solve this issues when I removed ALL line breaks of my text and made the line breaks with Word 2018. Yet it was annoying and a lot of work again. I've certainly no clue how it occurred but it for sure wasn't in my intention to do. 2. Manual bullet lists move to the end of the spoiler tag after I tried to solve those two issues above and below (this is actually issue 3): After I completely re-wrote the thread from scratch again for the second time in Word 2018 and Notepad++ trying to solve the issue number 1. and number 3 I found out that the forum thought it needs to move my bullet lists to the end of the spoiler box. Not much to explain here since I've 2 really good screenshots where you can actually see the problem. All of my bullet lists a moved to the end of the spoiler box, doesn't matter at which spoiler box I looked at. 3. Issue with [.spoiler] [./spoiler] combined with a bullet list button: Whenever you create a spoiler, add a bullet list with the button in your spoiler tag and after that you would like to keep writing outside of the spoiler tag - the spoiler goes beyond his [./spoiler] and hides the entire text of your thread in the spoiler. To recreate this issue, you simply need to write a text, hide it in spoiler and add a bullet list WITH the button on top. To solve this issue, I had to manual type ALL of my bullet lists and enumerations which was a lot of work with [.list][.*][/list] Manual typing to solve the issue: This sentence should be outside of the spoiler tag and hopefully is ^ As we can see here, the double line break came again. Example with the issue is at the end otherwise the whole thread would be one spoiler:
  5. dett2

    No known issues?

    Jump off a drifting car and it push you = desync , warping. easy reproduce. Mobile rader tower doesn't work frequently. (ofc car health is fine , even while driving beside enemy doesn't show up). sometimes get Invisible mission objects and teammates markers. Infinite loading , can't enter districts frequently. pick up comsumable gift weapon -> you can't change gun until you die. vandalism mission. If cops break them first , crims can't break them with guns. Only way is windows = Ram raid , camera = nade. don't ignore forum and please just know these problems.
  6. I'm having a really bad hit registry in the game. In every gunfight I'm experiencing problems with the hit registry It happens on standing still enemies and even on vehicles, I knew shooting a vehicle white hit markers appear so I tried shooting it from as close as possible for the hit accuracy to be 100% to see if the problem still happens, and it did, some bullets don't show hit markers as well as sound and visual impact (didn't register) . My internet doesn't show any problems on speed test, My MS is stable I have 928Mbps download speed and 116mbps upload speed, In game it shows that I have 57 - 90 latency, , Server: 33ms. and 0 packet loss, how ever it dose change to 1 packet loss for a second every large amount of time. I also watch a lot of twitch and no one seem to have this hit registry loss happen to them. Even my friend was blown away because he said this has never happen to him. Here is a list of things I tried to try and solve the problem: reinstalling the game, installing on SSD, reinstalled Windows 10, changed pc hardware and monitor, changed internet ISP, changed router, changed mouse and keyboard, tried playing on a different account, tried playing on a different server (NA Jericho), and adding a low quality config. These are my main PC specs: GPU: GIGABYTE GEFORCE 1080 TI TURBO 11GB CPU: Intel Core i7-9700f RAM: 2 Crucial 8GB DDR4 2666MHz Monitor: LG32kg850g-b I really love the game I've been around since 2013, and I cannot enjoy the because of this annoying problem I know that if someone knows how to fix, knows what it is, what causing it, has suggestions or whatever that can help, please I would love to get your help with this problem. Here are the clip links of the problem: I suggest putting them on the slowest setting possible, so you could see clearly what is happening, crosshair red but no hit registry obvious: https://youtu.be/OLmtk_LRcoA https://youtu.be/ROGMs15vg9U https://youtu.be/jDhGIFMkBjk normal: https://youtu.be/iP1DAB7yDfo https://youtu.be/GeLsK-OK-eo https://youtu.be/izo79ddJk5g delayed hit registry: https://youtu.be/NqCRJKBEKs8 https://youtu.be/6eOWeQoDR9U And here is the clip on what I explained about it happening on vehicles too: https://youtu.be/oZCwIyisqzU
  7. visual forum rep seems to be gone, even tho posts can still be reacted to not sure how to validate my sad existence now, please bring it back
  8. So today I was playing as usual and I randomly got disconnected from social district while making an outfit and it doesn't only just disconnect me from the district but it also freezes in the disconnecting part with 3 periods after the disconnecting text and the client doesn't do anything so I have to close the game entirely and reopen it. It also froze like that before while changing districts.
  9. when i try to send an attachment i see a text box that says: "in order to protect your account, you are not allowed to mail attachments from this computer for [time]"
  10. fanttos

    Cant start the game

    If i press start in the launcher it show a message that a code wasnt found can someone help pls? I would post a screenshot but I dont know how.
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