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  1. @Kevkof this is good to know, thank you.
  2. undecimber

    Ran out of Memory

    Hello guys, I'm always having this "ran out of memory" error. When someone kill me, and the game shows me the respawn map it crash. i tried this but does not work: My System: - Windows 10 - i7 8700k - 16gb RAM - RTX 2070
  3. i prefer the Enforcers pistol animation more than the criminals.
  4. i usually play with 65-100ms while streaming, and now im getting 160-200ms without streaming after the RIOT patch. Literally Unplayable
  5. This problem has already 3 days?, I see that the problem only starts in the afternoons
  6. i dont think is DDoS attack, i think is just an issue with BattlEye (client side).
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