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  1. Does anyone know why I'm getting 90 MS on East? when before ( 1 month ago ) it used to be 20 MS. Did they change the servers or something? I still get 50-60 ms on west which is the usual for the west server.
  2. It's ok let people that never play apb try the beta :D, fckn bullsht
  3. xkamVenx


    Hey what’s up. I normally don’t use forums for any reason, but I’m getting annoyed for the past hours that I have played. The idea that the servers are in NY is great because it’s the first time I’m able to play with 1ms. However, it is the worst experience i’ve ever had lmao, i have 1 ms but it literally feels like more than that for some f***ing reason. I am just warping around all over the place which is so annoying. Not even when i had 40 ms two weeks ago, I was just fineeee i wasn’t teleporting like i am doing with 1ms right now, it literally makes no sense and i hope you guys can fix that. I know servers just came up yesterday, but i am just letting you know this is a problem you should fix. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, i saw BungMonkey streaming 2 days ago and he had 40-60 ms, also a friend of mine has 30-50ms like normally
  5. Since the last update I've been getting 120+ ms, btw, those 120 ms feels like 500 ms, before the update I used to get 30-50 ms even while streaming. Even if I go to citadel I get better ms than on NA, which doesn't make any sense because I live in the U.S. I don't know what really happened but like come on guys . Some people have the same issue as me but some people don't which again, does not make any f sense. I hope you guys can fix that. Thanks.
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