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Found 28 results

  1. I want to know 100% by a higher up if using a VPN or program that lowers latency will get you banned or not. Due to the very low population in NA server, playing on EU server seems to be very likely for most players who plan on still playing the game. If someone can confirm for a fact if it is bannable or not, it will clear out any confusions and help people out to getting better connections, thank you! I also want to test such programs and see how much of an impact it has on latency -Kush (Fluchax) Merged. Also adding in Mudfish as another latency decreasing program along with wtfast and exitlag*
  2. EVENT ENDED Event powered by Wave Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. Hey, Ketog from Wave Lounge here, (yep we still exist), it's been a little while since we had some activity, and with the start of the new year i thought i'd add some spice to it myself but with a fun little twist, a contest, but for nerds, what do i mean by that ? Well you're the judge: The Hypermetrics Contest This event is pretty simple and straight forward, it's how we do it at Wave Lounge, the goal you might ask ? right, get the highest possible FPS in APB, that's it, that's the event, yup. All you have to do to win is reach the highest possible FPS in APB with a few rules: 1) You must provide a complete screenshot of your game with performance metrics (any overlay of your choice) 2) You must be in an online district (yes social and fightclub are districts), that means no login screen trickery The rules are subject to change if some player finds a loophole, so we take the right to change the contest's rules to keep it fair, and give the win to the player that actually deserves it. The event will run from the date of which this post is published, up to the 8th January 2024 What can i win and how do i participate ? This event is happening on Citadel, however feel free to participate if you are not on citadel, i just won't be able to provide a prize for you to win. The winner with the highest FPS score will get the following: 1) 1 000 069 APB$ 2) Showstopper 'Thunder' 3) box of Exfluencis© 4) a special Legendary Donut The prize might increase as we get sponsors from other clans and/or donations from players, If you wish to donate to the cash prize, please message me on this forum or on discord @Liarus If you wish to participate, you will have to either join our discord and submit your screenshot in the submissions channel or DM me said submission (@Liarus), for me to take it into account, your submission will then appear on the leaderboard, in case you win, but do not want the prize, you can decide to give it to the best score after you, and if that player also doesn't want it, it goes on until we find a player that wants it. As an extra little note, I'm planning on running this little contest every end of the year, it would be quite a fun way to gather performance metrics related to APB over time. Have fun tweaking, breaking, experimenting with APB, there is no other rules other than what's currently listed, however stay up to date with this post for the latest news!
  3. Many know me as Chaffee, I've been playing videogames for a long time, I love pizza, and like cats. https://www.twitch.tv/superchaffe
  4. dett2

    I can't log in

    I can't log in atm. I'm sure my ID and PW are correct and i can log in GamersFirst account , only APB says account login has failed! what da fuq is this.
  5. So atm the top servers are only bronze and then barely anyone playing fight club, and for me its not worth the wait to loose so many missions as a gold player with every one else de-ranking to bronze/silver, would it be better if the server ranking was changed from bronze, silver, and gold to either Level(001 - 225) or just open lobby's there it doesn't mater the rank, its either financial, waterfront, the 2 fight club servers, and the social district. So pretty much make the mission districts the same as the fight club districts, where you just join the world you wanna play(waterfront, financial, or the 2 fight clubs).
  6. SPARKING CUSTOMS IS BACK ON BUSINESS! Since i've returned to San Paro (for real this time, maybe), i decided to start selling some of the clothing items that i make, for both males and females. All the pieces on this topic are for sale! I used to sell them at $100k but since Jericho is kinda dead i'm putting everything for half the price! At the moment I'm not taking single orders, but as soon as i get premium again, i'll start making unique stuff for whoever wants it and it's willing to pay a reasonable price for it. If you're interested search for NegaoEmChamas or CaioSparkz for male clothing and LexySparks for females.
  7. pzx

    event suggestion

    Can GM do a fireworks show again
  8. Jericho keeps getting ddosed every few minutes. @MattScott @Lixil
  9. Hello! THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS! We need to band together as ONE UNIT to plead to the powers that be in Little Orbit to bring back Beacon. I mean come on yall - who likes Asylum- on the real? It's boring. It's WAY too big. It's hard to get a full district, so mostly we're just running around for FOREVER just trying to find someone to kill. And, we want frags! RIGHT? Yeah, I know. And, do you guys remember the Beacon Christmas event with the gun game? How freakin fun is that. Now, just think - we could have that YEAR round. SO JOIN ME DEAR APB FRIENDS. Fight for Beacon. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. BRING BEACON BACK FROM THE DEAD @MattScott!!
  10. I'm looking to either start or join an enforcer crew. I'm Not so great at the game, not premium, Silver threat at best, I think I'm about 165R, but I'm damn sick of playing with no comms. I am semi-okay with callouts. Not looking to get into an RP clan. not looking for something too serious since I do play other games.
  11. Nevv

    Ballistic [Enforcer]

    Ballistic Is a clan composed of both casual & experienced players from throughout Jericho server. Our focus is style, fun and building a relaxed/welcoming community. As the name implies, we primarily use firearms to win our fights, instead of relying heavily on explosives, vehicles or unsavory tactics. red/white/black Rules Are generally quite relaxed, but there are some things we will not tolerate: Scamming Harassing Begging Excessive raging Your game-play will consist primarily of the usage of firearms (hopefully no surprises there), and less of cheesy strategies such as running, kevlar 3, RD spam and so on. Requirements Character > rank 150 Gold (we may make an exception in favor of the other 3 requirements) Chill (can take a joke) Friendly How to Join Message Nevv or Namira through forum messaging, or contact us or any available officers in-game to join.
  12. Presenting symbols by JusticeSheperd & iemaitre, these symbols have been highly regarded by the community in it's time, this is for your consideration. Symbols by JusticeSheperd https://imgur.com/a/iMsdtSL Symbols by iemaitre https://imgur.com/a/JDdSzc2 Each symbol goes for 75k each, if you're interested in any the these symbols and they're not up on the marketplace, pm me here or mail me in-game and I'll put them up.
  13. The SPPD Street Crime Unit is the APB Reloaded sub-unit of the =167= Clan. The =167= Clan was founded in 2003 in the PC game MOHAA: Spearhead. From the time of beta, the SPPD SCU has been the most successful and notorious witnessing clan in all of APB: Reloaded. We are the original law enforcement themed clan in APB Reloaded, with coordinated uniforms and cars dating back to 2011. Every member of our leadership team has real-world military, public safety and/or management training and experience. With coordinating uniforms, vehicles, awards, a patrol academy, ranking system and a paramilitary structure, we offer a unique experience for APB Reloaded players that other clans can only strive to provide. We have fun and look great doing it. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the SPPD Street Crime Unit? Basic Requirements to join: - 18 Years of Age or Older - Silver or Gold Threat - Read, Write and Speak Fluent English - Discord Installed / Active on Discord - Working Microphone/Headset Interested in joining? Feel free to hop on our Discord at: https://167clan.net/discord Visit our website for more information or to apply, go to: https://167clan.net Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/167clan We are looking forward to growing and welcoming you to the family!
  14. The San Paro Police Department If you haven't noticed the city of San Paro isn't the safest city on the west coast it's time to fix that, but we need you. After massive lobbying with the San Paro Police Officer Association we've managed to get our budget increased by several dollars and are now able to step up recruitment efforts as well as open up positions for new officers. We have many positions with openings and different areas to specialize into including but not limited to a SWAT team and High Speed unit. That's where you come in, the SPPD is looking for individuals dedicated to going above and beyond the call of duty in serving the city. Our History: The San Paro Police Department started in July of 2010 under the Real Time Worlds release of APB. Since then we've continued to grow and refine as a clan many of us sticking together over the years. We've had up to 40+ members active daily with 20 patrol cars out on the streets at a time. Specialty Units: SWAT High Speed Unit Investigations Dispatch Cooperation: The SPPD is part of the San Paro Multi Agency Crime Enforcement (SP-MACE or MACE) which allows you to not only play with clan mates and friends in the SPPD but also cooperate and play with fellow agencies as well such as the San Paro Highway Patrol or the San Paro County Sheriff's Office. Where do I start?: Start by joining our discord and we'll make sure you're on your way to becoming an officer of the SPPD. Once you're accepted you'll become a police cadet and after a probationary period you can be promoted to officer. Requirements: -16+ to be an officer underage will stay as a Community Service Officer until of age. -Discord -The San Paro Police Department Discord Uniforms: Vehicles: Media:
  15. Jericho Police Department Jericho, NA Website: https://jerichopolicedepartment.weebly.com/ JPD Discord: https://discord.gg/RxgnCj9 JPD Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNGRPX6B7a_1eSvqJFlFJDsqt5BH_SdFn5qWqA7sPPZxfG4A/viewform
  16. Paying 200k to anyone who makes it. If possible leave the back round colorless rather than the black from the image.
  17. FFA 3 = Yukon + sweets Condor = Ogre BM = DUCK Reply to this thread and ill be constantly watch this thread
  18. Anyone knows what happened, and when is it coming back online?
  19. Hello APB Tech team, The server of Jericho is issuing constant lag throughout the past few days. I would appreciate if somebody would look further into this issue - I have been here and there to get the constant lag issue confirmed - I figured out that multiple players has been complaining in the district chats which is confirming the constant lag issue over the past few days. Thanks, - T
  20. So, I created a clan recently with the intention to make it big and create a great community. In-game, only criminals can join, but, the Discord server is opened to enforcers aswell, also, you need to be from the Jericho server. Contact me In-game (BroTavata) or leave a request in the comments. Thank you for reading, hehe xd
  21. --SPANISH-- Buenos días/tardes/noches, vengo a presentarles e invitarlos a un clan para personas de habla hispana, que independientemente de donde sean y el rango que tengan, son bienvenidos. Como líder busco reclutar y formar una base de jugadores activos para crear una comunidad con ganas de crecer y divertirse, y más aún ahora que APB vuelve a renacer gracias a Little Orbit. Próximamente crearé un server de discord para poder comunicarnos de manera más rápida, ya sea para realizar misiones o socializar con gente de tus mismos gustos! Un saludo enorme y espero verlos pronto, KissOfDead. --ENGLISH-- Good morning/afternoon/evening, I've come to introduce and invite you to a clan for spanish speaking people, regardless of where you're from and what rank you have, you are welcome. As a leader I seek to recruit and form a base of active players to create a community with desire to grow and have fun, and even more so now that APB is reborn thanks to Little Orbit. Soon I'll create a discord server to be able to communicate faster, either to perform missions or socialize with people of your same tastes! A huge greeting and I hope to see you soon, KissOfDead.
  22. I can't enter any district. This happend since yesterday and now still happens. I think its server side problem , district population is dying now.
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