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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Hey! I'm a player recently starting out with making symbols! I mainly do anime symbols (portraits) and I also take requests!! Simply mail me ingame with your request (TrixBee) and I'll get in-touch with you when I'm on! Prices will be determined by how complicated the request is, prices start at 100k for requests. Here are some samples of my work-- they're also up on marketplace: megumin-woah shinobu kny - black and white goku black rosé
  2. Howdy, So, even from up close, the symbol quality is just god awful. Are there any plans to improve the quality of custom-made symbols? Our toasters can handle it in this day and age.
  3. Badegast

    Public Spraypoints

    I would appreciate if we could choose between the Clan Symbol and our own Symbol when spraying on Public Symbol displays. I think it would make people bond a bit more to their clans maybe
  4. Looking for a symbol like the rib cage on this guys shirt to be made, if you can make something like it hit me up and let me know may have a better picture of it if you need
  5. Presenting symbols by JusticeSheperd & iemaitre, these symbols have been highly regarded by the community in it's time, this is for your consideration. Symbols by JusticeSheperd https://imgur.com/a/iMsdtSL Symbols by iemaitre https://imgur.com/a/JDdSzc2 Each symbol goes for 75k each, if you're interested in any the these symbols and they're not up on the marketplace, pm me here or mail me in-game and I'll put them up.
  6. TL;DR: Need my old symbols back - Will make it worth your time. Hi all, Since the new-old rules have been re-established concerning symbol creation, I have a bit more freedom as a creator and appreciate it a lot. Unfortunately, during the time before this, mods didn't like to follow the old rules, and so I've had several raids on my inventories over the years, the most recent of which involved every single symbol across two of my characters. If you want to be a swell fella, and happen upon any old symbols made by me (G4B3/G4B3N), please pm me. I'll gladly duplicate and return your symbol(s) - along with other symbols you might want, some APB$, etc for your trouble. Thanks, PS. If you see this, MattScott, thanks for making APB a game I want to play, again. Made a ticket about this, if you've got time.
  7. Bringing back the thread to show off any symbols created with the ingame editor. Please try to keep any posted symbols in accordance with the forum rules (specifically, censor any adult content before posting, and please refrain from posting sexually explicit images, regardless of censoring).
  8. . Have fun https://kellylarossa.wixsite.com/kellycustom/ Hola citizens Service for everything you wish you ask we do send a message here or ingame I have all car kits and clothing complete, ask what you wish ! PM me for request every order will be fast and lovely Nice price! Available complete on Citadel, Something on Jericho and partialy in HAN server.
  9. I'm not particularly a fan of this feature. I was working on a symbol for a few hours, making sure to save every 5 minutes incase there was a random afk boot despite not being afk. However I was in-fact kicked for afk. But that's not why I'm a bit upset. I did remember to save and I had begun working on a different symbol altogether which is also okay because I have been saving that as well. BUT THEN I log back in only to find my previous symbol which was already completed and saved became completely blank with 0 layers. Why did this happen? Can I get it back and should I wait or should I just start again. Not sure if this helps but I'm pretty sure the corrupted symbol was a Save As of another symbol which I used as reference for the corrupted symbol because when I view all my symbols it shows the same Icon as the reference. Merged. & I just tried to load the corrupted symbol onto a new template and it says there are no layers so that's great.
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