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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Since we have a new forum design, we need new and fresh character designs! Lets make creations great again ! Share pictures of your character design below:
  2. Bringing back the thread to show off any symbols created with the ingame editor. Please try to keep any posted symbols in accordance with the forum rules (specifically, censor any adult content before posting, and please refrain from posting sexually explicit images, regardless of censoring).
  3. A spot for all vehicle related creations. Please try to keep any posted vehicles in accordance with the forum rules (specifically, censor any adult content before posting if possible).
  4. Post all your clothing creations here. Please try to keep any posted clothing in accordance with the forum rules (specifically, censor any adult content before posting if possible).
  5. Post your edited images down below! There used to be a lot of interest in making awesome edits to screenshot's, so hopefully this can become the new home for them. I must say that this is not limited to Photoshop, use any image editing software you have! Post screenshot's that you have put a nice filter over, or an image where you have cut your character out and put them on the Eiffel Tower..uh? You can also post your favourite signatures, or profile picture's. Thread Guideline's: As this is the APB:R Forum's, it would be appropriate to post APB:R related creations. I'm not against unrelated creations but it just keeps it topical. I imagine that this will become an image heavy thread, so with that, keep your post's tidy and nicely presentable, use Spoilers if you want. I hope this will be active with post's! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer! Please do NOT post anything that goes against the Forum's Term's of Service/Rule's I am unable to moderate this thread BUT that does not mean that you should post anything that goes against the Forum rule's, nor does it mean you can spam with unrelated post's..cause you know..that's bad, so don't do it. If I have missed anything or you see a way to improve this, please message me.
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