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  1. This is looking really impressive now guys! Unfortunately I haven't been able to play much because i'm in the process of moving house, most of my things are in storage and my gaming setup is not ideal right now. I really want to get back and be in these events, looks like you have had great success and have had a lot of fun. See you soon.
  2. I had this exact issue a few weeks ago, its lasted for about a week or two. I no longer have this issue but unfortunately i have no idea how to fix it, it just stopped doing it for me. Its been good for the few weeks since then. When i had it, it really sucked. I tried to make an outfit for someone and it ended up taking a few days with over 40+ disconnects(i really needed to finish it). This happened to me before BattleEye was implemented.
  3. I usually use a third-party website like imgur or photobucket, you upload your image there and then copy and paste the image url link into a forum post.
  4. From what i can tell, i think your Anti virus software is blocking those files. I would of recommended you post in tech support section of the forum for this.
  5. A cropped leather jacket with an open front. essentially the studded leather jacket but without studs and its unzipped so you can show of your shirts under it. They are so stylish.
  6. That’s some impressive plays there. Currently I’m rusty at the game but after watching this I think it’ll help me improve...hopefully xD nice video, keep it up!
  7. Hello All! o/ This is for Citadel(EU) Only. Female Only. This is a place where I show you what I'm selling. Currently there is only a small selection of items to purchase. I will be adding more as I feel confident in the quality of items made. If there is anything that you like the look of just message me on the forum or in-game and I will put it up on the marketplace for you. If you like something but you want some edits made just ask and I will see about doing them. You may send related mail to my character Pepper117 in-game or message me on the forums for any inquiries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Animal Knee-high Socks: Price = $20k for the left AND right sock together. $10k for each sock. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notice! Please be patient, this is the first time I have decided to do this kind of thing. I really hope you like the items available! Thanks for viewing. o7 -Miffed117/Pepper117-
  8. Thanks for this! I am just terrible at playing this game, i usually just sit in social making outfits because of it. My lack of gun control frustrates me to no end. I took a long break from the game and now i need to learn everything again.
  9. I thought that it would be better for there to be one thread rather than people making a thread on something they need help with, that it would help de-clutter the Tutorials section. If this thread is deemed unnecessary then it just won't be used and will disappear to where the dead threads go. As the game becomes more popular there will be more people wanting to know things, it isn't active now but it just might be useful later down the line. It certainly helped me along anyway.
  10. Thank you for explaining. I shall take note of this in the future. Many thanks!
  11. Hey Would be good if you could provide some more information. Have you had good FPS before this? Whats your PC specs? When did you last update your graphics card drivers? Also this would be more appropriate in the Tech issues Section of the forum.
  12. I might actually get some kills...or i'll get rekt like normal, we will see.
  13. That was awesome everyone, I Had lot's of fun! Well that was a pretty good turnout and it was good to see some old faces appear as well. We had some nice races that i said i wouldn't participate in but i did(and won one or two). Some epic looking vehicles making me jelly. We played some Mikro and Vaq Tag towards the end and i stayed after with a few others and did some drifting in Vegas 4wD's. Big thanks to WitchQueen! Big thanks to everyone who turned up! Really hope that this grows bigger! Note: this wasn't all of the attendees, Witch will have the full Picture. I think I know why M0xxy was ahead, he had a much lighter car than everyone else
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