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  1. Everyone who won, should get butcher skin aside the autumn skin. Everyone who participated, should get autumn skin. Makes the most sense imo, and requires no work from LO, as it's existing assets.
  2. Atm, while a bunch of ppl who didn't win, finds it unfair that only those who won, got the autumn skin.... I find it completely unfair that those who won within first few days got a butcher skin and meantime rest of us got this orange/white skin instead -.- So imo it seems like a fair middle-ground, those who won the event gets something a little exclusive (butcher skin) and rest of the server gets autumn skin for participating in autumn event.
  3. Give everyone who won the autumn skin... a butcher skin - a recognition they won fair n square and then hand out autumn skin globally np I'm biased, cuz' i won the autumn but I wish i won the butcher one instead but it was replaced as a reward before i got on...
  4. Good post. I know some of these clowns live by the patch cycles... they turn it off the moment they fear there's an update on the horizon that would catch their current software and then they wait to see for their software to be updated. Despite people badly wanting to hear news (myself included) regarding what you will do with the current situation, consider not to announce anything regarding new anti-cheat measures or BE changes, until after the fact :)) gl with the work.
  5. I really hope they ARE up to something behind the scenes and an un-expected update or an entirely new layer of anti-cheat is added randomly without announcement... Will be so so fun seeing these "skillers" suddenly flood the forums asking why their account has been falsely banned, cuz' they SWEAR they never cheaaaaaaaaaated.... ;DD And then NO MORE second chances ty.
  6. Tigrix

    "It was disgusting."

    Gaming in general is infested with a bunch of millennial snowflakes who received zero parenting attention and grew up infront of a screen with no concept of how to behave. With no parents giving them attention, they started idolizing internet trolling and bullying, cause' it's the easiest way of getting attention from other people (stuff they didn't get while growing up).... and the results of that is what we're seeing in any games with a lack of active moderation. You find them as trolls and cheaters. Anything that they can do to get the attention they so so craved from their parents and never received. Heck, in APB they're a little community defending each-other at every chance to justify to themselves it's okay being a cheating c**t.
  7. some feedback that i'm sure you've already heard 1000 times by now, but it baffles me they had an update and still chose to remain with "once per day" manually hosting the event..... If it's cause you want the skin to be more rare, then set it so it has a 5% drop chance upon winning and let the event run 24/7 beacon-style and those who really want it can farm it and those who simply enjoy the event for the event can play it and don't have to try and be online at ONE specific time a day for 45min to try and participate...
  8. ok, these districts have a smaller pop cap? if so then ok
  9. What's the point of autumn assault districts? I won a mission and everything seems like any standard waterfront district... same usual rewards, same missions, same everything... Did i miss a post somewhere about content coming later or? i did ask in-game, but ... others are as confused as me
  10. How about.... if you had a job where you created original content, you'd probably respect the fact that there has to be a digital ownership, laws to enforce these IP copyrights and consumers who respect the ownership when they download and use those IPs. You downloaded APB, but you don't own your APB account, the company (LO) owns your account, you simply borrow it. So no, you can't do whatever the "eff" you want while you're playing their game, this is why you're asked to accept certain rules (a TOS) upon first login. Yes, of course you should be revoked the right to use the internet, if you continuously show an inability to respect rules and common sense behavior. You have no god-given right to use the internet, who the fk told you that? O.o Imo, you're part of the problem with the internet. You believe that because you are online, it means you are anonymous and should suffer zero consequences for your behavior... this is a stagnating and very old fashion way of thinking, considering the fact of how much of modern peoples lives and livelihoods now are intertwined with the internet. We spend thousands of hours online, the internet is no longer just a "interesting anonymous place", it's also a place where people work, where people build lives and create businesses that employ people - one of those businesses is Little Orbit. So again yes, if you're a nuisance, even "just in games", aka someone who believe you should be free to install whatever the fk you want (and yes i agree, you should... but u should also suffer the consequence of what you DO, legally as well, in cases where you install cheats and break rules that financially damage another persons business) .... because Yes, you damage the financial profit of the game in which you are cheating. You think "ah fuck that, i'm just one person" .. no, you're one of many cheaters and you're all responsible and will inherently due to your own selfish choices, cause other players to lose interest in financially supporting the game and/or entirely quit the game - either way, it's a direct negative impact to the business of the game company. (not saying you're a cheater btw, just explaining you the basics of financial damage, which you seem to think doesn't exist from people ruining games? makes no sense.)
  11. Perhaps you just need to accept to not modify or play altered versions of IP's you don't own? Lets apply your logic then; You find the Bethesda Creation Club silly, but i doubt the company shares your view. If you play a game where this "club" is relevant, then you somehow feel entitled to the right to use a 3rd party software for it, because you find the original "silly".. "So if anything, cheaters should be sued on the terms of financial damage incurred and not on the terms of installing software on their computers." That's exactly what I said. Lemme ask you, how do you define financial damage? because imo, that damage incurs when any user refrain from using the game shop, because he/she has bad experiences with the game, due to cheaters running rampant. That's financial damage, right there. Did I state anywhere that any current laws have it figured out, how to deal with these issues? nope, quite oppositely, I said it's a slow process but i'm glad it's at least starting (baby steps) I said I can't wait till the day that internet access is connected to a personal ID and what you do while you're online has a consequence, which in theory could cause your access to be revoked. I know there will always be cases where it can be counter-argued, but imo, it'd cause a lot more good than bad to have this level of restriction possible and generally, having consequence is _always_ a good thing, because it bases itself in the primal case of _ you _ being responsible for what _you_ do. So far, we only got weak attempts at consequence. We have telecom companies restricting certain websites/IP's. We have more and more games adding "parental control" software with their games. (but are any parents actually using them?) With how much time people spend online vs offline, what we really need, is simply a better way that preserve people's rights to use the internet for free, but also establish a level of consequence for how you use(abuse) this freedom. Example with games; if you choose to break a TOS that you AGREED to follow when you downloaded a game.. Well, then it's best, for companies (financially) and all other users (experience-wise), that you are being restricted to offline play It's no more special than kicking you off a sports team, if you irl can't handle to compete fairly without drugs. How soon that'll come about in an online way, idk - but with how much time people spend online and how sales and investments are being moved to almost entirely "online business" I can imagine it'll be in a not so distant future that there will be a lot more personal identification connected to the person behind the monitor, so less ability to feel anonymous and more consequence for how you behave in the "cloud", so to say, which I look forward to.
  12. Ddos prevents players from having a decent experience playing the game. Cheats prevents players from having a decent experience playing the game. So... tell me again, what exactly is the difference? Oh, we can take it 1 step further too. Ddos prevents potential consumers from having the interest in supporting the game financially (since they are not getting a decent experience playing) Cheats prevents potential consumers from....... I think you get the picture now? Can't wait until internet access gets restricted on a personal level and there's actual consequences when you get caught being a freak cheating in online games, fking with other peoples financial investments The law can't move quick enough, they're way behind - but at least, slowly something is happening.
  13. Tigrix

    Autumn Assault!

    just curious if anyone has a screenshot of this butcher skin?