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  1. You're contradicting yourself imo. At one side, you'd like the game to be highly competitively balanced and ensure that players have a lot of control over losing and winning. So which one is it? should players have control over how they lose and win or should we nerf everything into oblivion that isn't used by black-hooded 3 feet tall female characters? Because lately, we sure as heck have been getting patches aimed at exactly nerfing all other playstyles than what "those" people enjoy. Ammo box changes was huge as example and literal the quote of Matt was "trying to remove explosive spam" ... to which a lot of the population, including myself really wondered wtf he means, since we play missions weekly and we don't encounter this "explosive spam" in fact, it's RARE even seeing anyone using a primary explosive weapon, let alone winning missions by doing it. So who exactly whispered in his ear that "APB has big issues with explosive spam" lmao really.... @matt do a few missions, tell me how often you encounter "explosive spam" "Yolo" nerfs, another big change and I believe he commented potentially going after percs next yes? on the stream with kemp? i'm not sure, but he certainly followed through with the low yield nerfs making them imho quite useless and before you say "no no, they're still awesome" .. I've not met even ONE player using them since people realized they both do less damage AND have less area effect, in fact 2 direct nade hits can't even kill a player now lol. Again, is this giving us more choice and more control??? or is this pinning us all into slaves of NTEC wielding, conc-nade users? I see things going only one direction, and it's certainly not giving players more choice or appreciating that there are many playstyles in APB and they should remain valid choices, including stuff you find lame such as detonators or explosive weapons. Now this totally silly bounty change. Imo it was quite nicely balanced as it already was. Anytime I went on a crazy killing-streak, soloing an enemy team, it quickly resulted in me becoming bounty and getting hunted down by out-of-mission players, which in turn gave the enemy players (often newbies if you're consistently killing them all) a chance to progress their stage., which is healthy for newbies to get a little bit of success. And this isn't the only problem with the bounty change... In fact the change to bounties AGAIN seem made by someone who didn't have the full picture of what he was changing or the consequences.... I mean, ram raiding hello? lol Safely raiding among other criminals as P5, getting double rewards entire time, only thing you need to do is press your map button every now and then and check if a cop has logged on your district lol, gee thx ... I main criminal, but I can still admit what a stupid and unanalyzed change this was. Idk who's giving them the tips on what to change, but so far it all smells very very much of an elite few people that feel very justified enforcing everyone else to adopt their playstyle, and it's not really going too well is it? I suppose that's how APB will end its days, with a few hardcore clans picking on each-other over "what mods and guns" they use, because "we should all use same layout!" lol, sad imo for a game as once diverse and cool as APB.
  2. What a heap of *...., to put it as politely as I can The game is 10 years old, it's lower than ever population because: 1) age, hello the game is a decade old and has terrible performance despite being an old game. 2) the game never got updated as promised for 6+ years, player-bases have patience, but not limitless patience. 3) APB has a LOT of troubles with cheaters and when LO took over the spiral restarted itself with all the old ones coming back cause of having access to all their primary accounts again "2nd chance". (I know friends that quit over simply seeing names they knew got banned for GOOD reasons, back playing on their main accounts and hiding behind "false ban excuse" of a few legits among hundreds of cheaters unbanned. Funniest part is how you mention current player-base dwindling, and as far as I can tell, with each patch lately, LO has listened to someone who only gives them half the story And yet they implement the changes and suffer the fall-out and realize too late they should revert it. Imo problem is the people they are listening to atm, they're the ones speeding up the death of this game. APB isn't CSGO, as another user kindly said it. APB is about diversity and combining a lot of different cool things, into 1 complete game. APB "competitive" should not be FORCED down the throats of every player, the game itself always had clans that went and organized their own rules and tournaments. The population being tiny now, doesn't mean everyone should adhere to your way of playing APB, and while you're trying to force it, you're just killing the game that much faster. Bounty changes. Grenade supply changes and general focus of eliminating "explosives spam" even though, i don't friggin' see any explosives spam, but i see a lot of NTEC spam:) Weapon changes that wasn't needed. I can already predict next moves, if they keep listening to the same few people... "nerf remote deto, its too strong" (even though it's used by like 2% of playerbase, while all tryhards use spotter lel) "nerf volcano pls, it kills us when we are hiding with JGs behind corner" "nerf grenades, they are too effective at clearing corners! don't let ppl refill them either" (oh wait, this change already happened, indirectly mega buffing JG's even more than they already were) @mattscott I don't know if you play the game as an actual player and tried missions... if you do/did, you would see yourself whats the truth... what do people use (abuse) 95% of the time versus what's only used by very few players effectively and in-effectively by most.
  3. Is this game being run by certain blackhood tryhards nowdays ? All the changes seem to go 1 direction >>> Play ntec, don't use cars, don't use grenades unless its anti-car grenades, don't use explosives, don't use autoshotguns, don't use fun and different mods from rest of the playerbase, you need to use the same generic setup that the tryhards use 24/7. I have a feeling that the new LO staff is listening WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much to a VERY VERY SMALL core of players that have a VERY specific playstyle they wanna force everyone else to follow. And SADLY so far LO is listening every step of the way and slowly changing the game to become so friggin' bland and boring, everyone have to use the same setup and "everything else is lame, so we nerf it". Why the fuck is explosives "easier" than ntec lazers ? LOL .. cmon if explosives was more powerful, then by default EVERYONE would run around using explosives, because people always use majority of whats most powerful (CA3 anyone? spotter mod? ntecs?) Yet LO keeps listening to these few few (and multiple times banned veterans?) that want them to shape the game only by how they play it. It's a shame, because the game is already dwindling and somehow they think that forcing the rest of the playerbase to all play the same, will make the game thrive and grow... lol, yeh wait and see.
  4. <title> was looking for the post, but it seems removed or?
  5. Who's gonna miss the de-threaters? actual gold players that never see them aside when they're sabotaging your mission and killing themselves repeatedly? silver players who are actual legit stuck silver and already can't manage? bronze/green players who are new to the game and are trying to learn the basics before getting farmed by 2013 veterans who de-threated to get easy opp? Sounds like it'd be quite nice losing that pop. Sounds like we'd be holding on and growing 3 other categories.
  6. It's nice because it completely eliminate the de-threat problems:) Now imo, instead of re-adding threat districts, just add a green/tutorial district for new players and make it so anyone who played more than 5 hours on their character cannot become green threat, end of story. New peeps get those 5 hours to get used to basic mechanics & tutorial of the game.
  7. Title no joke.... was a nice change of pace from fightclubs and missions imho. My only gripe with RIOT was when they made everyone appear on the radar during final stage. (all survivors re-spawning would end up fighting and killing off each-other, as opposed to pushing the team actually camping and winning the objective)
  8. Ty that's a nice gesture. Hope the new hardware arrives soon (for EU).
  9. Character: Tigrix Server: Citadel Cosplay Theme. There are so many possible tattoo outfits, this is a cosplay with designing equipment and clothing. Enjoy halloween
  10. I sent a ticket within the same hour matt posted it.... but there has been no replies, although they said it was a priority issue I just hope at least they fix it before turning off the event, so people who got bugged didn't waste their time hunting 99/100 pumpkins.
  11. It's pretty bad if players can't complete the event in time because of being stuck from a day-1 bug... heh oh well, I sent a ticket, lets see what happens.
  12. What about those who already experienced the bug and are stuck/can't complete it because they destroyed a pumpkin @event dist, before your fix? 49/50 in financial and getting text "next red pumpin is Nowhere."
  13. After todays patch, I don't see any of those roles/achievements in the game? the red pumpkin role i see and past years completed roles i see. But the new stuff? like kill 25 survivors as pumpkin army etc etc Will it only pop-up on completion and you can't see it/track it beforehand?
  14. I think it's interesting no-one talks about the recent "balance" changes, meant to push players into feeling like they have more choices in terms of mods and weapons.... Example: Grenade changes> LY' nerf Example: Mod changes> Ammo crate nerfs(can't change weapons with them anymore etc) Example: OCA nerf: reset back to previous state before it got buffed (ages ago). Now as I understood, these changes were to push players into more variety of choices? But as I see it, the changes made here has had exact opposite effect, what do ya'll think? Example: Everyone is using percs lol (yes my gf always used them, its fine, i'm not crying for percs) but i'm saying that most of the "LY" users, just moved to percs with the nerf to radius/damage of LY. So you don't have more variety, you have less. Now the perc users from before AND a bunch of new ones, are all on the same buss. Example: Mod changes: Everyone is using the ammo-box orange mod now and the few that aren't, are sticking with spotter because it's quite OP. But for months since the changes, i've not seen ANYONE using repair tools or any other orange mods... it's just ammo crate and spotter. (ofc, john is gonna say; HEY i use repair, but i'm talking generally...) Again, less variety with the changes, not more... As for OCA, well personally I'm still using it and happy with it, but I've noticed a lot of people switching to JG and PMG. In FC as example, which used to be quite heavy on OCA, it's majority now using JG's, some nfas and some oca. But again, the change hasn't added variety, it's just pushed people into less choices imo. Now for the NTEC and nfas and what other things they announced changes/are testing... Again, I can already see people will just flock to URSUS and "potential" the new glory if they ever fix it so it's not complete shit, I bet you everything, it'll come down to that though. Same for NFAS, when it gets shredded, you'll see a 100% usage of JG, if no changes are made to the already super popular JG. So imo, the development so far, although I applaud the will to make changes, I feel they need to listen to other people than the current ones they are taking advice from. /Unpopular opinion of course <<
  15. Ohhh, right, because people don't macro weapons in APB tru? Because it's not like you can have two fire buttons;)) I mean, it's not even common that scripters have a literal button extra for min-ttking with their preferred gun "cough!!" Jeesh, what a veteran=) you present yourself as totally unaware of everything, and then you call me dumb, ouucch. Oh where did I contradict myself? you forgot to quote that part perhaps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Uhm, you actually replied my comment, to which I replied correcting you for presuming to not know what a macro would be used for;) ... I know it's probably difficult when there's more than 3 replies happening, but cmon mr wasp. -------------------------- Now back to the topic? I hope Matt, you will look at statistics for gun usage when considering these future shotgun changes. When something is easy and strong, it naturally has a much higher use percentage than it's alternatives within' the same category (so for shotguns, we're talking CQC) Hopefully that means JG will be looked at, cuz' in it's current form it's imo stronger and far more used than any other shotgun. Which means, like the NTEC, it's unpopular to call it out, since the gun has so many users loving it.
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