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  1. Hmm, that's not been my experience... i'll try record a situation with it. My experience has been that it won't shoot during the animation of that drum flick or roll when you pull out the gun. (when it does the animation, which it far from always, but very random)
  2. Are they ever gonna fix the on-equip animation bug on the thunder? -.- you should be able to bring it to their attention right, as spct.. The gun does a barrel-roll animation when you reload bullets which is fine, BUT the problem is, it SOMETIMES (randomly, like 1 out of 10 times) also does this barrel-roll animation when u equip the gun/pull it out middle of combat.... and thats just so fucked, since that animation delays u from shooting the gun by like an entire second. So you add the normal equip time of switching gun, with another full second and u're literally shit out of luck when that animation happens cuz u can't shoot for a full two seconds or so combined.... It's not supposed to happen when u equip it... its a "finished reloading" animation .... and if it WAS supposed to happen when u equip it, then why would it only happen 1 of 10 times, making the gun completely unpredictable, cuz' sometimes u can shoot it at normal equip speed as other secondaries and other times u're fked and waiting an extra full second for a random animation.... making it poor as a secondary tbh, since it's a complete gamble to switch to it and safer just reloading your main gun or using a proper secondary until this is fixed ... @MattScott @CookiePuss
  3. Also, 2399 g1c for an account bound weapon is roughly 25-30$ depending where you live ..... I really don't see what has been lowered? and lowered by an average of 30%? what .. O.o And it's not by lowering g1c price, as I see it remains the same @ 6.25/5$ for 500/400 g1c ...
  4. As sad as this sounds, most cheats have options that allow you to stream & record without OBS/video software picking up your cheat. End result is that to the viewers there's no cheat HUD, but to the actual player there is. This is why you get the famous response often from the dumbasses *(cough cheaters*) "dude i can link you my twitch, u see any cheat???"
  5. ok fair, lets see then... tho "up to" 30% of those numbers, won't really be that significant i feel, but lets see. (i just read the part where it said starting early February.... i guess early feb is 14th valentine;P for me thats midway into the month so i thought the price adjustments had arrived sooner aka early)
  6. Has the prices been changed yet tho? ... STAC III, 2800 g1c, 2250 as member? ... That's like... 25-30$++ dollars for one gun? i guess the prices isn't changed yet or..? cuz, it's been a couple of times now i read that there's been "significant price reductions", but i'm just honestly not seeing it, maybe i'm blind. Still seems like you're supposed to pay almost the cost of a tripple A title, for a single perma gun in this game
  7. So when Matt posts about the issue with cheaters, it's not just another silver cryin' add it to the pile? Gj @LO Although i'd wish your policy was that a banned cheater was not welcome back. I know it's possible to spoof HWID's and IPs etc etc, but imo it's a matter of layers of trouble a cheater has to go through in order to cheat again and again. The more layers, the more trouble, the more trouble, the better for the legit community. Everyone understands you can't prevent cheating 100%, but layers upon layers of required bypasses once you been caught and proven a cheater once, is the best anti-cheat measures imho. (and I don't feel sorry for the cheater).
  8. Tigrix

    This is why you lag.

    There's no problem here, so no solution required... As some already mentioned, these "civvy" cars are an integral part of the game-play (cover, maneuverability and transport) It would be way more annoying if more often you spawned and there was no car around. It already happen sometimes, you spawn in a relatively big street and literally there's no car for miles around and you just watch enemies complete stage X/Y/Z while you're still hauling arse* getting a vehicle.
  9. Can't you please use the same reward method as beacon and similar events, also for the regular missions? It's REALLY annoying that the mail-box is spammed absolutely full of junk usable's that we can't claim or delete (can't claim cuz' we got 500 and can't delete cuz' we can't claim the item..) (2500+ mails and counting... i know people who has ten times that amount) Not only would it be really nice being able to select a USEFUL usable reward, but it'd be nice finally getting rid of that mail spam. What could possibly be the downside? players would have "too many usables" ?? how's that a downside.. we use them in every mission and its an interactive part of APB, it's just a fact that most people only use 2-3 types and stuff like boomboxes and such goes un-used and is permanent mail spam. But if someone love boomboxes, this suggestion won't hurt him/her either, as they are able to select that as reward then. It'd be a nice fix & it'd clear up some data storage;) @MattScott
  10. Tigrix

    Car Play Balancing

    +1 Add a bit of self-damage if you exit your car at high speeds... that way, car rushing is a bit of a punished gamble. Also, can we please have 5 storage slots in the uhm... sh** i forgot the name of the vehicle ... that sporty subaru-type racing car.... I like the vehicle, but it breaks as easily as a mini and it has only 2 storage slots, for some odd reason.
  11. Oh my, where to begin ... First, you completely misunderstood the topic, in your eagerness to seem clever. Perhaps if I again help, with a few further elaborations: Yes, it's a decal - in the example of "pick 1 permanent backpack", it wasn't a decal and there's been multiple examples, where it isn't decals but where it's expected that players use forums to find out what rewards they're selecting. Since LO has now shown capability of creating new events from the ground and up, it's already a given that they've got some programmers on hand, so why not do things right from the beginning? Don't make in-game selections that require people to use forums in order to really find out what they're getting or what they are "able" to get down the line if they play an event till X and Y ranks are reached. Of course I understand that to someone as you, it's sacrilege when another person tells you that creating a forum account and reading sticky threads should not be required in order to play the game and know the exact unlockable rewards and their looks (in case of clothing ones) (not JUST in a bad case of decals, which i admit was a bad example, but there are plenty good examples). Of course with your personal issues and forum history, you'd not understand my point. tl;dr Make things that are relevant to the game, accessible within the game, that's good game design. Don't toss your lego's around now please, it's okay if you still can't get it.
  12. added that in a big clear edit over an hour ago before you responded....... you rly should take your own advice on reading things before you reply.
  13. +1 for votekick option (even if in rare cases it might be abused, but its better than having to deal with dethreaters galore)
  14. Tigrix

    Bugs with the new update?

    i assume this bug is known, but if not... leaving snow district while in a blizzard, gives you permanent blizzard fog until you restart the game client.