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  1. How many days does it take for LO to read 1k posts of the same complaints and react with a simple settings change patch? Stop allowing 4 man groups in RIOT, until you can offer an alternative choice for players that don't wanna run 4 man teams.
  2. @MattScottWhy wasn't RIOT made for solo's firstly ? Is your game design philosophy around 4man teams in a game with barely 300 active players on? Your event is cool imo, but destroyed by the fact you refused to listen to all the feedback you received telling you to prevent 4man grouping in RIOT or create separate instances for people that wanna do clan wars. The gamemode should've imo been firstly for solo's or 2's (each person gets random team mate or the one they join with) Atm it's unplayable if you don't go as 4 you're at a massive disadvantage.
  3. @Lixil@MattScott Any chance you guys reading' these? there's some nice suggestions! Getting tired of the same old 3 hairstyles... yeah 3, because the other 27 are literally just bald or troll stuff
  4. Its fun, but it needs ability to queue as 2 and as 4. Solos go into the 2s pool and get a random partner.
  5. I think it's actually really fun. The main problem is grouping. People go in teams of 4, and anyone not going in a team of 4, is at a big disadvantage. We need separate districts for 2s grps and 4s, even if we got a small playerbase, I doubt people will find it fun to solo queue or queue with a friend and get smashed each time by 4man premades. The 2 man system could be random, so you get a random partner if you queue solo, that way it works for 2s and for solos wanting to play. And well the 4man is for anyone, whether solo, 2s or 3 or 4.... Since if you go there, with less than 4, you're choosing that challenge yourself, kinda like when BR players queue as solo into 4man teams.
  6. WILD AND CRAZY CHEAT FIESTA WEEKEEND!?!?!? noooooooooo........ ... ok, who cares how's it different from the current gameplay with BE active YES I can post multiple videos to backup my "claim"! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut.... i'm not allowed:D "Send them to support"... Zzzz.... sure, if support takes note and starts posting results of videos you sent, so players learn from it and you're not just sending videos into a void, with no followup. aaand since we're not allowed to post them and point fingers and talk fun about them (Cussss then "name and shame bohoo!!!) ---Apparently players can't decide themselves to agree with a video claim posted by another player or disagree with it.) (psst, maybe it would look bad when videos pop up and there are no staff insta-banning the twat, despite everyone lul'ing at the blatancy of the player racing a vegas ... on foot: :DD),... .....oh well, they get to do what they get to do=) /pours rest of his salt on some nice fries
  7. Does it not occur to simply post a long downtime from start and then surprise people positively by being done earlier? Those who don't read forums, won't know either way, good or bad - but those who read your estimated downtimes... are always getting impatient (kinda' rightly so, if they follow your estimations and continuously see extensions added) As opposed to literally always posting a downtime and then extending it multiple times, just give yourselves from start some extra hours and then if you're done earlier, it's all positively good & you guys get some applause instead of "omg they extended again zzz"? No offense, but it seems a recurring theme, so take it as feedback. You're still doing much better than old G1, who'd often fail to communicate neither downtimes or extensions.
  8. The blocky lego hair and the swollen lip light shading, is from the old engine right???
  9. ty, did you watch the ending? or maybe you're not a GOT watcher, fair nuff'
  10. Happy GOT ending, or something.... did anyone enjoy season 8..? (yes! this topic isn't about cheaters ) Trolls and haters can answer too! ... I expect short replies! (mod feel free to move topic to where-ever ... since its probably considered more GOT than APB.... but creative or OT or general blah blah.... )
  11. Releasing this video as a welcome to our new ownerlords, errr overlords: Little Orbit and to all the new faces as well as the old ones it has brought back! Matt, Lixil, Aphadon, Selali, Sandawg, Majiik, Tiggs, RitualL, Shylo, Andro ..... ugh sorry, there's more than I can recall and name, but you all know who you are. This is your game, this is our game, this is hopefully soon everyone's game and a chance for veterans to leave old quarrels behind and simply enjoy the fact that this ship is no longer heading to the bottom, but rather, it might actually cruise on for a few more deserving years. Sincerely Welcome and thanks for taking the chance on this. [edit]
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