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  1. What are you talking about... a simple google search completely dis-proves what you're posting. There are lots of paid cheats that bypass BE, has auto-hide on streaming and on recording. Yes BE is a decent anti-cheat, for sure and it definitely catches all the FREE stuff that used to be available for APB, which no longer exist, because it doesn't work with BE. But paid/premium cheats still exists in abundance and it's not like it's hard to search up the topics on them or google the sites. Why just why lol ... like you live in a bubble. Maybe you don't play citadel. We have tons of people advertising in chat, obvious hacker clans blatantly cheating infront of people to advertise their paid BE bypassing cheats. "Ty for posting this" makes it sound like you actually didn't login Citadel, like ever. Or stuck your head in the ground and found the one post you like, while you're ignoring all the posts with screenies and/or even advertisement/streaming from certain clans that we're not allowed to name, because then the post gets removed for "shaming".
  2. Removed quoted Name and Shame. ~@mayii Duuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeee.............. I won't say nothing ..... *high five* careful though, there's no freedom of the oppressed here
  3. Say hello to FairFight.... an anti-cheat, that judges by scores. ( statistical detection ) (Yes it's far more complicated than so, but essentially, its a calculation to determine if what you're doing is humanly possible or not, in terms of SPM/AS/RS etc) And sorry, but doing consistent scores like those I posted, is not humanly possible without the aid of outside programs, so yes, I definitely can judge by a players consistent K/D score. (Again, sadly my screenies get removed, but.. it's not like they're hiding it... even in this pic i posted today, the guy named his clan "banned" and his profile picture.. lel, they're trolling, cuz they know LO won't ban anyone, without BE detecting them and that won't happen, since they've paid for a BE bypass....) Hence the need for LO to step in and do manual work, instead of sitting on the palm of their hands and saying "sry, just do /report".
  4. You've not played much then.. its very often a thing in FC, when a blatant cheater is there. I would post screenies, but sadly the mods remove them, as you see in the original post Also, i said 1-5 deaths, not 16 lol, there's a big difference. You're not inhuman and able to see through the walls to always avoid everyone while you're regen'ing back health from the many kills you're doing .. aka the many fights you're obviously having to be engaged in for you to reach those 50 kill games That ability is only for those who see everything and know where every enemy is spawning, rushing and camping - hence they rarely die. ^^
  5. ah right okay, np Or just anyone willing to get their hands dirty with some manual labor. We badly need someone who manually deals with problems and doesn't sit around and say "oh sry, we can't intervene... the system hasn't caught them." But bruh, he's speedhacking faster than my nitro'ed vegas, do I really have to record, send email and video.. and then wait a month and get a half'arsed reply? This other dude just took a big dump on entire fightclub, 3 hours straight with 70+/1-5 scores...... but we have to suffer him for weeks because he paid for a BE bypass? Zzz That's why I miss Tiggs... I don't in particuler miss "tiggs" as a person, since I had a bad time dealing with her ego, but i miss the job she did.
  6. That's exactly why I miss having a staffer like Tiggs. (Even if I was on her bad side, because I was personally pissed off with her for an armas fuckup she made that she didn't want to correct) But we badly need someone who manually deals with problems and doesn't sit around and say "oh sry, we can't intervene... the system hasn't caught them." But bruh, he's speedhacking faster than my nitro'ed vegas, do I really have to record, send email and video.. and then wait a month and get a half'arsed reply? Zzzz
  7. I didn't even think Jericho was still a thing (not to be rude). i'm on Citadel.
  8. Well, i'd love to see those screenshots of such scores as I posted but... apparently, you can't post them... since this moderator above, said that they can "deem" your info as being a masked naming and shaming, even if you do not add any accusations to your posted information ... Anyway, I doubt we'd agree regardless what names you posted, cause' as I said - imo, with the amount of good players and "high tier skillers", it's unreasonable to believe that 1 player can roam a 20v20 map and count up 50-70+ kills while never himself dying or "rarely" aka, 1-5 deaths. There are simply too many other good players and even if he was god himself, he still gets tagged like everyone else fighting, unless you're saying he eliminated those 70 via ninja-tricks.
  9. Yeah, i'm sorry, I don't believe that they're legit I repeat again what you said, that there's a lot of very good players in this game. Indeed there is and one person can't become an unkillable terminator in a 20v20 map and survive all the other half-decent (and some good players and extreme skillers), in order to repeatedly perform at that crazy level of killing 50-70 players while only himself dying 1-3 times, sorry, your mates are not legit.
  10. So, if I post screeny of 70-4 scoreboard, without adding any accusations what so ever, then it's considered naming and shaming, because you personally deem it so? Just trying to understand these forum rules and if naming and shaming, is anything that involve posting screenshots and/or videos of gameplay... Because honestly, that is what you're implying. Else, where do you set the border to when something is a so called "masked naming and shaming" versus just game-play footage? Is that something LO ask it's moderators to judge on an individual basis, or are you reading the rule wrongly? We have a creatives sub-forum right?
  11. No it won't And no, you won't convince me that a player does 50-1 or 70-x scores repeatedly and consistently. Your own argument is the point! There are a lot of GOOD players, hell half the community still playing, are veterans and among them there are definitely also "super skillers" and that's also why ONE player can't legitimately do those 50-1 or 70-5 scores repeatedly and consistently, without the assistance of an outside program, aka peeking through walls and smooth-aiming.
  12. Cmon I can post lots of blatant cheater screenies going 50-1 or 70-4 etc etc, and if you believe a player can consistently do those stats legitly, then idk what to tell you but we'll both be wasting our time then on further debate. Now, lets see... if its naming and shaming to post evidence screenies/videos where you call someone out as a cheater ... then i suppose it's not name and shame, if we post it all and don't call anyone a cheater but simply let people make up their own minds, right @LO ?
  13. There's a huge difference of getting a bit lucky and getting 20 kills in a row w/o dying or only dying 1-2 times and then doing double/triple that amount, 50-60-70. There's a huge difference of getting said-stats in one extremely lucky round versus doing those rounds over and over.
  14. Then it's easy to dodge that so called name and shame rule, by simply not stating anywhere anything about "cheating", but simply posting the screenshot/video and letting people themselves make up their own minds what they think of it Also, further... witch-hunt? honestly cmon.. it's such a lame excuse that cheaters have used for years to avoid exposure In a witch hunt, the witch ends up burnt on the fire. Translated to modern terms.... In a RL situation, shaming an innocent person means they get fired from work possible/lose career/wife/whatever .....or even get jailed, innocently. In a game however, what exactly are you scared of? If people see your clip/and or screenies of the stats you continuously pump out, and they believe you're a blatant cheater, then so what? If you are innocent, then what? you won't get banned or burnt on a fire or put in jail.. you won't lose your career/job. Obviously cheaters adore this policy, as exposure isn't what they want, unless they're literally going film-no-life style doing it for broadcasts.
  15. I miss Tiggs (and this comes from someone who got screwed by her ego in a financial matter) We really need some manual bans. There are multiple blatant cheaters and cheater-clans just fucking around because they bought a BE-bypass and they know that there are nobody like Tiggs around anymore to manually ban them. They know that LO refuses to step in, regardless how obvious a player is cheating. They run around even as 255'er and just make a mockery of APB and Little Orbit. And when we post them, then it's quickly covered behind "name and shame" and said "just contact support" - who in turn does nothing, but auto-reply. How about, if a player goes 50-3 one round and next round 70-4 in a 20v20 spawn-everywhere game mode, you stop hiding them behind rules of "name and shame" and take action manually instead of letting a 50$ BE-Bypass make a mockery of your game? How about you let people post blatant names and deal with them instead of just hiding/removing the posts? Hell, make a sub-forum purely for posting suspicious content and give a paid employee a salary to actually go through it on a daily basis and at least remove the most blatant ones from what your community brings up? Removed Name and Shame. ~@mayii ps. had to add this for context=PP
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