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  1. I think it's interesting no-one talks about the recent "balance" changes, meant to push players into feeling like they have more choices in terms of mods and weapons.... Example: Grenade changes> LY' nerf Example: Mod changes> Ammo crate nerfs(can't change weapons with them anymore etc) Example: OCA nerf: reset back to previous state before it got buffed (ages ago). Now as I understood, these changes were to push players into more variety of choices? But as I see it, the changes made here has had exact opposite effect, what do ya'll think? Example: Everyone is using percs lol (yes my gf always used them, its fine, i'm not crying for percs) but i'm saying that most of the "LY" users, just moved to percs with the nerf to radius/damage of LY. So you don't have more variety, you have less. Now the perc users from before AND a bunch of new ones, are all on the same buss. Example: Mod changes: Everyone is using the ammo-box orange mod now and the few that aren't, are sticking with spotter because it's quite OP. But for months since the changes, i've not seen ANYONE using repair tools or any other orange mods... it's just ammo crate and spotter. (ofc, john is gonna say; HEY i use repair, but i'm talking generally...) Again, less variety with the changes, not more... As for OCA, well personally I'm still using it and happy with it, but I've noticed a lot of people switching to JG and PMG. In FC as example, which used to be quite heavy on OCA, it's majority now using JG's, some nfas and some oca. But again, the change hasn't added variety, it's just pushed people into less choices imo. Now for the NTEC and nfas and what other things they announced changes/are testing... Again, I can already see people will just flock to URSUS and "potential" the new glory if they ever fix it so it's not complete shit, I bet you everything, it'll come down to that though. Same for NFAS, when it gets shredded, you'll see a 100% usage of JG, if no changes are made to the already super popular JG. So imo, the development so far, although I applaud the will to make changes, I feel they need to listen to other people than the current ones they are taking advice from. /Unpopular opinion of course <<
  2. Ohhh, right, because people don't macro weapons in APB tru? Because it's not like you can have two fire buttons;)) I mean, it's not even common that scripters have a literal button extra for min-ttking with their preferred gun "cough!!" Jeesh, what a veteran=) you present yourself as totally unaware of everything, and then you call me dumb, ouucch. Oh where did I contradict myself? you forgot to quote that part perhaps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Uhm, you actually replied my comment, to which I replied correcting you for presuming to not know what a macro would be used for;) ... I know it's probably difficult when there's more than 3 replies happening, but cmon mr wasp. -------------------------- Now back to the topic? I hope Matt, you will look at statistics for gun usage when considering these future shotgun changes. When something is easy and strong, it naturally has a much higher use percentage than it's alternatives within' the same category (so for shotguns, we're talking CQC) Hopefully that means JG will be looked at, cuz' in it's current form it's imo stronger and far more used than any other shotgun. Which means, like the NTEC, it's unpopular to call it out, since the gun has so many users loving it.
  3. Woah, 2 veterans pretending not to know how scripting works and bashing me for that, nice ;D Scripting isn't to make the gun shoot faster, obviously that's not a thing you can "change" with a script lul .... it's to prevent the user clicking too soon and too late, hence thereby failing the perfect perfect TTK, which shreds any opponent in cqc if you can keep doing it repeatedly. WOW tadaa, mind blown? Yeah, everything and every gun's timings can be learnt with muscle memory and practise, or some people prefer to cheat and use macros for their favorite guns. You two wouldn't know what i'm talking about of course, so I guess i'm just here to call ya'll... dumb was it?
  4. Maybe at the time when JG is being nerfed? there's literally at least twice if not three times as many JG users as there are NFAS. With the scripting going on, some of these edgelords fire almost 2 jg shots in what feels like one second, you're literally dead in the blink of an eye lol.
  5. Does the harness work ontop of body-armor, like the Quiver does? It's quite important to know, since Samurai needs a samurai sword... but if it doesn't work... then Sigh
  6. OCA is getting nerfed, every CQC encounter will consist of PMGs and JG's, nothing else. Tbh, atm if u look @missions or FC, u see a good mix of everything, so idk why they are going to nerf the OCA, but you can be guranteed after the nerf, your PMG will have been the far better choice. But JG is completely crazy as it is... which is prolly why you see it in every other CQC loadout atm and even more so after oca nerf is live.
  7. eh? how does that make sense. Of course it's an improvement for an EU server. Other online games have similar standardized rules. Now they forced everyone into 1 server, so obviously there has to be a rule. I already mentioned GM's work and monitoring chat ability as an example. Not to mention what will become of APB when everyone of the 44++ diff EU nations playing APB realize "oh ok, we can just speak whatever language in public chat? cool!" If district chat is there to stay as an open public channel, its obvious it should be readable by the majority of an EU server.
  8. Isn't this considered torture?... Isn't NA Global = EU Gold Nova 2? O.o lulz, had to. ;DD Dude... I know quite a few russians who played Citadel for years now and they all manage to respect that they're on an EU server and should speak english when talking in public chats... However, after the migration where LO chose to save your characters out of their own good will... all the public chats are full of russians speaking russian, giving zero fuck for fact of being on a EU server that has players from all around the world. You should of NEVER had the ability in the first place to keep your Cyrilic names... I can't friggin' make a name out of special characters from whatever language I want, why should you? How do you expect non-russians to call out your names when they're in cyrillic? you do realize you're not alone and didn't migrate to a russian server... And tell your fellow countrymen to respect the fact that they've moved to an EU server and use god damn english as the russians that have been here for years. Ty P.S. I still wonder what's LO's plan with GameMasters @MattScott They're supposed to actively moderate district chat and behavior, yet with this influx and with no official rule of "speak English when using public chat in an EU server..." ... the GM's are fked out of luck with all the foreign spam now being allowed. if Russians can spam chat with russian, then ALL the eu nations use their own language in public? and then who the hell is supposedly going to "moderate" anything in the end? It's only a matter of time watching english public chat turn into a mess of languages, before everyone feels its okay using their own local language to spam public chat lol. You'll wanna add a rule on this I think.
  9. Yep yep=) Makes you wonder who's serving up the agenda for LO, as they're chasing down the smallest % of players who are not using the META playstyle, meta guns, meta mods etc.... Almost like a... "Get on-board with the meta, or get out!". Would be cool seeing some catering to non-meta play-styles for a good while until things start to change a bit, instead of this silly ntec privilege show.
  10. If you intend to nerf explosive ammo, can you fix so not half of it goes nowhere? :9 TL;DR: unpopular opinion being shared. Based on future balance patch notes, more specifically: "In order to limit explosive spam..." ------------------------------------- Did I misunderstand this phrase? is it referring to regular grenades? or is it generally meant versus OPGL, osmaw, volcano etc? Because...If explosive spam was powerful, then everyone would be doing it. Ntecs are powerful, it's meta. CA is powerful, it's meta. Nulander Pioner/Vegas4x4 is powerful, it's meta. If explosives was powerful... There's no mention of NTEC's in the "looking ahead" balance patch notes... I strangely get the feeling that LO is listening to advice from a group of people who would gladly see explosives entirely gone from the game. @MattScott, do you know how many OPGL grenades a player gets per respawn? Yes a lot of players won't get affected by the explosives ammo nerf, because using primary explosives is at best situational and not nearly as consistent as your typical ntec, smg, jg or whatever. I'm sure you have some data from the game of how many people use explosives etc, no? Something being; powerful, effective, easy.. or a combination of all 3 - also means it becomes meta because majority of players will always seek the easy solution. What explosives spam are you talking about and who put this agenda on your table that there's "explosives spam"? Explosives in APB is a minority use, of which very few are successful with it, but far far most stay away from it or end up 0-10. @Mattscott, you seem a developer that like to use statistics in your decisions - is it fair to ask what statistics you looked at, when you make the statement: My post might be "too soon", but I do hope not all your player advisory consist of friends who brought on their friends and mostly all have 1 shared play-style and are preaching in your ear that everything else is "lame". I fear you'll kill off APB by shredding the things that make the game unique, among them is the play-styles and if you're gonna limit play-styles you should be focusing firstly on what's being used by 98% of the players, not the 2% - this goes for mods and for weaponry. /Mr unpopular opinion - flame shield activated
  11. This game has needed a thorough cleanup for along time so certain immatures would learn "oh wait rly? if i break the tos, I actually risk my account?! just like the tos warns me on every login after every patch?? daaamm bruhh wat diz unfair!!"
  12. That's interesting and very very messy.... Certainly wasn't that way before as far as i'm aware but okay then. I also don't see how GM's would investigate reports or even take direct action if they have to understand a bunch of different languages being spoken in public. How do they know the languages are not breaking the TOS, if in public chat any language goes? 99% certain it was a rule before that public chatter was to be kept in english... else you'd need a hiring policy that require GM's to speak english, spanish, german, russian.... and so on... Or this whole "monitoring districts and player behavior" is pointless. I recall being warned for speaking non-english... did LO change this rule?
  13. I remember being told by GM's to keep chat in english, when speaking german/spanish in public chat...
  14. So this merge means the old rule of "english only in public chat" is removed from the game? because, I sure don't see any english anymore at all .... pretty much scrolling 15min of chat, its 99% russian/cyrillics.... bye bye "eng citadel" welcome innova 2.0
  15. Agreed..... plus, i felt the biggest issue with RFP was the fact that every friggin shotgun sprinter has a pocket obir...and with these changes they just made it even more so a pocket obir!! wtf O.o
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