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  1. Yeah, lets make APB even less diverse and fun than the recent patches from the "veteran crew", which literally almost killed the game. Yeah right before the corona crisis, the apb pop was lower than it has EVER been before. I guess Corona "saved" APB, while it's no fun and no joke for the world, at least for APB it did "something". The recent patches already made JG corner camping 10x more effective by removing the ability to restock grenades easily for corner clearing during mission gameplay or even using explosives as a primary, cus "hey, yo, fk ur ammo crates^^, fire your 6 opgl nades and then suck it hohoho". Cus' so many players was using this "overpowered explosives" as primaries am-i-rite? hahaah, yeah, like 0.5% .. but hey, lets nerf it, cus we wear black hoodies and only use JG and PMG luls. Corner camping has immense advantage in a 3rd person view game as APB where you can hold a corner without having to expose yourself. Grenades and explosives in general is supposed to be the counter to people refusing to leave corners/push/move around. Instead you get this certain crew trying to remove explosives entirely so their corner camping playstyle can be the BE-ALL-END-ALL, adapt or quit luls. How about git-gud and if you can't beat an opgl user, you probably suck, otherwise there would be just as many OPGL users as there are right now JG and PMG spammers:) Thx for a nice patch nerfing nfas to the ground, it really changed "a lot" now 90% of the playlist in FC uses PMG and JGs lol, beautiful balance again from the "veteran crew". @MattScott you honestly should start listening to some other players than the same ones with their identical playstyles and lack of respect for anything else in the game. At least start using your numbers that you like to bring up.... how about looking at % of explosive primary users and wondering then why your SPCT crew keeps trying to get you to nerf it, despite there being like less than 1% usage? Meantime, take a look at JG, PMG, NTEC usage stats? especially JG.... cmon, use the numbers instead of listening to fools trying to turn your game into CS:GO.
  2. Nicely put. I see Lily Rain still defending his crutch PIG, hilarious Last time he was comparing it to scout+fbw 4 SHOT combo, now he's comparing it to STRIFE..... next will be Volcano?
  3. I liked RIOT, was a refreshing game mode imho.
  4. Yes mate, we all need to improve our knowledge of the game and clearly you didn't yet understand the mechanics of QS'ing, which is why you're still telling people the STATS of ltl weapons o-m-g the density is absurd. Again, TY for all those numbers that everyone is aware, but understands has nothing to do with the topic! Thanks for your PAINT images (good job m8). Now I ask again, did any of them magically make the pig+perc combo stop working, for which this topic is about?? Yes or No? You missing your QS' and having to reload with a slow reload-timer on your pig secondary, do you understand this is not the fault of anyone other than you? You didn't! and I'm also totally ok with your personal opinion of me, I never claim to be "THE BEST" and I can handle being called bad or mad or both you're at least objective about the game..... unlike someone else.
  5. Yes I have, or bad cuz mad !? who knows... - but that doesn't mean all these "baddies" such as me shouldn't have same options as you....... surely, it's not a problem that both sides should have access to this bad and useless LTL combo.... Either that, or at giving it the same treatment as the HVR QS abuse, amirite? Seems fair.
  6. You gave us numbers yes and even lots of PAINT images (good job m8) and did any of them magically make the pig+perc combo stop working, for which this topic is about? So the topic can now continue for everyone disliking getting insta-stunned with a perc? ok cheers! Hitting 4 shots in a row with FBW & Scout...., so that's why it's ok you can insta-stun with percs..... that comparison really took the cake Dude uses 2 pages defending pig+perc QS'ing and finishes off telling others to "git gud" ? wtf Lily Rain, I nominate you troll of the year. No shit, i'll even go-to jail for that, please be nice to me
  7. Dude omg lol, when someone says "please show your audience" ... do you understand sarcasm? Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiii***********t dude.......you're either the biggest troll, or sincerely the densest person this forum ever had. Now you're comparing hitting 3 shots with FBW + scout shot, to the SAME as hitting ONE shot with pig LOL!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU BE SO DENSE MATE You can't convince anyone that QS'ing PIG+PERC isn't stupid and doesn't need to get nerfed/changed and open to both sides of the factions. Same as you couldn't tryhard to convince anyone that QS'ing HVR was "fine, because individually the gun reloads slow and if people miss their shot, it's not OP at all!"... Do you see anyone complaining about FBW+Scout? If not...then it's probably because hitting 4 shots in a ROW, IS NOT CONSIDERED QS'ing loooooooooool, it's considered owning someone bruh, do you know how many guns in the game can kill in 4-5 shots already without having to switch anything!? LOL 4 shots that needs to HIT in succession, for your little scenario, it's just a REGULAR kill bruhhh. ONE pigga shot has to hit, then perc is free insta-stun and percs can't miss, unless you're literally a twat at throwing. Do you understand the difference of hitting 4 shots in a row vs hitting one shot? Do you understand what QS is? The topic isn't based around you missing your QS shots and reloading your QS gun lmao dude wtf, seriously, give yourself a rest, you're making yourself look so D-E-N-S-E. All this diversion, are you seriously sitting in PAINT coloring numbers ? P.S, you forgot to comment again, how it doesn't fit with LORE that crim's would have the ability to hostage cops with zip-ties.... right? *cough cough* All criminals only kill people outright ;D they never zip-tie anyone or take any live hostages right? Imagine someone so stubbornly trying to defend their crutch, you've ascended to a whole different level. Lets get you to commit to your words, so you don't hide behind random images and only quoting the things you prefer while ignoring all else ...Soooo..... you keep try-harding that PIG+PERC is a terrible combo, yes? a "bad combo that is easily outplayed -insert random paintshop images to prove non existent point-". So that means, since you say it's a terrible combo, you won't mind that it gets removed/nerfed yes? Since it's anyway not a combo you are using and it's useless amirite? Lets hear straight answers bruh, are you with us for removing the pig and/or removing stamina drain from percs? Do you see any issue with crims having access to LTL? Are you still trying to claim it would NOT make sense that criminals could likewise zip-tie/hostage cops if they wanna play that way?
  8. Thank you! I can't see any negative side effects of removing stamina-drain from percs, they should honestly just go ahead and do it.
  9. I actually think it's fine they release legendaries that aren't so strong. You don't have to own all guns in the game.... For some ppl collecting is fun, for others its a fun challenge to use a new gun. If they made a habit of releasing overtuned guns, it'd be a FAR worse problem.
  10. Lily Rain dude, I know you from years here and honestly I know you're not even trolling.... you are seriously this...... uh, shhh, ill try be nice. Explain your audience how come stats matter in a topic about a gun that is being abused in QS with percs. Are we supposed to base APB balance around your inability to aim? LOL .... does the cheesy instant-stun method stop working just because Lily Rain can't hit his shots and refers us to read stats? LOL ... so by your standards the HVR should've never been nerfed, since HEYYYYY.... did ya'll read its super slow reload STATS!? Did ya'll KNOW that you're FKED if you missed your HVR-QS'ng attempts?? CUS BAD STATS! soooooooo heeeeeeey, why ya'll wanna nerf diz' crutch!? If everyone would just read the stats daaaaaamnit......the gun would stop instant stunning with percs amirite? Nobody cares about the stats my friend, because the gun works in a cheesy QS combo that THIS topic regards. I know you can't understand this topic yet or are trying to pretend being too dense to understand it, so that your crutch doesn't get nerfed, but cmon bruh. You've managed to quote everything in scale 2000x..... except all the parts challenging your daft idea of "well read stats!?? topic over then!" You've now gone full kindergarden style.... Next you'll yell MIRROR? I'm the one saying this gun needs to be addressed, same reasons the HVR needed it... and now out of the blue you're saying "tigrix want HVR nerf to be undone, but it will never be undone!" LOL ok rly? ... I'm the dude that kept reiterating why the HVR needed nerfs. And here we are in a topic about nerfing the PIGGA, in which i'm in favor of the nerf and I'm in favor of unlocking LTL for both factions - while you claim it would be against LORE for crims to zip-tie someone's hands behind their back? oh rly? criminals don't do that? criminals don't take hostages and wouldn't never zip-tie someone's hands? hahaha, ohhh Lily man.. Are you taking yourself serious at this point even? You're so desperate at this point..... But hey, did ya'll read the stats????..... reload speed, range??? because if you fail your QS attempts like mr Lily Rain here is trying to say.... why'd we need to nerf the hvr QS abuse? baddies will miss anyway duhhhhhhh!? ... perfect logics amirite. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. you finally come out the shell! There you are Mister "noooo, I don't mind crims having the same gun available..." BUT DONT U FKIN DO IT!, ITS AGAINST LORE !!! Yeeeeeah, you don't mind at all..... and it's totally against lore that a criminal would not outright kill someone, but rather zip-tie their hands behind their backs...yeahhhh totally against lore........ COUGH( COUG(H Let's be honest? There's no reason why crim's can't stun a cop and shoot him when they feel like shooting him or zip-tie his hands. It's certainly not against any LORE for criminals to stun and/or zip-tie a victim/hostage, cmon bruh...stop trying so badly to keep your crutch faction locked Your crutch will either get nerfed or unlocked to both factions. LO can nerf the QSing by either nerfing the pig or removing stamina drain from percs.... or they can remove the faction lock of LTL weaponry so all players have the same access to a gun you claim is "ohhh sooo baaaadddddd".... or 3rd, they can remove the pig gun entirely, problem solved.
  11. That's EXACTLY a good question! and it would solve this issue with the pig abuse (Although imo, it's still fundamentally wrong to lock weapons behind faction-only categories, unless both factions have equivalents)
  12. Lily you need some serious help. You quote completely random things out of context lmao. I said LTL weaponry would FIT with the theme of the game for criminals also ... it's a statement that lore-wise, there shouldn't be any issue in crims and enforcers having the SAME pool of weapons to choose from. Hence solving the issue of the TOPIC... do you know what a topic is? because wow ..... Walls of text will not distort the topic this thread is about, you can keep trying, it doesn't work that way, at least not with me sorry. The topic is QS'ing an LTL secondary: You already shown you don't understand what QS means, when you started explaining GUN stats and RELOAD timers lol. You missing your QS attempts and having to RELOAD is a YOU problem lmao. You could've made the SAME argument vs HVR nerfs "buuuuuuuuuuuuut dudeeee... if you miss your HVR QS, you're fked up close....." Lily Rain....seriously, get a grip lmao Do you read the topic titles in which you partake? .... like before you open the thread and start filling it with random off-topic information? This topic isn't about what stats LTL weapons have, reload timers, range, or how strong or weak that you find them to be, how many times do you need to be told? Let's try again? you seem really dense at this point, sorry, being honest:) Facts: Topic Title = "quick-switching-pig-and-stunning" Facts: LTL (in this case the pig secondary) is ONLY available to the enforcer faction and combined with percs it makes for a cheesy and instant stun-combo. Abusable by enforcer players that don't miss half their QS attempts (Lily Rain is not counted, since he's busy claiming its an ohhh sooo weak a combo that no-one should lose against, plus he will miss anyway, so it's really a weak combo duhhh :D) Facts: You wrote: So you are saying that the counter to one faction NOT having any cheesy instant-stun secondary...... just deal with it and use a letal one, of which criminals have a dozen that completely smoke ltl weapons" .... Are you this daft? Firstly, you're making it out as if Crim's have lethal guns that enforcers do NOT have. Which ones I ask? You have the EXACT same guns, but crims do NOT have any PIG equivalents or any other stun weaponry, DO THEY... yes/no? ... was simple enough now I wonder? Secondly, you're arguing that the counter to LTL, is to simply equip ANOTHER TYPE OF WEAPON aka a lethal one, LOL! That's like saying the counter to NOT having something.... is not to ask that both factions should have it, but to just move along and ignore it lmao. SO dense wtttttttffffffff. Actual crazy. That's not balance, nor does it address the issue this topic is about mr Lily Rain? .... again, R-E-A-D the topic title? The topic is about the fact that Pigga+Perc is an instant-stun cheesy combo. This would be fine, if BOTH factions had access to that same cheesy combo. They don't. There are many cheesy combos in APB, but they're accessible to BOTH factions - this one isn't. simple enough for you yet? ... Your walls of text doesn't hide your inability to read & comprehend what you're reading my dude. Linking stats and arguing 2 pages non-sense ..... I'm sorry but I have to be blunt at this point, since you clearly didn't understand it the nicer way. You can't change what a topic is about, just because you wanna show people how much of a BIG BOI VETERAN you are by copy-pasting stats from a public page that no-one is arguing or disputing ... why? because LTL stats is COMPLETELY besides the point of the topic.......YES STILL. You entered this topic about QS'ing with an LTL secondary and you've contributed so far, what? , aside from showing peeps that you don't know the meaning of QS, so you start arguing the time it takes to RELOAD your QS gun... omfg but hey, at least you've made it clear that you feel LTL needs buffs wtf though !?! lolol, topic much bruh? do you read them? Go make a forum topic and explain people what's your issue with LTL weapons being ohh so underpowered, since that's clearly your agenda here and it has NOTHING to do with this topic.....This topic has passed over your head 5 times now, a record among forum trolls i'd say, especially since you're not even trolling, you're just actually seriously this bad at reading a topic title and the content, holy sh**** Lily Rain - for your own sake, I'd hope you were trolling, sadly I don't think you are. I think you are taking yourself extremely serious and truly believe you are oh so good and crims that doesn't like your beloved pig+perc combo should "just read stats" LOL!!!!!!! Yeah that'll fix the topic issue bruh ....... d-e-n-s-e. Sorry, it had to be said though by now.
  13. Ohh boy really? I'm still waiting on you to link the guns that you said criminals have that cops don't have? Bruh.... Do you know what QS means? then why are you talking of reload speeds and range stats!? :confused face: LOL !? The topic here, is that perc+pigga is extremely abusable, doesn't require giving up your main weapon... and people know it, including you. And for now it's a mechanic locked to only ONE faction, hence you so badly don't want criminals doing it to you, or you could've closed this topic 3 pages back, saying "yes ok, then give crim's the same option/pigga equivalent, it's fair afterall for PVP." Nobody is talking about other LTL weapons or comparing other LTL weapons or discussing individual weapon stats. We're discussing an abusable combo, same as QS HVR before the nerf. Nice try at constantly confusing the point of the topic by talking a bunch of nonsense as if you're smart linking a stats page we all got access to, duh. See, you really are missing the point again, damn. The point is NOT what you call it, this isn't about roleplay, whether you call it "killing' with lethal weapon" or "execution", the point is the stun-timer, BEFORE you kill them, adding to their total re-spawn time and extended further with an arrest.... do you understand it yet or need it re-explained a 4th time? Calling it an execution was lore-wise what would make sense for the criminal side, since a stunned person sitting on his knee's and you shoot him? well yeah, explain me what you call that if not an execution my smart friend? Oh boy oh boy you're shooting yourself on the foot if ever lol .... and I even tried playing nice and helping you understand ;D ... it only took 3 posts. I guess your English isn't as good as you thought it was. Let me quote myself for you again, let's be really really sure this time you got it Here you go my friend, once again: If it's underpowered as you claim, then what's the issue in both factions having stun weapons? Seems fair, seems balanced. Makes sense in a PVP game. One faction shouldn't have weaponry in PVP that the other faction has no equivalents of, right? Regardless how YOU personally feel about pigga+perc combo abuse. Now we'll just wait and see you link the "criminal faction only" lethal weaponry you talked about ..... Do you admit that crims have no weapons that cops can't access equally, but cops have weaponry that crim's can't? can you manage to admit it now maybe? Awesome, you've now entered the topic which you opened up! only took 3-4 posts! My posts was not about how strong or weak YOU feel the combo is... it's about whether or not crim's can choose to use the same lame shit as you or don't have the choice at all.... -this-really-shouldn't-be-so-hard-to-grasp- .... Nobody cares about you polluting the topic talking about LTL reload timers and range lmao ......You're in a topic which has literal title of: "quick-switching-pig-and-stunning" Do you know what quick-switch means? if so, then why are you clouding the topic with reload timers and LTL weapon stats lmao .. it has ZERO point in a discussion of QS'ing a weapon. Oh and just for sake of arguments sake.....You failing your QS and having to reload is on you my buddy, perhaps a better player won't fail as often and in his hands that combo is absolutely powerful and should not be locked to only ONE faction. Got it yet?
  14. LTL does need to be countered. As it was said earlier in this thread, LTL is very strong in 2v2 missions and abusable. You don't have to drop your main weapon to get the benefit of keeping someone locked out of a round for an extensively long time. Pig + Perc is absolutely overpowered for cops that know to wait the full stun-timer and arrest last second. It keeps you out of the game longer, which in turn gives your own team more time and space to complete objectives or to run a timer down to zero. I get the feeling you don't do much mission gameplay mr experienced player from the fact that you could even entertain the idea that I wanted crims to "arrest civilians or mug civilians with stun guns" LOL!!!! Why the fk would that benefit crims having to first stun civilians to mug them hahaha wtf ? put the weed down brother. Let me copy-paste my own line, mr. Good @English ... clearly you didn't catch it the first time: My EXACT line: crims are robbing people, why can't they stun them and give them a good ol' back-of-the-head execution? Ergo, since criminals are ...criminals duh? Ergo it fits with the lore... they're robbers and criminals, so why can't they stun and execute cops if they want to do that? Makes no sense that you're arguing trying to keep your pig-crutch faction locked to you, while at same time you claim it's UNDERPOWERED and shouldn't be allowed used by crims hahaha? If it's underpowered, then what's the issue in both factions having stun weapons? Seems fair, seems balanced. Makes sense in a PVP game. So much for your English Now try again to convince people that it's fair how ONE faction has a gun category for missions that the other faction can't use? Now try again to explain what it will ruin for your gameplay, if criminals were given an equal alternative to your LTL gun? If you can't explain why you are against it, you clearly just want your little perc+pig crutch to remain one-sided. You also neglected telling me what guns crim have that you can't use/don't have equals of? Maybe you should follow your own link and read the weapon categories a bit mr. veteran?
  15. 1) How would buffing a FACTION locked weapon ever be considered FAIR ? lol, are you high? o.O 2) I was referring to PVP dude, not PVE. Stunning cops and executing them seems fair and seems like a thing criminals would do from time to time yes. 3) If it gets fixed, it won't 1-shot stun after 1 perc. It'll either need to minimum 2-shot, or change percs stamina drain. 4) Lethal weapons are the counter ... to what? LOL .. to what? .. you forgot adding that crucial part ""Criminals have a dozen that completely soke LTL weapons"" .... ehhh again, what? Which faction-locked weapons do crims have that cops cannot use/does not have equally? .... which game are you playing, is it even APB?
  16. As long as crims can't equip the same loadout to counter/return the favor, it's unfair. You can't give 1 faction some PVE stuff and the other faction PVP stuff, it's obviously stupid and has always been a flaw in APB. Give crims the pigga also and allow them to stun cops, why not? surely it's part of the theme of the game... crims robbing people, why can't they stun them and give them a good ol' back-of-the-head execution? Either fix the pigga gun, or make it available to both factions - guns should not be restricted by which faction you play, simple.
  17. I would post some video of using it, but i sold it too fast again. I see no reason using that weapon over almost any other current gun in the game. It doesn't fill any role that hasn't already got better alternatives. IMO it's a gun that doesn't know what role it wanted to be, so it tried to be everything and ended up as nothing of use. It's a ranged weapon that fires quite slow, yet only works up to 30m, after that it becomes 4-6 shots depending on distance. It's a point & shoot laser-pen, yet it'll get dominated close quarter by any decent JG, OCA, CSG, carbine (insert almost any decent cqc weapon here).
  18. My biggest gripe is that LO has left the development to a very small circle of veterans that all share same mindset and playstyle. And you can clearly see it on the patches. Nerf all explosives, across the board even though it's the least used guns/weaponry in the game already. Next I predict nerfs to remote deto and other similar mods that have like 1% usage. Meantime, they keep their meta as they like it, CA3/CA2 has 95% usage, nerfed? nope. Spotter mod, used by every tryhard group in the game, nerfed? nope. It's literal that they're trying to force everyone else to adopt their playstyle. The diversity that made APB what imo IS APB, is slowly being removed one patch after the other, in exchange for "we should all use same loadout, because this is fair and cool for us and everyone else is lame and their playstyle is scummy!" --- Says corner camping JG users, driving indestructible tanks, about remote deto's etc Fun times in APB. ..When a company leaves development to a few veterans (some of them multiple-times banned under FF..) fun fun.
  19. In missions with 2-3 players each team, it is EXTREMELY powerful using LTL. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't powerful. Being able to delay peoples respawn in small skirmish missions, is very powerful and you can abuse it further by waiting the stun timer and then arresting in the last second. Lastly, you don't even have to sacrifice your main gun for it. You just equip the pig and percs and then you still got your main rifle, whatever you prefer. Pig+Perc is silly as hell the way it works atm. Crims should have something that stuns imho, preferably a secondary similar as the pig, so they at least would have the option to abuse that same mechanic if they want to. Balanced PVP and factions with faction-only gun mechanics, is never a smart thing imo.
  20. You're contradicting yourself imo. At one side, you'd like the game to be highly competitively balanced and ensure that players have a lot of control over losing and winning. So which one is it? should players have control over how they lose and win or should we nerf everything into oblivion that isn't used by black-hooded 3 feet tall female characters? Because lately, we sure as heck have been getting patches aimed at exactly nerfing all other playstyles than what "those" people enjoy. Ammo box changes was huge as example and literal the quote of Matt was "trying to remove explosive spam" ... to which a lot of the population, including myself really wondered wtf he means, since we play missions weekly and we don't encounter this "explosive spam" in fact, it's RARE even seeing anyone using a primary explosive weapon, let alone winning missions by doing it. So who exactly whispered in his ear that "APB has big issues with explosive spam" lmao really.... @matt do a few missions, tell me how often you encounter "explosive spam" "Yolo" nerfs, another big change and I believe he commented potentially going after percs next yes? on the stream with kemp? i'm not sure, but he certainly followed through with the low yield nerfs making them imho quite useless and before you say "no no, they're still awesome" .. I've not met even ONE player using them since people realized they both do less damage AND have less area effect, in fact 2 direct nade hits can't even kill a player now lol. Again, is this giving us more choice and more control??? or is this pinning us all into slaves of NTEC wielding, conc-nade users? I see things going only one direction, and it's certainly not giving players more choice or appreciating that there are many playstyles in APB and they should remain valid choices, including stuff you find lame such as detonators or explosive weapons. Now this totally silly bounty change. Imo it was quite nicely balanced as it already was. Anytime I went on a crazy killing-streak, soloing an enemy team, it quickly resulted in me becoming bounty and getting hunted down by out-of-mission players, which in turn gave the enemy players (often newbies if you're consistently killing them all) a chance to progress their stage., which is healthy for newbies to get a little bit of success. And this isn't the only problem with the bounty change... In fact the change to bounties AGAIN seem made by someone who didn't have the full picture of what he was changing or the consequences.... I mean, ram raiding hello? lol Safely raiding among other criminals as P5, getting double rewards entire time, only thing you need to do is press your map button every now and then and check if a cop has logged on your district lol, gee thx ... I main criminal, but I can still admit what a stupid and unanalyzed change this was. Idk who's giving them the tips on what to change, but so far it all smells very very much of an elite few people that feel very justified enforcing everyone else to adopt their playstyle, and it's not really going too well is it? I suppose that's how APB will end its days, with a few hardcore clans picking on each-other over "what mods and guns" they use, because "we should all use same layout!" lol, sad imo for a game as once diverse and cool as APB.
  21. What a heap of *...., to put it as politely as I can The game is 10 years old, it's lower than ever population because: 1) age, hello the game is a decade old and has terrible performance despite being an old game. 2) the game never got updated as promised for 6+ years, player-bases have patience, but not limitless patience. 3) APB has a LOT of troubles with cheaters and when LO took over the spiral restarted itself with all the old ones coming back cause of having access to all their primary accounts again "2nd chance". (I know friends that quit over simply seeing names they knew got banned for GOOD reasons, back playing on their main accounts and hiding behind "false ban excuse" of a few legits among hundreds of cheaters unbanned. Funniest part is how you mention current player-base dwindling, and as far as I can tell, with each patch lately, LO has listened to someone who only gives them half the story And yet they implement the changes and suffer the fall-out and realize too late they should revert it. Imo problem is the people they are listening to atm, they're the ones speeding up the death of this game. APB isn't CSGO, as another user kindly said it. APB is about diversity and combining a lot of different cool things, into 1 complete game. APB "competitive" should not be FORCED down the throats of every player, the game itself always had clans that went and organized their own rules and tournaments. The population being tiny now, doesn't mean everyone should adhere to your way of playing APB, and while you're trying to force it, you're just killing the game that much faster. Bounty changes. Grenade supply changes and general focus of eliminating "explosives spam" even though, i don't friggin' see any explosives spam, but i see a lot of NTEC spam:) Weapon changes that wasn't needed. I can already predict next moves, if they keep listening to the same few people... "nerf remote deto, its too strong" (even though it's used by like 2% of playerbase, while all tryhards use spotter lel) "nerf volcano pls, it kills us when we are hiding with JGs behind corner" "nerf grenades, they are too effective at clearing corners! don't let ppl refill them either" (oh wait, this change already happened, indirectly mega buffing JG's even more than they already were) @mattscott I don't know if you play the game as an actual player and tried missions... if you do/did, you would see yourself whats the truth... what do people use (abuse) 95% of the time versus what's only used by very few players effectively and in-effectively by most.
  22. Is this game being run by certain blackhood tryhards nowdays ? All the changes seem to go 1 direction >>> Play ntec, don't use cars, don't use grenades unless its anti-car grenades, don't use explosives, don't use autoshotguns, don't use fun and different mods from rest of the playerbase, you need to use the same generic setup that the tryhards use 24/7. I have a feeling that the new LO staff is listening WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much to a VERY VERY SMALL core of players that have a VERY specific playstyle they wanna force everyone else to follow. And SADLY so far LO is listening every step of the way and slowly changing the game to become so friggin' bland and boring, everyone have to use the same setup and "everything else is lame, so we nerf it". Why the fuck is explosives "easier" than ntec lazers ? LOL .. cmon if explosives was more powerful, then by default EVERYONE would run around using explosives, because people always use majority of whats most powerful (CA3 anyone? spotter mod? ntecs?) Yet LO keeps listening to these few few (and multiple times banned veterans?) that want them to shape the game only by how they play it. It's a shame, because the game is already dwindling and somehow they think that forcing the rest of the playerbase to all play the same, will make the game thrive and grow... lol, yeh wait and see.
  23. <title> was looking for the post, but it seems removed or?
  24. Who's gonna miss the de-threaters? actual gold players that never see them aside when they're sabotaging your mission and killing themselves repeatedly? silver players who are actual legit stuck silver and already can't manage? bronze/green players who are new to the game and are trying to learn the basics before getting farmed by 2013 veterans who de-threated to get easy opp? Sounds like it'd be quite nice losing that pop. Sounds like we'd be holding on and growing 3 other categories.
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