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  1. A new playlist is out!!! Check out crypt / autumn themes!
  2. A new playlist is out!!! Check out tabkan themes!
  3. Theoretically speaking, but the theory can be wrong sometimes.
  4. A new playlist is out!!! Check out Amberwind / Lumsheden themes!
  5. A new playlist is out!!! Check out Beruma themes!
  6. A new playlist is out!!! Check out Arcaea themes!
  7. A new playlist is out!!! Check out Spazmer themes!
  8. I don't play snipers much so I can't share your rage but I know the hitreg is bad sometimes during missions. In a weird way, I think FPS and graphic settings do affect hit reg, I remember having to shoot someone 8 or more times with an ntec to kill someone (no kevlar) but after using advanced launcher and making my settings minimal, everything is surprisingly fluid and the hit reg is spot on. I don't notice bad hit reg anymore.
  9. pretty much any Premade Gold Squad whenever I'm playing solo and matchmaking gives me low rank silver teammates.
  10. It's not over for APB, the "engine upgrade" is still coming but with slightly older code, whether you like it or not I believe they're finishing importing everything over. Then we can finally see content being added.
  11. Specific collections will also be put up in the in-game Marketplace Kiosk day by day.
  12. I don't think it is, but I'm actually kind of excited for new content, LO claims that they gave up on using new code for the game at the moment and will be using a slightly older (but still new) code for the game. I would love to see a bigger patch that revamps various things in the game that add life improvement such as mailbox revamp ect.
  13. I'm preparing a gigantic themes sell off to free up my mailbox, these are themes on the Citadel/EU Server only. Themes include (almost) full collections of LIF (Sold Out), Lofijazz (Sold Out), Duhund (Sold Out) and Beruma (Sold Out). You can PM me on this forums or message my dischord ArtDeco#9656 I'm only accepting in game-APB Cash for these themes. We can either arrange via direct trade window or I can restrict the themes to your in game character via Marketplace Kiosk (with added tax) if we cannot be online at the same time due to timezone differences. To hear the themes please navigate to my APB Themes Archive on soundcloud, Here are the specific maker playlists for the 4 theme makers mentioned, (Some themes are not avaliable, most are however.) LIF Themes Lofijazz Themes duhund Themes beruma Themes Themes that are SOLD, will be posted here, all beruma themes. all lofijazz themes. all duhund themes. all LIF themes.
  14. This is a game that frustrates people but there is always this feeling that if new game modes and content were added in apb, the game could truly get out of life support and on the road to a moderate recovery. And for gods sake, please revamp the Mailbox System in the game, add folders and sorting elements.
  15. Sorry, I was taking a long hiatus from the game but I'm back for now recording themes again and adding new themes to existing maker's playlists. Hopefully I will be able to add new maker's playlists to the archive!
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