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  1. Might I suggest you also compensate every account on the console version with a free account bound unsilenced Oca-Nano as a sweetener? I'm not a console player but that idea doesn't sound so bad to me.
  2. "All armas weapons are useless." Sorry but you don't sound like a long time player. Therefore that theoretically means we can't take your words seriously friend.
  3. A new playlist is out!!! Check out erytr8er / synthief themes!
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  6. Man I really wish this thread would have been about you stomping those Golds and carrying your team for the win but we are back to reality sadly
  7. Hello, I recall someone telling me that the CR5 has been changed to be a little different than the Ntec but I can't remember what was said. For the longest time the CR5 was a simple reskin of the Ntec5 but was there a recent change to the CR5?
  8. A new playlist is out!!! Check out vylyn themes!
  9. A new playlist is out!!! Check out Kempington themes!
  10. Thats been the norm for years, its not every mission but for some reason it's like this way a lot whenever I personally play missions. But I know the feeling, it always seems like you're the only one on the team with a brain and a will to fight but your other teamates are so braindead and slow it's painfully obvious which team is going to win the match, almost like it's been pre-decided no matter how good of an effort you put up. And of course, this will affect your K/D in the game, the more low scores you get against premade gold teams in bad matchamking will get you to bronze in no time.... We can only hope that as the game starts getting new content and a big advertising campaign will we start to see a surge of new players to further balance the matchmaking.
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  12. A new playlist is out!!! Check out novaprophet themes!
  13. This is exactly why I stopped playing missions, I was just so sick and tired of being matched with random silvers vs opposition full of premade golds. I don't see much that Little Orbit can do at the moment since the population is what it is, matchmaking is this way becuase of factors in population too.
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  15. A new playlist is out!!! Check out tabkan themes!
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