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  1. Arguably, the hazardous is one of the most underused legendaries (if you can call it that) because you unlock a 2 slot version through contacts and if you've spent money through armas, you get a 3 slot version of the tommy gun as a loyalty reward. Another thing to point out is the recoil which causes players to stray away from it. This is because of Cooling Jacket 3 on the hazardous, and if you've ever used it, you would know the recoil is horrendous and having extended mags doesn't help either. A good solution to make it feel like an actual legendary is to give its own unique mod and freeing up the 2 slots. Ex: A hazard symbol tagger (like the sitting duck) as a mod or recoil reduction after a certain amount of bullets. As far as weapon value concern as well, it has no value because right now theres no real incentive to use it over the 2 slot and 3 slot version as a LEGENDARY.
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