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  1. The way I see it for NA, there's still 100-200 players in peak hours on busy days. EU is still pretty much alive, with 500-1000 players in peak hours on busy days.
  2. Does that mean the Pig + Perc has been nerfed? Great!
  3. PMG got nerfed and HVR got nerfed, now I can sleep a little.
  4. Waits patiently for the server merging.
  5. I heard people had too many issues with launching the game through Steam, so a number of players could be playing apb without launching through Steam. Just wait until new updates and patches come, playerbase can increase a bit for a short while.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew which file to remove in APB main folder to disable the mouse clicking noise when navigating UI in-game?
  7. As a theme collector, I absolutely love these longer works or art. More lengthier themes really display the sheer brilliance and creativity of these great theme makers. You can hear the full themes play when you win any match as MVP, whether it is Fight Club or Action Districts.
  8. Nerf the PMG sound too, that punchy sound makes everyone feel like they're unstoppable and increases their agility by 200 percent.
  9. LO seems to have good intentions of actually we-working the code for engine upgrade so they can start adding more content. Making this a more "fuller" game.
  10. Yo Swipex, exit steam, problem solved.
  11. The HVR is not supposed to be in this game, a gun that is dead accurate, taps 85 health off of you in a game with a annoying spawn system should not belong in this game. It is a crutch option besides PMG when gold squads are losing a match. In fact you will notice that the losing team will usually switch to one when their mission timer is running out. Another gun I just hate and will forever hate is the Atac but I don't actually hate the gun itself but Atac users.
  12. I disagree with the Ursus being in Tier S list over the Ntec 5. Ntec 5 is more versatile than Ursus and should be on tier S, Ursus tier A. I also know this is a very "general use" gun list but some guns in tiers much lower than Tier S if used efficiently can beat high level Tier A and S users easily.
  13. Hello, so I have a question about the settings on APB Advanced Launcher, So when I'm serious about playing the game and not hanging on social all day, I start apb with minimal settings on apb adv launcher and everything looks like playdough. I was wondering if anyone knows which setting to increase or enable to visually show the smoke trails of OPGL nades or EOL nades while everything is still on minimal settings?
  14. URSUS is still the heavy weight champ of legendaries in usefulness and usage. Ursus, OCSP Joker and FFA 3 slot prices won't change too much when EU and NA merge.
  15. Hello, at this time I would like to purchase either "Shimmering Black" by Markrove Or "Tuesday Garc0n 0", "Tuesday Garc0n 1" by Beruma Please send me a PM here or please send in game mail to JazzTrumpet/Flugelhorn I can do APB cash or theme/gun trades. I'm in Jericho server.
  16. The volcano and OSMAW are only deadly to silvers who don't understand their mechanics, they are most effective at 90-100m, the Volcano uses arc mechanics, the OSMAW fires a straight rocket until 100m. They are so easy to dodge if you're a typical gold that is aware of their surroundings and noise. OPGL is a bit strong atm, it should have a slower firerate or make the nades more visible when it is fired in motion, add smoke effects. EOL Deep Impact is a great gun atm and only wielded by a few people like me, I think the radius of the conc rounds should be increased just a little. EOL Kickback needs slightly more range The other EOL needs to be deleted because it is fucking useless.
  17. Hello, I'm on the Jericho Server and I would like to buy/trade for themes created by " Jive45 " or " Krovalite ", who was an old theme maker from the mid Joker server years. I really liked his themes, please PM me if you have any of his themes and I'm sure we can work it our with APB Cash or trades. Thank you.
  18. Someone already did recently, look at the range and how quickly it kills a moving target. Now try to replicate that ttk in that situation with an Ntec
  19. Regarding those well put together clips of the ATAC shown above, while it's true that an Ntec can perform similarly in those circumstances (killing moving targets within 2-3 seconds), the fact that the ATAC is a high reward/low effort gun that competes with the Ntec, is already showing that it has no place in the assault rifle class in APB. Just look at how accurate and how fast the ATAC kills a player in that range and circumstance (moving target) and then try to imagine a typical Ntec user tap/burst firing to try and match that ttk and accuracy. While a very skilled Ntec user might get similar results, the fact that almost anyone can replicate the ATAC kills shown above with little effort proves my point that the gun needs to be "adjusted" to work with the combat phycics of this current game.
  20. If it's so "balanced" why did I see much more ATACs than Ntecs yesterday. A lot golds used them and a lot of silvers, all different players too. I only saw about 2-3 ntecs compared to an army of ATACs, something clearly got touched up in a ATAC, maybe a ninja sneak adjustment patch, I don't think you all notice it. Anyway, let's just assume I'm noob and the ATAC users can move on.
  21. Play against one a few matches and you will feel the BS power from it.
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