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  6. At this point we should just shut up and let LO release the engine update as scheduled before ranting on about various issues with the game's old code right now. Once the new engine rolls outz they should have a much easier time adding new constant events, new matchmaking , more things different to do in the game ect.
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  9. Just so you know, if I give "evidence" here, I would get banned from the Forums. I took it up with support weeks ago, so I'm pretty much done with this thread, no need to concern over this thread any further. Since this thread, I have learned a lot more about the whole situation and the people involved but I'm not allowed to post that info on the forums.
  10. Med spray is really seeing more use nowadays. Makes a big difference when you 85 someone and they're back in the fight in no time.
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  13. Oh man, I'm not even going to bother correcting you, you probably won't have the mental capacity to understand my explanation anyways. I'm gone from this thread, don't expect me to come back here and explain things, I've made it clear from my previous posts already.
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  15. So all in all, just set up 2FA for your own safety, most of the accounts that were hacked past few days did NOT have 2FA it seems. I really don't care whether you all beleive the video or not, like I said before, accounts were hit and the "exploit" claimed on the video seems to match up with everything that has been reported in the past few days. The thread was to caution people, please set up 2FA for your own safety and yes, I didn't have any issues with tokens when setting up mine.
  16. I have done my part, LO has taken this into account and part of the community is aware and cautioned, now this thread can drift in whatever direction it wants to.
  17. Anywho, whether this video or this hack is legit or not, all I know is that one of my alt account got hacked into, a lot of accounts in EU also reported to be hit, they all include theme makers and non theme makers but with theme makers, their accounts were violated (giving their themes out randomly) renamed stolen account themes, verbally abused people (victims have screenshots of chat logs) and reported cheating on the stolen accounts. Some of these reports match the video that was uploaded by this apb cheater on youtube. I will follow up with LO, they should be aware of this and investigate a little.
  18. No idea, but I will have to log into my main account tonight when I get home to see if it has been hit as well.
  19. There is a possibility and LO may still be investiging. I would start changing LO/GamersFirst passwords and email passwords too (now that it could be the source).
  20. This is a problem, I just spoke with others who play EU daily on dischord, and they said that their gmails were hacked into which are connected to APB. So this could be an email related issue, but it still doesn't explain how this seems like targeted hacking where the culprits knew exactly who to hack into and what to do with the stolen accounts (they're APB players themselves).
  21. Again, none of us have any idea how are accounts got hacked into. I personally never downloaded any keygens, never ran suspicious software, never shared account info or anything that would jeapordize the account. This is a strange incident.
  22. Hello, I want to give attention to a an issue where a number of APB accounts have been breached in the past day or so. As some of you may know some accounts in EU have been reported to have been hacked in the today and yesterday. Mostly targeting well known "theme maker" accounts so far. One of my alternate APB accounts have also been hacked as my friend in Dischord pointed out that one of my chars in that account were seen "speed hacking" in mission districts while I was not home and at work. I'm not going to name any names or victims but I will give a hint of the suspected culprits as some of you in the APB community already know them, Snipped Name and Shame ~@mayii Just take some precaution and change your passwords and set up a 2 step verification process with your APB Gamer first accounts! As for how our accounts got hacked we don't know, I never did anything stupid to have my information stolen like that. I think this is a real issue that Little Orbit should take a look at. I will now take this up with Support.
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