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  1. how many more streamers will we sacrifice to the malicious streamer haters? btw cool story bruh.
  2. why do people get butthurt over yet another jmb? those who still play this game are mostly the cash cows asking to be milked. and lo won't run on an empty stomach so. win-win?
  3. wish i could go back to the 2010-2012 state of every game i have ever played, mainly knight online and world of warcraft. that's nostalgia. then we have the reality.
  4. me with 2-3 other pres on comm: me playing solo: that's just apb:r
  5. i'm getting old waiting for good things to happen. story of my life.
  6. why not just force these changes to regular districts and fight clubs then do the balancing according to feedback? most people won't bother to test the changes unless it affects their c0mp3t1t1v3 matches. and uh someone said it'd be better to roll the shotguns back to how they were in 2018, i'm with them.
  7. the first thing i do when i turn my pc on every evening has been to open three tabs on my web browser for the last one and a half years. one is spotify, the other one is youtube and the last one is https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/6-social-district-general-discussion/ in hopes of seeing some good news on the engine upgrade. it has become something like a superstition for me. or how would i describe it, like the first thing you do when you get in your car before you start the engine... idk. i have hope. more like an unyielding pertinacity. idk man. this game has turned me cynical but i still believe somehow. they'll deliver.
  8. duh, h4x for sure mate. no one can be skilled and precise at this game.
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