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  1. the game is dead part is not my idea, i was trying to be sarcastic but it's really difficult to tell on the interwebs so it's okay. i believe LO thinks the game is at its worst, dead basically so changes of any magnitude don't really matter that much. back to alpha state it you will. btw, i invested too much on apb to just give up so i'll be here on the forums until things get better but won't play a single second of it till then.
  2. i kinda agree with the op however the game is already dead so who cares right?
  3. PoshDoll

    Let's talk: OTW Improved Rifling

    i think the fire rate penalty should only affect fully automatic weapons and not semi auto weapons like rifles, dmrs and shotguns.
  4. wait, did they do something that increased the client performance? am i dreaming?
  5. PoshDoll

    HOW!? I want to know.

    fifty hundreds of millions of apb$ you say? 5,000,000,000? i also would like to know how.
  6. i just couldn't get over that silky smooth 24 fps gameplay to listen to the lady
  7. PoshDoll

    The abuse of N-Tech

    stopped reading.
  8. Saving APB:R, one ban at a time.
  9. i'd go back to my little pony. well, i'm already back on mlp but hey
  10. that how it works? juicy.
  11. high octane gameplay right there.
  12. why don't you wait like the rest of them? it only takes 2 months at this point "xd"
  13. PoshDoll

    Is this allowed?

    looks stylish, hugo boss did nothing wrong.
  14. PoshDoll


    the roar is coming from the forums, right?