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  1. hey what's wrong with driving on ice
  2. i don't really agree with most of the weapon balance changes. especially when you guys didn't have enough experience with the gun play. listening to the community while making such an important change to weapon meta without actually developing a sound understanding about why some weapons were played less than others was a bad idea for APB because of relatively small player base. this community very easily could've gotten you guys to make shotguns one shot from point blank range if they had agreed on it beforehand. if i were you Matt, i'd have rushed the engine upgrade. player base would increase in numbers and i'd monitor the numbers, give it time, take it slow, do changes one by one, get feedback, fix if broken don't touch if not then move on to the next one. ''OMG THEY WANT WEAPONS FIXED GUYS C'MON NO SLEEP WE FIX'' isn't how you guys should've approached to this but i digress. unbanning cheaters was also the last thing these silvers highly skilled legit players wanted to see. i have no problem with it, i've been banned and unbanned twice so i really am the last person to comment on it. that act itself raised some suspicions whereas most of the comments we saw on the forums were positive. they probably wanted to believe you knew what you were doing. my vote on the steam page has been negative for more than 5 years. it has nothing to do with you lol
  3. how soon do you guys think is the eu na migration? having ruskies aussies muricans and eu scrubs all on the same server is the dream. new world order baby
  4. so now we need a subforum that includes the quotation from the original patch notes topic that gets locked? so we cannot discuss the patch notes but discuss the patch notes? posh is confuzzled.
  5. just don't get in shotgun range and you should be ok kappa
  6. Im not sure if its healthy, or helpful to constantly compare LO to G1 of old... cuz that's a pretty low fucking bar. g1 was all we had before lo so... idk man.
  7. give them some time. gamersfirst were hella experienced with the game yet they managed to ruin it. these guys are still new and they are learning. they are trying. what will happen if the shotguns remain unbalanced for a little while? do you remember when vas c2 trouble maker was relased? how many months did it stay overpowered like hell? how many months were people able to snipe you down from dmr ranges with it? the people that released it and enabled it to cause toxicity among forum-goers and players in game for almost a year. and little orbit has just arrived, they're trying to save the game that you people always say you love. so you should just chill a bit. let them learn by trial and error. if they make no mistakes it means they are not trying to change for the better. just like how the game was for years with g1. all i'm saying is, just be grateful that you can still login and play and let them learn their stuff, fix the game and make apb great again.
  8. the game is dead part is not my idea, i was trying to be sarcastic but it's really difficult to tell on the interwebs so it's okay. i believe LO thinks the game is at its worst, dead basically so changes of any magnitude don't really matter that much. back to alpha state it you will. btw, i invested too much on apb to just give up so i'll be here on the forums until things get better but won't play a single second of it till then.
  9. i kinda agree with the op however the game is already dead so who cares right?
  10. i think the fire rate penalty should only affect fully automatic weapons and not semi auto weapons like rifles, dmrs and shotguns.
  11. wait, did they do something that increased the client performance? am i dreaming?
  12. fifty hundreds of millions of apb$ you say? 5,000,000,000? i also would like to know how.
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