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  1. PoshDoll

    Should the fart emote be louder?

    i am eating.... a s s
  2. Waterfront Did you mean the low fps hvr zone?
  3. PoshDoll


    that's not fair.
  4. PoshDoll


    hey make everyone a gm so we're all equal.
  5. PoshDoll

    Better players.

    we'll bang ok?
  6. such quality post. brb browsing my reaction gif folder for a suitable reaction gif for this thread.
  7. good thing they're doing it, people started to abuse the liberty that the new management gave on the forums.
  8. why don't you contact support? you will not get any help on the forums
  9. we need all of them. some are very important some are meh so i believe we need to make a priority list. Better servers>Less client FPS lag>New content: Cars, weapons, contacts, mods>Less cheaters>Matchmaking balance>Weapon balance>Game map/terrain balance>New maps>Bugfixes this would be my priority list. better servers i believe is the most important one. i put bugfixes at the end of the list because whenever something new is introduced to the game a new bug occurs so no matter how fast bugs are fixed some will spawn somewhere in the client/game.
  10. PoshDoll

    Custom Crosshair

    fair enough, i see your point.
  11. PoshDoll

    Custom Crosshair

    so you're telling my that the shader version of the same thing is considered as cheating while the overlay version isn't?
  12. PoshDoll

    Custom Crosshair

    shaders are not all the same. if you use a custom shader, it's not allowed and can be flagged by BattlEye easily. if you use an overlay, it's also not allowed but i'd assume it to be harder to detect. maybe BattlEye is more potent in dececting them. btw sharpie shaders are cool, i used to draw myself stylish crosshairs. whoever you ask the question the answer will be "custom crosshairs are not allowed". in which form they come is of no relevance. it's just the overlay form is harder to detect. if you want to use it, use it don't let me bring you down. i also was using them when i tryharded for 3 years, i'd draw my own crosshair on my screen. they worked just fine for me.
  13. PoshDoll

    Custom Crosshair

    custom crosshairs mostly refer to crosshair shaders as in they are custom options to the current crosshair that's provided in-game. crosshair overlays refer to overlays, duh. nice try.
  14. PoshDoll

    Custom Crosshair

    this alone in itself is the answer to the op's question. now help me pick my iqs back up.