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  1. duh, h4x for sure mate. no one can be skilled and precise at this game.
  2. i will wear the cape of invisibility got that?
  3. wow another nerf? after it had been nerfed to the ground? and people again got used to the new pattern? cool beans.
  4. wait, Kemp is still gonna be there, right? he is like one of the most experienced and dedicated players/streamers and i personally would appreciate it if there were someone to represent the entire player base so it wouldn't be just you answering the good questions.
  5. why not just ban the prick? you're being too kind in this case, making you look weak.
  6. the only thing that got me excited is the q&a with our beloved pillar of the community. the rest is the same mumbo jumbo we've been hearing.
  7. probably the only logical and reasonable post i've read on the forums recently.
  8. ay it's totally your fault because you tried to have fun in an almost-single-player game. at least we have an open world.
  9. i wish 4/4 shots from an opgl would disappear. every. single. time.
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