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  1. holy shit. whatever happened to rapid99?
  2. x3d technology is a blessing for poorly optimized games.
  3. another "exclusive" item being handed out to lure some players back in? /pop must be in double digits.
  4. good. not even being sarcastic, this is good. thank you for doing the right thing. like as players who've been around since forever told many times over, stop chasing clouds. the game is good, just make it run a little better and put out content, advertise the game and collaborate with people that make money from youtube, twitch and alike. pay small streamers to play the game and low key bot their streams. win-win, you see? i support your decision, little orbit people. and i believe many other veterans will also come around.
  5. Not sure why you guys are still lying to our faces and try to keep the hope alive? You failed. You couldn't do what you wanted. You didn't have the money or the resources. The technology was too old so on and so forth. What are you really holding on to? A few whales that buy Joker Tickets from Armas MP? Really? What else is there that you could also monetize and sell? Hm, maybe buildings in Waterfront District. Considering players can't play there because potato pcs, maybe they would be down to buying a few condos up there, you know, for the view. You guys somehow, and I am shocked to see it was possible, somehow managed to make the game even worse than the G1 times. Congratulations! Ban me if you want, don't really care. There is nothing much left of what I loved about APB:R anyway. Posh out.
  6. sigh. even if you manage to do all that this guy wrote in the roadmap it still won't be enough to gather a crowd to cheer for you. apb will never reach a new player base. it will never be a game that belongs to 2021 that is if you manage to pull off the engine upgrade stunt within the year. instead you guys could've listened and kept the players that have played the game for god-knows-how-many-thousand hours. one just doesn't simply see a game from 2010s running on ue3.5 and decide it's cool in 2021. players have too many choices. the lack of vision and the means to finish the mission. the story of this game's life lives.
  7. friends that's the only good stuff I can list about apb:r at its current state tbh.
  8. it needs a rework not a buff. needs to be designed in some other way. useless as it is, op when buffed. my suggestion would be remove taken damage but reduce outgoing damage as well.
  9. this is nice. i like it, which shows it really is nice. something we've always needed actually. to bring us together and create things other than toxicity. props to LO for incentivising the community to do things like this. let's see what the CET achieves.
  10. a honest answer would be ''because we cannot prevent macros, detect private cheats properly or ban blatants fast enough hence the server side rng so their cheats can't make every weapon into a laser'' but w/e.
  11. small, shy touches will never balance the game in whole. we need a big overhaul where weapons are defined by 4-5 archetypes in each role. those archetypes will be created for weapons based on their stats such as rate of fire, range, stability, magazine size in a scale from 1 to 10 for each stat with the total of 20 stat points distributed into each stat. in my example, we have 4 stats in total so 5 points for each stat will give you 20 stats to be distributed. this will make sure you don't have overpowered or underpowered weapons. Rifleman: 1st archetype: Assault Rifles. (Ntec-5, Atac, STAR 556, FAR, S1-FA Frenzy etc.) RoF: 5 Range: 5 Stability: 5 Mag Size: 5 2nd archetype: Burst Rifles (Oscar, Obir etc.) RoF: 6 Range: 4 Stability: 5 Mag Size: 6 3rd archetype: Semi-Auto Single Fire Rifles (Sr15 Carbine, Ar97 Misery etc.) RoF: 5 Range: 4 Stability: 6 Mag Size: 5 4th archetype: Short Barrel Low Caliber Assault Rifles (Agrotech ACES Rifle, Raptor etc.) RoF: 8 Range: 3 Stability: 3 Mag Size: 6 5th archetype: Long Range Rifles (STAR LCR, ISSR, N-ISSR etc.) RoF: 3 Range: 8 Stability: 6 Mag Size 5 i meantioned some weapons that kinda fit in each archetype and while this will kill the variety of weapon styles, it will make balancing the gun play easier. some weapons will have to be changed so they can fit in a certain archetype because now sometimes some submachine guns do some assault rifles' jobs better. JMB weapons can have unique mods that bend said archetypes in unique ways. i got this idea from Destiny, a game where you can utilize hundreds of different weapons that are categorized in a few archetypes in each role. for example in assault rifle role there are 360 RPM, 450 RPM, 600 RPM, 720 RPM archetypes and each category differ in terms of range, mag size, stability and zoom magnification. higher RPM archetypes have less range and less stability with deeper magazines. lower RPM archetypes have higher range, higher stability and less bullets in the magazine. and with this system, you don't balance gun play weapon by weapon but archetype by archetype. less work and more balance. jm2c.
  12. forums are places where arguments, opinions, ideas or media related to whatever the forum is about are shared. arguments are there so that you can either agree or disagree until an ideal way, path or solution is found. an argument without any disagreement is not an argument but a statement. censoring the negative side of an argument has always meant that things aren't going well. the fact that LO has disabled downvoting means the end is officially nigh. time to stop investing ladies and gentlemen.
  13. i mean some weapons were hard nerfed because they were too op and sold tons and now they have no solid use in their niche because there are better options to tryhard with. there is no single instance where i would pick the trouble maker instead of the aces rifle, cap40 or even s1-na manic other than when i want to chill in asylum. trouble maker just sucks at range, hella rng focused in cqc thanks to the very quick bloom build-up. i think it could use a little faster bloom recovery to do its job at the same level as its contestants. i love the style of russian weapons, especially the ots-14 groza and that's why i bought the trouble maker well after the nerfs but wish it were somewhat reliable.
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