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  1. tried it, doesn't even let me do ctrl alt del because it locks the pc up entirely. it opens the task manager when i finally respawn
  2. what about the issue that I have with my rtx2070? when I die and go to respawn selection screen sometimes the game FREEZES and doesn't let me select a respawn place and forces me to respawn late and on a random respawn point.
  3. i miss fairfight. those were the times with ffbans.org and stuff.
  4. so we used to get some nice and kind of exclusive weapons and weapon skins as loyalty rewards, which was a nice incentive to keep throwing a few bucks here and there even if you had the entire armas stuff unlocked on your account. might be nice for both the players and for the LO considering it shouldn't be that much of a hassle to make a reskin of an already existing weapon every few months.
  5. yeah but I thought other streamers were going to ask their questions. I kinda was expecting to see the answers given to Kempington's questions. or was he even able to ask his questions?
  6. I see that our community is still pretty edgy huh anything to be mentioned somewhere
  7. how many more streamers will we sacrifice to the malicious streamer haters? btw cool story bruh.
  8. why do people get butthurt over yet another jmb? those who still play this game are mostly the cash cows asking to be milked. and lo won't run on an empty stomach so. win-win?
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